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Sun Kil Moon — This Is My Dinner (Nov. 2, 2018)

Sun Kil Moon — This Is My Dinner (Nov. 2, 2018)                Sun Kil Moon — This Is My Dinner (Nov. 2, 2018)
Born: January 24, 1967
Origin: Massillon, Ohio, USA
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Singer~Songwriter
Recording date: November 18, 2017
Recording Location:
✹    Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco
✹    Tapf Studio, Copenhagen
Album release: November 2, 2018
Record Label: Carlo Verde Records
Runtime:    99:29
Disc 1:
1 This Is Not Possible   9:12 
2 This Is My Dinner   12:36 
3 Linda Blair   11:49 
4 Copenhagen   10:04 
5 Candles   13:40 
Disc 2:
1 David Cassidy   4:18 
2 Come On Get Happy   1:05 
3 Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer   6:46 
4 Soap for Joyful Hands   13:11 
5 Chapter 87 of He   6:48
Written by:
✹    Ben Boye, Ramon Fermin, Mark Kozelek, Tony Scherr, Sun Kil Moon   1, 4, 5, 6, 9
✹    Ben Boye, Ramon Fermin, Mark Kozelek, Scott McPherson, Tony Scherr, Sun Kil Moon   2, 3
✹    Ben Boye, Wes Farrell, Ramon Fermin, Danny Janssen, Tony Scherr, Sun Kil Moon   7
✹    Ben Boye, Ramon Fermin, Scott McPherson, Tony Scherr, Malcolm Young, Sun Kil Moon   8
✹    Ben Boye, John Connolly, Ramon Fermin, Tony Scherr, Sun Kil Moon    10
✹    Brian Azer   Sleeve Design
✹    Ben Boye   Composer, Keyboards
✹    Jeff Cleland   Bass
✹    Chris Connolly   Keyboards
✹    John Connolly   Composer
✹    Jordan Cook   Guitar
✹    Wes Farrell   Composer
✹    Ramon Fermin   Composer, Guitar
✹    Danny Janssen   Composer
✹    Mark Kozelek   Composer, Photography, Producer, Vocals
✹    Scott McPherson   Composer, Drums
✹    Tony Scherr   Bass, Composer
✹    Peter Sloth   Engineer
✹    Jim White   Drums
✹    Nathan Winter   Engineer
✹    Malcolm Young   Composer
AllMusic Review by Paul Simpson; Score: **½
✹    Sun Kil Moon’s This Is My Dinner was recorded over a few days in November and December of 2017, with singer/songwriter Mark Kozelek backed by a small group of musicians including guitarist Ramon Fermin, drummer Jim White, and keyboardist Chris Connolly. They generally play relaxed, unhurried musical backdrops, over which Kozelek sings his rambling journal entries about touring, hotels, the news, boxing, and his sex life. While Kozelek has often told fascinating stories or offered pointed insight during his highly prolific run of releases throughout the 2010s, his writing style just seems lazy here. Most of the tracks are around ten~minutes long, and he frequently derails off topic. During “Linda Blair,” he tells his listeners to show gratitude for the good things in the world, but then he just starts listing off classic rock songs he loves (in addition to expressing his seething hatred for Steely Dan and the Eagles). There are a few somewhat poignant moments scattered throughout, though. The album’s title comes from a line where he’s recounting a gig in Norway, and the promoter is so broke that she can only afford to eat a Snickers bar. Kozelek offers to give her some money, but she refuses, saying it wouldn’t be right. On “Soap for Joyful Hands,” Kozelek recalls a conversation with someone who asks what other passions he has in life beside music, and he insists that there aren’t any; music is what he devotes his life to, and anything else would just be distracting. While this resonates with anyone who is obsessed with music and little else, there isn’t much to make of a song like “Candles,” which Kozelek even admits is unfinished, since he wrote it at an airport and an employee told him to put his laptop away. ✹    Then there’s “David Cassidy,” where he repeats several times how much the deceased celebrity meant to him as a child, and that he’s going to cover the Partridge Family’s theme song, as well as an AC/DC song in memory of Malcolm Young. Then he does a brisk rendition of “Come on Get Happy,” followed by “Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer,” which he already covered on a 2000 solo album of the same name. However, the notes held to a cartoonishly long degree and excited yells make this reading seem far less sincere than his previous one. This Is My Dinner isn’t a radical departure from the albums Kozelek has been pumping out since Benji, but it’s clear evidence of how tedious and self~indulgent his style has become. ✹   
Website: http://www.sunkilmoon.com/

Sun Kil Moon — This Is My Dinner (Nov. 2, 2018)


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