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Stolen Babies Naught (2012)

Stolen Babies — Naught (2012)

Stolen Babies Naught
Location: Los Angeles
Album release: September 18 (dig.)/October 16, 2012
Record Label: No Comment Records
Duration:     41:39
01. Never Come Back      (2:56)
02. Splatter      (3:14)
03. Second Sleep      (3:34)
04. Behind The Days      (1:41)
05. Mousefood      (2:41)
06. Don't Know      (3:41)
07. I Woke Up      (2:35)
08. Swimming Hole      (3:29)
09. Dried Moat      (3:42)
10. Prankster      (3:46)
11. Birthday Song      (2:30)
12. Civil Disguise      (3:12)
13. Grubbery (burnt to a crisp)      (4:38)
Current members:
¶  Dominique Lenore Persi - Vocals, Accordion
¶  Rani Sharone - Bass Guitar
¶  Ben Rico - Keyboards
¶  Gil Sharone - Drums
¶  Mick - Live Guitar
Former members:
¶  Davin Givhan - Guitar
Website: http://www.stolenbabiestheband.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/stolenbabies
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stolenbabiesofficial
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/stolenbabies/sets
CD BABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/StolenBabies
Press contact: Adrenaline PR - http://www.adrenalinepr.com/
Reservé agent: Tim Borror- The Agency Group www.theagencygroup.com/artist.aspx?ArtistID=7192
¶  If you’re not in the know, Stolen Babies is an eclectic group made up of Dominique Persi, Rani Sharone, Ben Rico, Gil Sharone and Mick. The band’s sound includes dark cabaret influences and their live performances contain elements of performance art and backdrops that resemble the askew drawing style of Edward Gorey.
2002: 3 Song Demo
2002: Stolen Babies EP
2004: 4 Song Demo (Out of Print)
2006: There Be Squabbles Ahead
2012: Naught (October 16, 2012 release date)

 There Be Squabbles Ahead / Release date: October 3, 2006; Duration - 49:22
Review  by Greg Prato
¶  Those Sleepytime Gorilla Museum folks sure are a nutty bunch, as they've seemingly picked up exactly where the late, great Mr. Bungle left off -- making a career out of keeping listeners on their toes. And their pals in Stolen Babies are no different, as evidenced by their 2006 full-length debut, There Be Squabbles Ahead. Singer Dominique Lenore Persi has obviously studied her Mike Patton recordings, as her incredibly varied vocals run the gamut from metal to quirky. "Awful Fall" wouldn't sound out of place on an early Oingo Boingo release, while "Filistata" would be right at home on Mr. Bungle. And besides the fact that they share the same label (The End Records), there's another reason why Stolen Babies and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum may sound a bit reminiscent of each other -- three Gorillas drop by and lend a hand (Carla Kihlstedt, Michael Mellender, and Dan Rathbun) here. Nifty CD booklet illustrations are included courtesy of Crab Scrambly; they look like Tim Burton doodles. With the majority of rock music in the early 21st century becoming more and more mainstream, Stolen Babies provide a much needed antidote. 

The Casbah, San Diego 5-6
by Cari V. in Micro Mini May '09 by  The Casbah, San Diego 5-6by Cari V.    Stolen BabiesThe Casbah, San Diego 5-6by Cari V.    Stolen BabiesThe Casbah, San Diego 5-6by Cari V.    Stolen BabiesThe Casbah, San Diego 5-6by Cari V.    Stolen BabiesThe Casbah, San Diego 5-6by Cari V. www.burntflower.net    Stolen BabiesThe Casbah, San Diego 5-6by Cari V.    Stolen BabiesThe Casbah, San Diego 5-6by Cari V.    Stolen Babies © The Casbah, San Diego 5-6 by Cari V. © Author: Asentreu; Dominique Lenore Persi (March 10, 2008, Munich)

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