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Caballo Negro

Sudakistan — Caballo Negro (November 20th, 2015) N *******½       Sudakistan — Caballo Negro (November 20th, 2015) Sudakistan — Caballo Negro (November 20th, 2015)≡≡•   Opravdu jediná svého druhu — jejich sound je zcela vlastní. Pokud hledáte jakoukoli konstrukci, pak radím nejlépe opustit místnost. Těm, co zůstanou, band místo mainstreamu nabízí ‘popíjení’ své hudby s uvolňujícím pocitem, že vše funguje spíše jako celek než jako každý singulární kus. Je to cesta, kmenový výlet, a jako každý slušný výlet, staví na maximu možného. “Zožer sa hudbou”, povedal by Slovák...
≡≡•   Had enough of repetitive tonal washes? Splashed in sufficient puddles of droned–out acid rock? Used words like ‘motorik’ to the point of irritation? Seems fair, and yet there still seems to be more essential psych wizardry out there. Take Swedish–based South Americans Sudakistan and the unrelenting energy of their distinctly doolally grooves: a generous dollop of Latin flavour added to an already–heady brew. A ruckus is raised, and you can hear the sweat drip. (Will Fitzpatrick)Location: Stockholm, Sweden ~ London, UK
Album release: November 20th, 2015
Record Label: PNKSLM / Telegram Studios
Genre: Alternative, Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Punk
Duration:     41:38
01. Caballo Negro      2:30
02. Mundo Mamon      2:40
03. Dale Gas      4:27
04. Wife Meadow      2:50
05. You and Your Way      4:24
06. Concrete Djungle      3:08
07. Rabia      4:06
08. Atomico      3:33
09. El Movimiento      3:04
10. Rumba      4:59
11. Skymning      5:57
•≡≡•   All music & lyrics by Sudakistan.
•≡≡•   Produced by Joakim Åhlund & Luke Reilly at Apmamman, Stockholm.
•≡≡•   Engineered by Gustav Lindelöw.
•≡≡•   Art Direction — El Hase
•≡≡•   Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7 and 10 mixed by Joakim Åhlund and Luke Reilly.
•≡≡•   Tracks 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 11 mixed by Gustav Lindelöw.
•≡≡•   Due November 20 via PNKSLM Recordings on limited edition splattered vinyl, cd and digitally, and produced by Jocke Åhlund (Les Big Byrd, Teddybears, Caesars) and Luke Reilly (Lucern Raze, Sex Beet), it combines Latino rhythms with garage rock­, brought together with psychedelic guitars and multilingual chants, to create what has best been best described as “intelligent party rock.”
•≡≡•   ‘Part Thee Oh Sees, part DFA1979... Pillaging, powerful stuff.’ — PitchforkReview
•≡≡•   ‘Caballo Negro’ or Black Horse by Sudakistan is an album I was destined to hear.
•≡≡•   In the week leading up to Liverpool Psych Fest 2104, if El Lobo first came to me in the guise of ‘Dale Gas’, then ‘Rabia‘ literally injected me with Sudakistan’s rabid frenzy. My pack allegiance was immediately assured.
•≡≡•   Luke Reilly, co–founder of PNKSLM Recordings, at the time described Sudakistan as a group of five South American guys, living in Stockholm and as being, “the best live band around today”.
•≡≡•   Liverpool certainly fanned the flames of Sudakistan’s glowing reputation, whetting the appetite with the promise of much more to come…
•≡≡•   ‘Caballo Negro’, opens to uplifting rhapsodic delight, exuberant latin rhythms, filtered through a celebratory, low Stockholm winter sun; ‘Mundo Mamon’, casts out false devotions, taking disjointed spiritual flight, a rapturously sonorous, infectious tribal chant; ‘Dale Gas’, kicks catalytic ass, it’s intoxicating vapours, shredding layers of inhibition, a delicious stab of rushing, neurotoxic elation, the cortex left suspended in jangling eddies; ‘Wife Meadow’, marks a change of pace with this soulful paean, a heartfelt swirling incantation; ‘You And Your Way’, is the new single, a soaringly anthemic, desert soaked, horizon–busting epic…•≡≡•   ‘Concrete Djungle’, is a cacophonous mixmaster freak–out, a rainbow–tinged, pots and pans revolutionary soundtrack; ‘Rabia’, is a raging, four fingered, outstretched plea for freedom and persistence, an urgent, up tempo, edifying call to action, solidarity in the face of inhuman oppression; ‘Atomico’, slips a gear for an altogether mellower, first summer of love, enveloping, spaced–out vibe; ‘El Movimiento’, shudders with fluidic motion, decrying injustices, perpetrated against Chicano civil liberty empowerment, their subjugation here given virulent voice; ‘Rumba’, sashays in secular party mode, a trance inducing, free–form revelry; Album closer, is the appropriately named, ‘Skymning’, drawing it’s shimmering, dusky veil over proceedings, awash with kaleidoscopic atonal sonic musings, this down–the–rabbit–hole odyssey, oozes with quirky, phantasmagorical metaphor…
•≡≡•   ‘Caballo Negro’ delivers everything and more. It’s triumphant carnival vibe, is laced through with poignant social commentary, a psychedelic chiaroscuro to invigorate and enliven the psyche…
•≡≡•   First limited–edition vinyl pressing, on transparent / black splattered vinyl is available now from the PNKSLM Recordings Shop. The album was produced by Les Big Byrd‘s Joakim Åhlund and Luke Reilly. •≡≡•   https://ianrobertson65.wordpress.com/
by Martyn Coppack, November 23, 2015
•≡≡•   http://artrockermagazine.com/sudakistan-caballo-negro/
Will Fitzpatrick | 20 Nov 2015 | SCORE: ****
•≡≡•   http://www.theskinny.co.uk/music/reviews/albums/sudakistan-caballo-negro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SUDAKISTAN
EU/UK: Eleanor@PitchandSmith.com
ROW: Luke@PNKSLM.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pnkslm
Bandcamp: https://pnkslm.bandcamp.com/album/caballo-negro-lp
Website: http://pnkslm.tictail.com/#_=_                                                        © Photo credit: Christian Apollo

Caballo Negro