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Sweet Billy Pilgrim Motorcade Amnesiacs

Sweet Billy Pilgrim — Motorcade Amnesiacs (double vinyl)

   Sweet Billy Pilgrim — Motorcade Amnesiacs (double vinyl) Sweet Billy Pilgrim — Motorcade Amnesiacs (double vinyl)–•¬   Mistrovské dílo. Muzikanství si zaslouží zvláštní zmínku. Multiinstrumentace, zvláštní svět, kde se mísí jemné akustická hudba, jazz a electronica, aniž by to znělo úplně jako jeden žánr. Funguje to. Tato verze bude příjemná pro větší spektrum fans, než jen pro obdivovatele Kurta Vonneguta, kteří cítí povinnost poslouchat na základě názvu kapely (navzdory skutečnosti, že toto je opravdu úžasný název kapely). Nejlepší písně: “Make It So”, “Burn Before Reading” + “Just Above Midtown”. Sweet Billy Pilgrim are an English experimental rock/art rock band, composed of bassist/banjo player Anthony Bishop, guitarist and singer Jana Carpenter, singer, guitarist and songwriter Tim Elsenburg, and drummer/percussionist Alistair Hamer.
Formed: 2003 in London, England
Location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Genre: Rock, Experimental, Progressive rock
Album release: 25 May 2015
Record Label: Kscope
Duration:     19:05 + 15:58 + 16:35 + => 51:38 + D
1. Candle Book And Bell     3:54
2. FFwd To The Freeze Frame     4:50 
3. Make It So     4:17
4. Slingshot Grin     6:04
1. Burn Before Reading     4:25
2. Just Above Midtown     3:41
3. Chasing Horses     2:40
4. Tyrekickers     5:12
1. We Just Did What Happened And Nobody Came     5:22
2. Longstreth     5:59
3. Coloma Blues     5:14
℗ 2015 Sweet Billy Pilgrim
••   Anthony Bishop bassist/banjo player
••   Jana Carpenter  guitarist and singer 
••   Tim Elsenburg   singer, guitarist and songwriter
••   Alistair Hamer   drummer/percussionist
Ξ      Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s fourth studio release and Kscope label debut.
Ξ      An album of intertwining riffs and eclectic rhythms, heavenly harmonies and thought~provoking lyrics, Motorcade Amnesiacs follows on from the band’s acclaimed Crown and Treaty and its Mercury Music Prize~nominated predecessor Twice Born Men (released on David Sylvian’s Samadhi Sound label).
Ξ      Gatefold double 180g black vinyl version with 4th side etching.
Ξ      “…bouncing all over the map from synth pop to clanking blues, reeking of quality and daring to dream.” — Mail on Sunday
Ξ      “There are impressive moments aplenty from raffish swagger to the epic and soulful.” — Daily Mirror
Ξ      “…it maintains the high standards set by Mercury~nominated Twice Born Men and ravishing Crown & Treaty….” — The Sun
Ξ      “Everything that made their past albums so engaging — the lopsided melodies, frontman Tim Elsenburg’s anguished drawl, those lazy Bacharach~style brass fills — is still here, but harnessed to better songs… “Motorcade Amnesiacs” might just be the album to drag Sweet Billy Pilgrim out of cult obscurity the into the great wide world.” — Q Magazine
Ξ      “Another art~rock masterpiece.” — Prog Magazine
•••   We Just Did What Happened and No One Came — Wonderland Avenue (2005)
•••   Twice Born Men — Samadhi Sound (2009)
•••   Crown and Treaty — Luxor Purchase (2012)
•••   Motorcade Amnesiacs — Kscope (2015)
•••   Stars Spill Out Of Cups EP — Luxor Purchase (2004)
•••   Brugada EP — Spoilt Victorian Child (2005)
•••   Experience — Luxor Purchase (2004)
•••   Forget to Breathe — Luxor Purchase (2005)
•••   Future Perfect Tense b/w Kalypso (featuring Jen from the IT Crowd) — Samadhi Sound (2010)
•••   Coloma Blues — Kscope (2015)
•••   Just Above Midtown — Kscope (2015)
Website: https://sweetbillypilgrim.com/ma/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sweetbillyp
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwXG0pquR5ELRF_Z95xA78w
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweetbillypilgrim
Press: william.luff@wilfulpublicity.co.uk
Agent: management@sweetbillypilgrim.com
By: Martyn Coppack | May 25, 2015 |
–•¬   http://echoesanddust.com.previewdns.com/2015/05/sweet-billy-pilgrim-motorcade-amnesiacs/
By Thomas Podbury |  June 2, 2015 | Score: 4 / 5
–•¬   http://renownedforsound.com/index.php/album-review-sweet-billy-pilgrim-motorcade-amnesiacs/

Sweet Billy Pilgrim Motorcade Amnesiacs