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Ten Commandos — Ten Commandos (2015)

Ten Commandos — Ten Commandos (November 2015)

    Ten Commandos — Ten Commandos (November 2015) Ten Commandos — Ten Commandos (November 2015)¬   •¬• Americká Supergroup s autentickým “really heavy and doomy” úderem i pohlazením. MATT CAMERON, ALAIN JOHANNES, BEN SHEPHERD a DIMITRI COATS: tito čtyři pánové dali dohromady 140 alb a Ten Commandos je N° 141. Kytary zní občas jako na ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’, tedy vnášejí do děje ostrý, přidušeně Husquarnový zvuk. Vrchol alba: třetí “Outermost Sky”, čtvrtá “Come” (feat. Nikka Costa) a předposlední, zároveň i nejdelší “Aware” (6:03). Poslední “Invisibility” zní už ‘jenom’ jako přídavek na koncertě, prostě vypalovačka. Jak vůbec komponují své skladby? Konstatování: senzace podzimu. feat.: •¬• Mark Lanegan •¬• Nikka Costa •¬• Peter Frampton. Ten Commandos is a grunge supergroup comprising Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron, Soundgarden’s Ben Shepherd, Queens Of The Stone Age’s Alain Johannes, and Off! member Dimitri Coats. Their new single, “Staring Down The Dust,” off of their new–new debut album, features vocals by Screaming Trees frontman and part–time Queen Of The Stone Age Mark Lanegan. All of the members of Ten Commandos have collaborated with one another in the past, and Cameron told Rolling Stone that this is the first song the group recorded together. •Location: Seattle, Washington
Album release: November 2015
Record Label: Monkeywrench Records
Duration:     38:43
01. Staring Down the Dust (feat. Mark Lanegan)      3:34
02. War on the Peace      3:58
03. Outermost Sky      3:48
04. Come (feat. Nikka Costa)      3:25
05. You Might Forget      5:41
06. Sketch 9 (feat. Peter Frampton)      3:33
07. Sporthalle      2:25
08. Four on the Floor      3:35
09. Aware      6:03
10. Invisibility      2:41
¬   Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam),
¬   Alain Johannes (Eleven, Queens of the  Stone Age),
¬   Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden, Hater),
¬   Dimitri Coats (OFF!, Burning Brides).MATT CAMERON
Birth name: Matthew David “Matt” Cameron
Born: November 28, 1962, San Diego, California, United States
Instruments: Drums, vocals, synthesizer, mellotron, guitar
•  Matt endorses Yamaha drums and hardware, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks., and Remo Drumheads.
Personal life:
•  Cameron and his wife, April Acevez, are the parents of two children, son Ray, and daughter Josie.
Musical style and influences:
•  Cameron was described by Greg Prato of Allmusic as “unquestionably one of rock’s finest and most versatile drummers.” Though known for his creativity, power, and precision, Cameron’s style is one that does not instinctively seek to dominate a song, but rather tease out a groove that will complement and support its atmosphere. Examples of this can be clearly heard in Temple of the Dog’s “Wooden Jesus” or Soundgarden’s “Mind Riot” and “Applebite”. Cameron’s time in Pearl Jam has helped see his technique mellow to a more modest backing role, providing support for the more straightforward nature of Pearl Jam’s matured style compared to Soundgarden's more extreme and unusual tendencies, e.g., the song “Face Pollution”. Despite a career in rock music, Cameron stated in a 1989 radio interview that growing up he “wasn’t a big rock fan...” and that his musical tastes during his youth were “more into jazz.” Cameron has professed that his primary musical interests lie in progressive rock and various jazz subgenres, including hard bop, both of which are characterized by a much busier playing style than Cameron typically exhibits, especially in the aforementioned matured Pearl Jam. Cameron has cited Tony Williams, Keith Moon, Steve Gadd, Stewart Copeland, Bill Bruford, and Kiss as influences.
•  Cameron tends to revisit the paradiddle for effect. Examples include the spreading of the RLRR–LRLL pattern amongst ride and snare on Soundgarden’s “Never the Machine Forever” (from Down on the Upside), “Unemployable” (from Pearl Jam), creating a driving shuffle; and “You Are” (from Riot Act). This pattern can also be heard during the bridge of “Bleed Together” (from the “Burden in My Hand” single). Cameron also is well known for his use of tom grooves and tribal patterns, the most famous of which being the tour–de–force “Jesus Christ Pose” figure, as well as “Little Joe”, “Gun”, and “Spoonman”. Cameron also incorporated the technique of open–handed drumming into his playing, particularly around the Badmotorfinger period in Soundgarden, specifically the tracks “Slaves & Bulldozers”, the outro of “Rusty Cage”, and “Somewhere”, and used the technique later on Superunknown’s “Limo Wreck.”
Summary: 23 + 24 albumsALAIN JOHANNES
Birth name: Alain Johannes Moschulski
Born: May 2, 1962, Santiago, Chile
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, drums, bass, mandolin, banjo, lap steel guitar, keyboard, tabla, mridangam, santoor, theremin, flute, clarinet, soprano saxophone, marxophone, fiddle
Effect pedals:
¬   MXR CAE Boost/Overdrive
¬   Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus
¬   Electro–Harmonix Holy Grail Plus
¬   Electro–Harmonix POG 2
¬   Moog Mooger Fooger Low Pass Filter
¬   Moog Mooger Fooger Analog Delay
¬   Ernie Ball VP Jr
¬   Dunlop MC–404 CAE Wah
¬   MXR ten Band EQ
¬   GreedTone Overdrive
¬   ZinkyTrue Grit Overdrive
¬   Fulltone Ultimate Octave
¬   Voodoo Lab pedal switcher
¬   Radial J48 Active Direct Box
Summary: 60 albums
Website: http://alainjohannes.com/
Birth name: Hunter Benedict “Ben” Shepherd
Also known as: HBS
Born: September 20, 1968, Okinawa, Japan
Origin: Seattle, Washington, United States
Instruments: Bass guitar, guitar, vocals, drums, mandolin
Summary: 18 albums
Notable instruments:
•  Motor Ave, LeMans, Univox Hi–Flier
Summary: 8 + 7 albums
BY: ALEX GALBRAITH 10.06.15  •
¬   Ten Commandos is all set to drop its first single. Who cares, right? Some band with an indefensibly lame name is releasing music. So what?
¬   Here’s where we mention that Commandos is a supergroup that includes members of Soundgarden (Ben Shepherd, Matt Cameron), Pearl Jam (Cameron, again), Queens of the Stone Age (Alain Johannes), OFF! (Dimitri Coats) and Screaming Trees (Mark Lanegan).
¬   Get it all out, rock fans. We have time.
¬   The debut single “Staring Down the Dust” drops on Friday, with the rest of the album coming in November. The Ten Commandos project has been surprisingly under–the–radar, given that members have been working on it for almost two years. In an interview with the depository of all things alt–rock Alternative Nation, Lanegan discussed the songwriting process with Commandos.
¬   “Well, when I’m writing by myself, I’m writing usually on guitar. Sometimes on the old Casio keyboard, sometimes I start with a drum machine beat, and add a synthesizer or something to it, but usually it’s with a guitar. When I write with Josh, for instance, he’s writing the music, we’re writing lyrics together. When I’m writing with Alain, he’s generally writing the music, and I’m writing the singing part, and the words. It’s always different.” ¬   http://uproxx.com/music/¬   Some of Seattle’s finest have come together to form a new supergroup. Ten Commandos features Pearl Jam/Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd along with Queens of the Stone Age collaborator Alain Johannes and OFF! guitarist Dimitri Coats.
¬   Additionally, Mark Lanegan serves as a guest vocalist for the group, appearing on their debut single “Starting Down the Dust”. In interviews leading up to the arrival of Ten Commandos, the group teased a sound that would hit all the trademarks of Nineties grunge — “really heavy and doomy” — and “Staring Down the Dust” delivers on that promise. Sporting an angular Badmotorfinger–like riff, a lurking bassline and dense, sometimes dubby reverb, Lanegan cuts through the gloom with his scorched, smoky warble. “Staring down the dust / Kissing the angel of death / Praying your will isn’t crushed / Singing it under your breath,” the Screaming Trees singer croons.
¬   “This was the first song we recorded and we finished the rhythm track very quickly,” Cameron tells Rolling Stone. “We all liked the sound and feel of the song, but once we heard Mark Lanegan’s vocals on it, he took it to another level completely.”
¬   “So much music that influenced me came from Seattle,” adds Coats. “The riffs Ben came up with for this one are heavy and twisted; not an obvious pocket for a singer to jump into.”
¬   The seeds of the supergroup came together following a memorial concert for Natasha Shneider, Johannes’ wife and bandmate in the alternative rock group Eleven who passed away in 2008. Cameron, Johannes and Shepherd began writing the album later that year, but the side project wasn’t able to record together until spring 2014, at which point Ten Commandos were joined by Coats at Seattle’s Studio Litho. Ten Commandos put the finishing touches on their debut LP at Johannes’ Studio 11AD in Los Angeles.
¬   Johannes, Cameron, Coats and Shepherd all contributed to the writing of the album, which features guests Lanegan, guitarist Peter Frampton (“Sketch 9”) and singer Nikka Costa (“Come”). “Staring Down the Dust” itself features music by Shepherd and Johannes, while Lanegan penned the lyrics.
¬   Each member of Ten Commandos have collaborated with one another in some capacity throughout the past few decades. Cameron and Shepherd are both members of Soundgarden and their side project Hater, while Cameron (as well as one–time Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons) briefly drummed for Johannes’ Eleven project.
¬   Lanegan is also a thread that ties the supergroup together: Coats and Johannes both appeared on Lanegan’s 2004 LP Bubblegum, while Johannes played a large role on Lanegan’s 2012 album Blues Funeral. Shepherd also contributed to a Lanegan album, performing multiple instruments and co–writing “Blues for D” on Lanegan’s 2001 album Field Songs. Additionally, Lanegan and Johannes are fixtures in Josh Homme’s Queens of the Stone Age as well as, with Shepherd, Homme’s The Desert Sessions.
¬   “We’re all fans of a broad spectrum of music,” Coats told Billboard of Ten Commandos in June 2014. “It’s a little bit more laid–back than I would’ve thought, but in a good way. There’s some kind of heavy, bluesy moments and then there’s some really beautiful stuff, too. It’s a little bit like Superunknown, that kind of era of Soundgarden, mixed with Alain’s kind of Stevie Wonder vibe. And they call me the secret weapon; I’m a little bit rough around the edges, but I have a lot of good ideas.”
Website: http://www.tencommandos.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/10commandos
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TenComMusic

Ten Commandos — Ten Commandos (2015)