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Thayer Sarrano — King (2009)

 Thayer Sarrano — King (2009)

Thayer Sarrano — King 
Location: Athens, Georgia
Album release: August 20, 2009
Record Label: Arigato
Duration:     35:15
01. Jump In The Water      (3:10)
02. Gave It Away      (3:25)
03. White      (2:56)
04. Funeral Parade      (2:46)
05. I Hear The Same Song      (2:24)
06. King      (4:28)
07. Up In Smoke      (2:57)
08. Nightlife      (3:09)
09. Tried      (2:40)
10. Saint George      (3:21)
11. Without Warning      (3:59)
Elijah Neesmith — Bass
Thayer Sarrano — Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Drums [Track 4]
Johnny Evans — Lap Steel
Peter Alvanos — Drums
Jim Wilson — Drums [Tracka 1+11]
Matt Stoessel — Pedal Steel [Track 11]
All engineering by Drew Vandenberg and Thomas Johnson
Recorded at home
Mixed & Mastered at Chase Park Transduction, Athens, Georgia
All Songs c Thayer Sarrano 2009
"King" Limited Edition CD in Arigato Pack
Includes printed vellum booklet of original artwork and lyrics + ink painting on rice paper handmade for each cover. Discs are factory pressed and hand placed in high quality, eco friendly "arigato packs" from Stumptown Printers out of Portland, Oregon.
Current band:
Seth Hendershot
Dave Spivey
Matt Stoessel
Brantley Senn
Website: http://www.thayersarrano.com/
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/thayersarrano
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thayersarrano
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/sacredheartleague/feed?filter=2
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thayersarrano2
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thayersarrano
Bandcamp: http://thayersarrano.bandcamp.com
Agent: thayersarrano@gmail.com
"The record I most look forward to is Athens, Georgia gem Thayer Sarrano's "Lift Your Eyes to the Hills," it's haunting, stirring music with melodies that infiltrate your consciousness... like a darker, edgier Natalie Merchant singing Mazzy Star with the 'Big Music' period of the Waterboys." — Bertis Downs, R.E.M.​​​
​​ "The new queen of shoegaze..." — Americana UK, London​​
​​ "...it keeps the audience at a distance, forcing them to push their noses up to the glass and peer in on the southern twang, almost gravely vocals and honest message that Thayer Sarrano portrays" — WuOG Radio, Top 20 records of 2012​
"Thayer Sarrano is a beguiling Athens-based singer who casts an exquisite spell with her spare, ghostly songs that haunt the ears from a distance. Subtle, southern, lonesome and eerie, she clearly knows her way around heavy, drowsy reverb, bringing forth obvious comparisons to Mazzy Star and Chan Marshall. After spending most of her time as a supporting player with numerous Athens outfits, she's definitely gotten my attention with her debut CD, King, out now." — Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer (Atlanta, GA)
"Cat Power's earlier, sparser, sadder tunes come to mind, but there's also something in the way Sarrano takes her time that conjures the slower moments of '60s singers - somewhere between Nancy Sinatra and Karen Dalton, curiously. A little seductive, and not a little mysterious" — Chris Hassiotis — Flagpole Magazine (Athens, GA)
"[translation from Dutch] Whoever was disappointed in Hope Sandoval's recent solo album, is perhaps more to his liking in the album "King" from Athens, Georgia-based Thayer Sarrano. Folkier roots and ornamental, with beautiful pedal steel, Sarrano picks up the ball on that Mazzy Star, almost fifteen years ago, miss. Its compelling noir-like vocals put Sarrano clearly from the same source as Sandoval, though she has not a trick degenerating and combines them to hypothermia emotional voice to a team dreamy, shimmering indie (folk) songs, including Jump In The Water, Without Warning and the title track are the best." — Eric van Domburg Scipio - HEAVEN  Popmagazine Voor Volwassen
"King recalls nothing so much as Matthew Houck's work, measured, winding, pretty, moaning songs full of soft, Gothic touches that are undeniably Southern" —  Hilary Brown, Flagpole Magazine
Dark, moody and featuring heavily spiritual themes, this songwriter's second album could have collapsed under its own weight. But Hills managed to maintain a startling lightness of being. " — Flagpole Magazine, "Top 10 Records of the Year So Far" 8/12
Elijah Neesmith, Peter Alvanos, Johnny5, Jim Wilson, Matt Stoessel :: Engineered by Drew Vandenberg and Thomas Johnson at Chase Park Transduction/Chase Park Mobile in Athens, GA.  
In french:
Il y a peu, je vous proposais le dernier album de cette chanteuse, voici le précédent.
Thayer Sarrano is a musician and interdisciplinary artist from Athens, GA who is forging her own path into a southern gothic dreamland, combining dissonant drones and riffs with honest, painted lyrics, primarily dealing with personal experiences of light and dark, health, heaven, and the abstract/spiritual world.
Thayer Sarrano sounds like where she is from—her diverse background is her biggest influence. She first heard music in the form of chanting in the monastic seminary where she lived until school age. She then grew up in a small town in southern, coastal Georgia, exposed to mostly southern rock, folk, and gospel traditions. She took up classical piano at age 3 and spent her early years composing instrumental pieces and  writing poetry. It was not until she moved to Athens, GA for college that she found guitar as her tool to combine the two into songwriting. The resulting sound : the reverb of a monastary, the swamp of southeast Georgia, and the lyrics of someone interested in the poetic while telling the truth. 
She is also Influenced by artists like Nick Cave, Neil Young, and Tom Waits and has been compared to other female singers like Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey, and Nancy Sinatra.
The debut album, "King", (2009) was recorded live in her living room and received critical praise, such as being hailed "The new queen of shoegaze" by Americana UK Magazine.
Her follow up LP, "Lift Your Eyes to the Hills," (2012), features the single "The Bend" written for  Groninger Museum, The Netherlands. The album was again engineered by Drew Vandenberg at Chase Park Transduction, Athens, GA, and was produced by Thayer and Hank Sullivant (Kuroma, X-Whigs/MGMT). The record was an independent release as a charitable campaign for CAMP AMPED at NUCI's SPACE, of which Thayer is passionately affiliated. It was chosen in the "Top 10 Records of the Year (so far)" by Flagpole Magazine (8/12), "Top 10 Records of 2012" by Chris Sikich, City Paper, Philadelphia, and "Top 20 Records of 2012" by WuOG Radio.
In addition to her solo career, Thayer has collaborated with numerous bands, including touring as a member of of Montreal, Kuroma, and Dead Confederate, and as a session player specializing in country piano and the dreamier side of pedal steel, wurlitzer, and vocals.
2013 holds an exciting year of touring and recording with her newest backing band, "Glass Ashes," as well as playing with T. Hardy Morris, David Barbe, Dave Marr, and other musical and visual collaborations in the works.
"Lift Your Eyes to the Hills", LP (2012)
"King", LP (2009)
Room for Holidayz [Compilation] (2010)
Athfest Mixtape [Compilation] (2012)
"The Bend" [single] (2011) ​for GRONINGER MUSEUM, the Netherlands
In alphabetical order...
Alessi's Ark, "The Still Life" (2013, Bella Union Records) — Keys
Anders Parker, (2013) — Keys
Band of Horses, "Georgia" single, split with Cee lo Green (2010, Columbia) — Keys
Bloodkin, "One Long Hustle" (2013, Terminus), Vocals
The Corduroy Road  (2013) — Piano
Dead Confederate "Peyote People",( 2013, Spiderbomb Records) — Vocals
     "In the Marrow" (2013, Spiderbomb Records) — Vocals
Dennis Ellsworth — "Dusk Dreams" (2012) — Keys, Vocals
Dare Dukes, "Bone Thugs and China Dolls" (2012, Mazarine) — piano

Futurebirds, "Hampton's Lullaby" (2010, Autumn Tone Records) — piano
      "Baba Yaga" (2013, Fat Possum Records/VL4L) — piano
Harouki Zombi, "Objet Petit A" (2012, Polyvinyl) — Vocals
Hope for agoldensummer, "Life inside the body," (2012, Mazarine) — Piano, Vocals
Jim White, "Sounds of the Americas" (2011) — Vocals
Justin Evans, "The Owls and the Hounds" (2009) — Keys, Vocals
Kishi Bashi, "151a" (2012, Joyful Noise Recordings) — Vocals
Lera Lynn, "Have You Met Lera Lynn" (2011, Slow Records) — Piano
Little Francis, "Don't Leave Me Now" podcast — piano, vocals
Matt Hudgins, "Hitmakers, Volume 1" (2011) — Pedal Steel
Paul Gaines, "The Beat" (2010) — Keys, Vocals
St. Francis, (2013, Chromatone) — Piano
T. Hardy Morris, "Audition Tapes" (2013, Dangerbird Records) — Vocals, Keys
 Alabama Tribute Compilation (2013, Thirty Tigers) — Pedal Steel, Vocals, Organ
Tia Madre, "Makeout Mountain" (2013) — Vocals         
Timber, "Sad and Scrawled" (2010) — Piano, Album Art
Union Pulse, "Angel on a wire" (2007) — Vocals
Thayer Sarrano — "Gates" (2013)
of Montreal — "Coquette Coquette" (2010)
Kuroma — "Get the Gunz" (2009)
Matt Hudgins and the Shit Hot Country Band — "Hello again 5am" (2013)
Gift Horse — "Missionaries" (2010)
The Georgia Club Commercial (2012)
Groninger Museum, The Netherlands (2011)
“F: ZXC-C/Conciousness>Archive>Abstraction.etc.”,  Lowery Gallery (2011)
Athens Fashion Collective at Georgia Theatre (2012)
Also: Jambands.com: http://www.jambands.com/reviews/cds/2012/05/02/thayer-sarrano-lift-your-eyes-to-the-hills

Thayer Sarrano — King (2009)



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