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Supranatural  RelationRocket / LoveShip (August 5th, 2015)

Supranatural — RelationRocket / LoveShip (August 5th, 2015)

   Supranatural — RelationRocket / LoveShip (August 5th, 2015)
≡»   “Typickým znakem alba je spodní klávesový legato podklad s minimem intervalů a bohatá vokální složka. Vrcholy spatřuji v The Traveler, UniVerse a velice vtipnou Purgatory (feat. Luna Rae). Není to něco, co by nutně muselo skončit na operačním sále, co by musel řešit minulý, současný nebo budoucí ministr zdravotnictví. Pro obyvatele Burkina Faso to bude dobrá zábava. Nakonec jsem to doposlouchal až do konce pro náklonnost k určité proporčně vhodné kombinaci arabského a západního estetického cítění, frekvenčně ne úplně nepříjemným, spíše melancholickým zvukovým parabolám a protože mám rád neevropské lidi.”  — Tais Awards Academy
≡»   “RelationRocket/LoveShip is your best friend telling you about their crush... based in our generation through cultural and technical references but is also part of the infinite human tradition of things just not working out the way we hoped, coalescing in an amazing Deltron3030–meets–TheModernLovers–space–opera.”  — Karim Ahmed, Architecture Project Manager in NYC
Birth name: Naim Hakim
Location: Austin, Texas, United States
Genre: Alternative, Electronic, Hip Hop
Album release: August 5th, 2015
Record Label: Bassick Conceptz
Duration:     47:56
01. HeadSpace / RelationRocket      5:31
02. Celestial Body      3:53
03. Missed Connection (feat. R E L L I E)      2:55
04. Blisters (FriendZone Galaxy)      2:55
05. Atmospheric Pressure (Interlude)      2:21
06. Good      3:03
07. The Traveler      4:30
08. Medusa's Lair (Interlude)      2:45
09. Visuals (feat. Luna Rae)      4:59
10. UniVerse      3:46
11. Time Killer      3:28
12. Purgatory (feat. Luna Rae)      3:20
13. Lamentations Pt. 1      2:27
© 2015 Bassick Conceptz , LLC. All Rights Reserved
≡»   MOSART212
≡»   R E L L I E
≡»   Together, everyone involved, (including Luna Rae & R E L L I E) compliment each other so well, while simultaneously carrying the album’s passionate motifs forward. RelationRocket/LoveShip is a tribute to love in the modern world fusing technology, spirit, dreams, and ideas. It follows the travels of a space captain in the “Friend–Zone” Galaxy.
≡»   Of course, SupraNatural doubles the identity in the music production undertaking as Elev^tor and ConArtist. The project comes off in moments like you were hearing a live band, and others moments are fun electronic adventures. SupraNatural ConArtist is known for spacey trip–hop blends, so it is no surprise producer/DJ Mosart212 was involved with the opening track production this time around.
≡»   “...Chill beats, quirky rhymes, and album induced giggle fits come with this Interstellar Itinerary. No need to to put your shields up. Set coordinates for the Bassick Conceptz sector, Mark 4015 Engage.” — DJ Daddy Ray
≡»   “... its the sense that sticks  to memories especially when the right artist shows verisimilitude. As a long time friend/brother/collaborator this project cemented his true identity. ConArtist could not paint his journey using conventional themes hence the space odyssey medium... Enjoy the record and pay attention theres a bit of cliff hanger at the end...” — Vinny DaNegro
Greetings aliens and humanoids alike,
You are now along board "Feel Good" Airlines,
The ride will be... 4 lightyears,
Feel free to watch any of the selections we have,
from the Justin Bieber filmography,
And remember, No sudden movements,
[Hook 1]
Put your head back, Put your head back,
Put your head back, Put your head back,
Your head back, Your head back,
Flip it on them, When you want to thank the lord for this moment my dear,
Cause you might not see it in a while,
And if your planets do align my dear,
I really hope, you make the right wish
(what planet do you come from?)
[Verse 1]
Oh my, that smile makes the world go round,
Resonates in my mind, and nothing blows my high,
And it feels like there's nothing that I cannot handle guy,
I just let go of my handlebars, downhill fixie with sandals while I,
Booty–do, I grind with you, If theres time smoke a pound with you,
I'm too busy making beats, and trying to figure out when the next Rendezvous,
Stone–cold philosopher, be my interlocutor,
Satellites will monitor, your cardiovascular,
Secrets that I pass to her, flipped around like spatula,
Pit pat on window like a raindrop and you wish it fell faster–er,
Not to save my image, but I always try to save my women,
With the feeling, if you're willing,
I wanna be good, With you (ooh)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, Ahh, Ahh
I wanna be good, with you (ooh)
Oooh, oooh, ooh, (oooh ooh ooh oooh)
And I really wanna take you away, but
first you gotta
[Hook 2]
Put your head back, Put your head back,
Put your head back, Put your head back,
Your head back, Your head back,
And thank the lord for this moment my dear,
Cause you might not see it in a while,
And if your planets do align my dear,
I really hope, you make the right wish
(what planet do you come from?)
≡»   I am Naim Hakim. I am a music producer and visual artist. I have just recorded my latest album and need your help getting the next steps professionally done. "RelationRocket/LoveShip" is my greatest piece of work yet and I want to make sure ≡»   listeners experience it in the most thorough way possible.
"RelationRocket/LoveShip" is an intergalactic love story about a sky Captain that loses course and ends up in the "FriendZone" Galaxy. It is a fun modern allegorical space drama in musical form.
≡»   The album is yours FOR FREE in digital form (download link below). However, I decided to take it an extra step. The RelationRocket/LoveShip CDs are already designed and printed. I need your help to correctly burn the master copy of the album to the blank duplicates and properly register the work according to the International Standard Recording Code which is the internationally recognized identification tool for sound, music, and video recordings.
≡»   Achieving my goal will not only empower me to develop better ideas on my own, but it will empower other artists to do more with their work independently.
≡»   https://www.indiegogo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/c0nArtist
Agent: TheNaimHakim@gmail.com
≡»   https://www.dapurpleworld.com/
Spotify: https://player.spotify.com/album/7BXanAc5fnh9aS24LUwV5A

Supranatural  RelationRocket / LoveShip (August 5th, 2015)



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