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Still Time — Stream of Consciousness (November 1, 2007)

  Still Time — Stream of Consciousness (November 1, 2007)

  Still Time — Stream of Consciousness (November 1, 2007)
Location: San Luis Obispo, California.
Album release: November 1, 2007
Record Label: When It Hits Records
Duration:     53:07
01. Chuck Johnson Spur     0:58
02. 9 to 5     4:59
03. Power of Now     4:26
04. Memory Lane     2:47
05. High Tide     5:15
06. Fall and Rise     4:10
07. First Date     3:53
08. Know Your Roots     3:44
09. Sleep     0:29
10. Stream of Consciousness     5:15
11. American Dream     3:50
12. Uncle Sam's Waltz     2:15
13. People See      5:34
14. The Fabulous Life     5:32
Ξ   Dan Curcio — acoustic guitar, vocals
Ξ   Chris Arntzen — Guitar
Ξ   Nick Bilich — Guitar
Ξ   Paul Smith–Stewart — Bass
Ξ   John Vucinich — drums
Ξ   T Bone — Harmonica                                                                              Credits:
Ξ   Eric Henderson Photo Concept
Ξ   Still Time Composer
Ξ   Kip Stork Engineer, Producer
Ξ   Don C. Tyler Mastering

Ξ   Still Time draws from many different genres such as funk, reggae, folk, and others. Ξ   In an interview December 28, 2007, Curcio stated that “(People) stress so much that you need to have your own unified sound. To me, it just gets boring by the end of the CD, to hear a bunch of songs that sound the same, sound like one 60–minute song.” The eclectic musical background of each member of the band lends itself to the different stylistic and technical approaches from song to song. In a March 25, 2008 interview, Bilich was quoted as saying “What we kind of found was we all come at music from different angles and we take all these different ideas and mold and create with them.”
Ξ   Still Time's music is reflective of where they live on the Central Coast. They say, “It’s a very laid back atmosphere where we live, here in San Luis Obispo. We have a growing music community in this easy–going, small town which has helped us to write music we feel is distinctly Californian, but unique at the same time... It's one of our most important goals as a band, to stay true to ourselves and what inspires us as we write music. We feel that we have our own distinct sound, but it is constantly evolving.”
Ξ   In addition to the core members, Still Time plays with a wide variety of guest artists during live performances and in the studio. At times their songs have featured additional vocalists, harmonica, keyboards, guest rappers, multiple drummers, violin, didgeridoo, and a 7–piece horn section.
Ξ   Musical adventurous Still Time offers up 14–tracks on "Stream of Consciousness" that land squarely in the arena of Steely Dan, Dave Mathews, Smash Mouth, with a only a taste of reggae pop as the mostly jazz based singer/songwriter band project satisfies with each track.
Ξ   The record opens with "Chuck Johnson Spur", an instrumental taste of what's to come. Bass, bare and grooving, makes way for perfect drums while waka waka guitar enters left, double–stop melody enters center/right, and keys fill up the Barney Miller mood — and without a breath or stop of the toe–tappin', enters track 2, "9 to 5" — where lyrically the band looks forward to 'when it's time to be working on a 12–pack instead of 9 to 5".
Ξ   Track 4, "Memory Lane", is an upbeat happy ensemble with nearly unison melodic guitar line that rides along side the vocal. Dan Curcio on vocals sings, 'too many trips down memory lane, i'm not sure what's keeping me sane, the hours racing, our minds are escaping, and time is erasing, all i wanted to find'. The band takes a lighter acoustic groove in track 6, "Fall and Rise" and spend some time floating around the blues soul land that was first established en masse by Van Morrison.
Ξ   The acoustic innocence hits a crescendo in track 8's gem, "Know Your Roots" — a singer/songwriter piece. The dedicated tune to family and lineage as the singer is told by his mother, 'know your roots, you don't need a million bucks to have an ocean view, i've been here long enough to see you're going to need me soon, i'll be here when you want to come back home'.
Ξ   The beat starts picking up again, albeit slowly and with a roots based folk tune in the title track, "Stream of Consciousness". The harmony decision in these lighter tunes are perfect and are a throw–back to 70's Mitchell and CSN.
Ξ   The final track on the record, "The Fabulous Life", sticks with the acoustic–burned format for the first part of the blues/based folk tune. The acoustic gutiar work is really gorgeous, and makes way for the full band as they leave us with a more AC lyrical piece with edge that opens into a anthem–like rock jam to its end. it takes a cynical view of 'being stuck inside this prison, it's a generation thing (caused, in part, by MTV), stuck inside this prison until you can find your way'.
Ξ   There is a lot here for a great many listeners. Overall, however, the musicianship and delivery is convincing and memorable with tastes of jazz, rock, and folk — baring down with the breezy folk rock vibe for the last bulk of compelling music. We look forward to more.
Ξ   Since forming in 2004, Still Time has made the transition from local notoriety to a rapidly growing regional and national presence through a dedicated grass roots and word of mouth process. Still Time began carving out a name for themselves in the San Luis Obispo, California bar and college scene as their music spread through rough–cut songs passed from fan to fan. By 2006, Still Time was playing to a regularly sold out house at San Luis Obispo's most popular music venue, Downtown Brewing Co., and began touring across the West Coast.
Ξ   With their music being hard to place into any one genre, Still Time's sound is best defined as groove rock with an eclectic mix of instruments such as; harmonica, mandolin, slide guitar and upright bass. With a unique style reminiscent of dynamic artists such as Ben Harper, Van Morrison and Dave Matthews Band, Still Time offers a positive, high–energy show that appeals to many different musical tastes and backgrounds. They have had the opportunity to entertain at a broad range of venues, from small, intimate acoustic sets to festivals with several thousand attendees. This diverse style and live performance has allowed them to share the stage with a variety of artists such as Ziggy Marley, Michael Franti & Spearhead, UB40, Steel Pulse, Ozomatli, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Robert Randolph, Mad Caddies, Pepper, Strung Out, ALO, David Lindley, Jackie Greene, etc.
Ξ   The band's debut album "Stream of Consciousness", released independently in 2007 under their own record label When It Hits Records, was quickly embraced by fans, putting the single "High Tide" in the #1 spot on San Luis Obispo radio station New Rock 107.3 for over 7 weeks. The album reflects the bands' ability to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds and has sold several thousand copies.
Ξ   With the release of their second album "See America" in May 2009, Still Time continues to progress with their cross–generational sound. To capture the right feel for each song, the album was written and recorded in multiple locations throughout the West Coast including an abandoned boxcar on the coast of Oregon, a forrest in the hills of Santa Cruz, an empty mansion in San Francisco, and an after hours bar in San Luis Obispo. The album was then mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer Fred Vogler, at the world famous Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood, California.
Ξ   With musical stylings far beyond their years, the experience that Still Time provides is comparable to a day at the beach with close friends, great times, deep conversations, and contemplation. It's this experience along with a feeling of community that Still Time hopes to always provide for their diverse fan base.
Website: http://www.stilltimemusic.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/stilltimeband

Still Time — Stream of Consciousness (2007)


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