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Terje Lie
Bright Moments

Terje Lie — Bright Moments (July 15, 2014)

USA Flag Norway        Terje Lie — Bright Moments 
Ξ   Na Big Surf se kytarista Michael Landau ukazuje ve výborné formě. Bright Moments je zakotvena v korzetu napjatého rytmu, který Terje rozežene svým saxofonovým dozvukem s rozšířením efektů.
Ξ   Lorber určuje celkovou koncepci alba. S Hammond B3, lehce zkreslenou kytarou a Terjeho saxofonem kapela jede jako vlak.                                                 © Bettie Grace Miner 
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Album release: July 15, 2014
Record Label: TCat Records
Duration:      45:22
01. Storm Skies (feat. Jimmy Haslip & Jeff Lorber)     4:14
02. Big Surf (feat. Michael Landau & Jeff Lorber)     5:14
03. Bright Moments (feat. Jeff Lorber)     3:58
04. Daybreak (feat. Jeff Lorber)     5:31
05. You Know (feat. Jeff Lorber & Jimmy Haslip)     4:09
06. Islands (feat. Michael Landau & Jeff Lorber)     4:13
07. A Special Thing (feat. Jimmy Haslip)     4:30
08. Santa Anas (feat. Jimmy Haslip)     4:49
09. Pancakes     4:30
10. Jungle (feat. Jeff Lorber & Michael Landau)     4:14
℗ 2014 TCat Records
• Jimmy Haslip / Terje Lie / Lorber 1, 2, 3, 5, 8
• Lorber 4, 6, 7, 9
• Jimmy Haslip / Lorber 10
• Billboard Singles
• 2014  You Know  Smooth Jazz Songs  #30
• Rich Breen Mastering
• Lenny Castro Percussion
• Vinnie Colaiuta Drums
• Margi Denton Package Design
• Jimmy Haslip Bass (Electric), Composer, Percussion, Producer
• Michael Landau Guitar
• Suzanne Lie Cover Photo
• Terje Lie Back Cover Photo, Comp., Package Design, Photography, Saxes (Alto/Soprano/Tenor), Trumpet
• Jeff Lorber Engineer, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Producer
• Marlon McClain Guitar
• Tony Moore Back Cover Photo, Drums
• Gary Novak Drums
• Jeff Richman Guitar
• Michael Thompson Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)  © Terje Lie recording session spring 2009. Left to right Jimmy Haslip, Terje Lie, Jeff Lorber, in Studio 2. 
Ξ   Again expanding upon the explosive energy, compelling melodies, and stylistic diversity of his previous critically acclaimed and contemporary jazz radio hit albums Traveler and Urban Vacation, the Norwegian native Terje Lie (''Terry Lee'') — celebrating many years in the Los Angeles area — serves up ten joyful Bright Moments with contemporary jazz greats Jimmy Haslip and Jeff Lorber and continues a unique musical vibe best described as ''groove jazz.''
Ξ   The three got together again to create a rich and fascinating set of ten originals. Lie, with Haslip and Lorber, two of the most renowned artists and producers in contemporary jazz, R&B, and pop since the late 70s, co-wrote five tracks while Lorber and Haslip co-penned one and Lorber wrote the remaining four. Beyond the core presence of Lie on soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone, Jeff Lorber is on everything from Fender Rhodes and various other electronic keyboards to guitar. Jimmy Haslip is on electric bass and Tony Moore takes care of the drums.
About Terje Lie
Ξ   Saxophonist Terje Lie (“Terry Lee”) started his career as a musician during high school in Norway with his blues/rock band with which he appeared as a lead vocalist on Norwegian television at seventeen years of age.
Ξ   Over time, he became a part of that country’s scene of young rising jazz artists and freelance musicians, featured as both a singer and saxophonist. Lie toured Norway, Sweden, and Finland with different groups and appeared on the jazz shows of NRK, the Norwegian equivalent of the BBC. Lie was also a recipient of a grant from the Norwegian State Fund for Performing Artists.
Ξ   Lie later decided to move to the U.S. since his favorite styles of music “were being created in this country 24/7 everywhere.” Loving the Southern California climate and being “a certified beach bum,” he chose L.A. as his new base. Since then he has been a jazz artist and freelance musician, performing in clubs and at festivals and concerts throughout the West Coast.
Ξ   Lie has a degree in music education as well as a Master of Music degree. He is active in music education and as a clinician and when time allows, he also donates time to children’s music programs.
Ξ   Commenting on his new album Urban Vacation, produced by Jimmy Haslip and Jeff Lorber, Terje says, “Seeing how much work Jimmy (Haslip) and Jeff (Lorber) put into Urban Vacation has definitely inspired me to expect even more from myself as a composer, musician, and performer. It’s great to have the opportunity now to share that with more fans than ever before.” And he continues, “Jeff and Jimmy enlightened me to many new angles and concepts that made this a fantastic experience for me. It’s been a great thing to record with them and the result is a seriously kickin’ album!”
By Maria Miaoulis, 7/8/2014; Score: 3.5 Stars
Ξ   From the moment Terje Lie’s Bright Moments begins to play, it’s impossible to keep your face from grinning or your foot from tapping to the album’s spirited beats.
In this highly anticipated contemporary jazz release, the Norwegian-born saxophonist teams up once again with renowned keyboardist Jeff Lorber and bassist Jimmy Haslip. Ξ   This is Lie’s third album following the success of his much-acclaimed previous works — Traveler and Urban Vacation — and his second with Lorber and Haslip. Whenever these three collaborate, there is no shortage of happy and exciting grooves, and Bright Moments is no exception.
Contemporary or “smooth” jazz tends to spark heated debate within the jazz community. This style of music has exploded in popularity over the years, but many don’t consider smooth jazz to be “real” jazz, the kind of soul-stirring music that leaves you spellbound with emotion. However, it is hard to dismiss Bright Moments in light of this classification. It is probably the most joyful and energetic recording I’ve heard in a while, and especially within this genre.
Ξ   From the funky opener “Stormy Skies” to the Latin-tinged “Big Surf,” the R&B flair of the CD’s title track to the grooviness of “Jungle,” there is a lot of dynamic soul heard on this record. The song titles enhance the listening experience since Lie says he based them on the weather or whatever was happening the day he worked out the melodies in the Los Angeles-area beach town where he currently lives.
Ξ   Thus, the aforementioned songs, as well as “Santa Anas” and “Daybreak” are givens. And you can bet it must have been one awesome breakfast that inspired “Pancakes,” the second-to-last track oozing with positivity.
Ξ   Overall, Bright Moments is a pleasantly catchy album you can’t help but smile while listening to. (http://thecelebritycafe.com/)
Website: http://terjelie.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Terje-Lie-Music/184248851848
Press: Cary Goldberg/Go Media PR www.gomediapr.com
Agent: booking@tcatrecords.com