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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

STING 57th & 9th [Deluxe Edition]

Sting — 57th & 9th [Deluxe Edition] (November 11, 2016)

  Sting — 57th & 9th [Deluxe Edition] (November 11, 2016)  Sting — 57th & 9th [Deluxe Edition] (November 11, 2016)ψ≡ψ   Lehce nadprůměrné album veterána hudebních studií a pódií, znamenajících jistou smrt. Tentokráte mu rozcvička před popravčí četou trvala dlouho, ale čtvrtá “One Fine Day” (3:14) a pátá “Pretty Young Soldier” (3:06) už obsahují kartu záchrany. To uklidňuje. Vrcholem alba je osmá “If You Can’t Love Me” (4:34), druhá polovina obsahuje pár balad a zasněných songů, ukončuje však tvrdě jako křemen, až to jiskří. 
Birth name: Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
Also known as: Sting
Born: 2 October 1951, Wallsend, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom
Location: Wallsend, in the Northeast of England
Album release: November 11, 2016
Record Label: A&M Records/Interscope Records.
Duration:     48:39
01 I Can’t Stop Thinking About You     3:31
02 50,000     4:17
03 Down, Down, Down     3:48
04 One Fine Day     3:14
05 Pretty Young Soldier     3:06
06 Petrol Head     3:32
07 Heading South On the Great North Road     3:18
08 If You Can’t Love Me     4:34
09 Ishallah     4:56
10 The Empty Chair     2:49
11 I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (LA Version)     3:39
12 Inshallah (Berlin Sessions Version)     4:58
13 Next to You with the Last Bandoleros (Live at Rockwood Music Hall)     2:56
ψ≡ψ   Sting — vocals, bass, guitar, piano, percussion
ψ≡ψ   Dominic Miller — guitar, 12~string, shaker
ψ≡ψ   Vinnie Colaiuta — drums
ψ≡ψ   Rhani Krija — percussion
ψ≡ψ   Martin Kierszenbaum — organ, piano, mellotron, keyboards
ψ≡ψ   Rob Mathes — piano
ψ≡ψ   Lyle Workman — guitar
ψ≡ψ   Josh Freese — drummer
ψ≡ψ   Jerry Fuentes (of The Last Bandoleros) — backing vocals, vocals, guitar
ψ≡ψ   Diego Navaira (of The Last Bandoleros) — backing vocals, vocals, bass
ψ≡ψ   Derek James (of The Last Bandoleros) — backing vocals
ψ≡ψ   Zach Jones — drums
ψ≡ψ   Razan Nassreddine — additional vocals
ψ≡ψ   Hazem Nassreddine — Turkish zither
ψ≡ψ   the San Antonio~based Tex~Mex band The Last Bandoleros.
ψ≡ψ   Marion Enachescu — violin
ψ≡ψ   Jean~Baptiste Moussarie — guitar
ψ≡ψ   Salam Al Hassan — percussion
ψ≡ψ   Accad Al Saed — percussion
ψ≡ψ   Thabet Azzawi — oud
ψ≡ψ   Nadim Sarrouh — oud
ψ≡ψ   Nabil Al Chami — clarinet
Written by:
≡  Sting     1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
≡  Sting, Dominic Miller, Lyle Workman, Josh Freese     2, 7
≡  The ten~track record was produced by Martin Kierszenbaum, and as well as working stalwart collaborators like guitarist Dominic Miller, and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, Sting has brought in other musicians for the album, such as drummer Josh Freese, guitarist Lyle Workman and the San Antonio~based Tex~Mex band The Last Bandoleros.
≡  The first single is I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (listen to it on Spotify) and Sting describes the album as being “about searching and traveling, the road, that pull of the unknown…. we ended up with something that’s energetic and noisy, but also thoughtful.”
≡  The album was recorded in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York and indeed the title comes from the street corner that Sting crossed each day as he walked to the studios, where Mr Sumner admits ““It happened very quickly, very spontaneously.”
≡  As well as the standard CD and vinyl LP editions of 57 & 9th, there will be a deluxe edition which adds three bonus tracks and includes liner notes penned by Sting (since this is mentioned specifically, presumably these are not included on the standard editions).
≡  An ambitiously titled ‘super deluxe edition’ appears to be the deluxe edition with a DVD added, which features an interview with Sting and a video of him performing bonus track Next To You live, with the aforementioned The Last Bandoleros. The ‘super deluxe’ also comes with “collectible photographs” (aka “photographs” when not described by optimistic PR folk). No confirmation as yet, but presumably the packaging for the SDE will be considerably snazzier than the deluxe, especially for the premium being asked.
Review, Andy Gill / Score: ***
≡  57th & 9th reverses Sting’s recent fondness for diversity, his apparent desire to release virtually anything — lute music, carols, musicals and classicals — rather than actual rock music.
≡  The arpeggiated guitar parts, rolling gait and familiar chord changes of opener “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” bring echoes of The Police flooding back, whilst the payoff line “I don’t care if you exist” likewise recalls the sinister edge to songs like “Every Breath You Take”. There’s a retread of the traditional folk tale of the cross~dressing soldier girl winning the heart of her captain, “Pretty Young Soldier”, and a middle~eastern~flavoured song, “Inshallah”, about refugees; while the folksy solo number about leaving Tyneside for fortune and fame, “Heading South On the Great North Road”, sounds like an outtake from Sting’s musical The Last Ship. But otherwise it’s fairly standard AOR fare, only baring its teeth on the snarling “Petrol Head”.
≡  http://www.independent.co.uk/
Website: http://www.sting.com/
Notable instruments: Fender Telecaster Bass, Steinberger L–2 Bass, Fender Precision Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Ibanez Musician Bass, Spector NS–2
Discography solo:
≡  The Dream of the Blue Turtles (1985)
≡  ...Nothing Like the Sun (1987)
≡  The Soul Cages (1991)
≡  Ten Summoner’s Tales (1993)
≡  Mercury Falling (1996)
≡  Brand New Day (1999)
≡  Sacred Love (2003)
≡  Songs from the Labyrinth (2006)
≡  If on a Winter’s Night... (2009)
≡  Symphonicities (2010)
≡  The Last Ship (2013)
≡  57th & 9th [Deluxe Edition] (2016)

STING 57th & 9th [Deluxe Edition]