Sufjan Stevens — Aporia (March 27, 2020)US FLAG          Sufjan Stevens — Aporia (March 27, 2020) Sufjan Stevens — Aporia (March 27, 2020)
⌈¤⌉   Realizace jako alba vyžadovala dlouhou dobu těhotenství. Po jejich prvním albu Lowell a Sufjan pokračovali ve své tvorbě hudby — jistě pro čistou radost z toho, ale také s ohledem na další možné vydání. Když Lowell odletěl na návštěvu do New Yorku, aby se Sufjanem vyčlenili čas na frekvenci, znamenalo to nasazování hodin a hodin hudby — a přitom úpravy ‚surovin‘ odkládali na později. Přestože mohli snadno navázat na „Insomnii“, Sufjan místo toho navrhl, aby společně vytvořili něco přitažlivějšího, což by byl projekt, na který by se mohl soustředit více. Sufjan tedy  navrhl produkovat sessions nejprve odhalením nejvybranějších okamžiků z jejich improvizací a poté tyto okamžiky přetvořil do úplných a finálních struktur písní.
⌈¤⌉   Sufjan Stevens is a singer~songwriter living in New York City. ©PHOTO CREDIT KEVIN WINTER
Born: July 1, 1975 in Detroit, MI
Location: Detroit, Michigan ~ Brooklyn, NY, United States
Album release: March 27, 2020
Record Label: Asthmatic Kitty
Duration:     42:20
01. Ousia   2:33
02. What It Takes   3:24
03. Disinheritance   1:13
04. Agathon   3:03
05. Determined Outcome   2:13
06. Misology   1:50
07. Afterworld Alliance   2:47
08. Palinodes   0:33
09. Backhanded Cloud   1:26
10. Glorious You   1:50
11. For Raymond Scott   0:35
12. Matronymic   0:58
13. The Red Desert   2:54
14. Conciliation   1:21
15. Ataraxia   1:13
16. The Unlimited   2:15
17. The Runaround   3:35
18. Climb That Mountain   3:00
19. Captain Praxis   2:14
20. Eudaimonia   2:20
21. The Lydian Ring   1:03
Lowell Brams — composition, music
Sufjan Stevens — composition, music, mixing, production
Additional musicians:
Thomas Bartlett
Nick Berry
Cat Martino
Yuuki Mathews
James McAllister
Steve Moore
John Rinchofer
D. M. Smith
Technical personnel:
T. W. Walsh — mastering Sufjan Stevens
•★•   Aporia is a New Age album from Sufjan Stevens and his step~father and record label co~owner, Lowell Brams, brimming with moody, hooky, gauzy synthesizer soundscapes and created collaboratively in the spirit of the New Age composers who sanded off the edges of their synths’ sawtooth; Aporia is not a mere curio in the Sufjan Stevens catalog — but a fully realized collaborative musical piece.
ANDREW FLANAGAN | February 5, 202010:18 AM ET | 
•★•   Sufjan Stevens is as artistically ambitious as he is formally transient, moving from early, literate and intricate indie~pop to electronic music, from encapsulating the planets to scoring ballet to soundtracking expressways.
•★•   Throughout, Lowell Brams has been his stepfather and business partner, helping manage Asthmatic Kitty Records, the label Stevens and Brams co~founded about two decades ago. Now, Brams is poised to step down from his role at the label, prompting the pair to finish a project of New Age~inspired music they’ve been scratching at for several years.
•★•   The 21~track album Aporia, releasing on March 27, “definitely marks Lowell’s retirement,” Stevens writes in a press release, “but it tells a bigger story of stewardship and mentorship. He’s been there since I was five. It’s been a long haul ... This record is a synthesis of all of that history.” (Stevens also put together a playlist of songs that helped to inspire the new album, including songs from Boards Of Canada, Enya and... Sufjan Stevens.)
•★•   Now, no satisfying ambient and/or New Age~inspired song is only two~minutes~and~change in length, as this premiere is — but given the album’s length, we can put a pin in it. For now.