The Airborne Toxic Event Such Hot Blood (2013)

 The Airborne Toxic Event • Such Hot Blood (2013)

The Airborne Toxic Event ¤ Such Hot Blood
Location: Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California
Album release: April 30, 2013
Recorded: 2011–2013
Record Label: Island
Duration:     41:45
01. The Secret     (3:24)
02. Timeless     (4:43)
03. What's In A Name?     (3:51)
04. The Storm     (4:02)
05. Safe     (5:11)
06. Bride & Groom     (3:56)
07. True Love     (3:03)
08. This Is London     (3:57)
09. The Fifth Day     (6:14)
10. Elizabeth     (3:29)
Group Members:
¤ Mikel Jollett
¤ Anna Bulbrook
¤ Daren Taylor
¤ Noah Harmon
¤ Steven Chen

                                       © Photo credit: Autumn De Wilde

¤   Troisième album pour ce groupe d'Indie Rock US, peut–être moins intense, mais plus varié que leurs deux précédents. A découvrir.
Such Hot Blood (2012–2013):
¤   On July 2, 2012, The Airborne Toxic Event announced that they were in the process of recording their third studio album with Jacquire King. They also announced that the band is playing Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony on September 20, 2012, with Colorado band DeVotchKa, and that this will be the first show of the upcoming record run.
¤   On January 14, 2013, the band announced the name of their third album as Such Hot Blood, with the first single, "Timeless", released on January 22.
¤   On April 22nd, the band announced via their Facebook page that aol's spinner will be streaming the full album. The final tracklist is:
¤   "The Secret" ¤ "Timeless" ¤ "What's in a Name?" ¤ "The Storm" ¤ "Safe" ¤ "Bride & Groom" ¤ "True Love" ¤ "This Is London" ¤ "The Fifth Day" ¤ "Elizabeth"
¤   "Such Hot Blood" has been released April 30 in North America.

Review by Gregory Heaney  (Editor rating: **½) 
¤   After two albums of increasingly big indie rock, the Airborne Toxic Event take a little time to wander with their third album, Such Hot Blood. Working this time with producer Jacquire King, who has worked with artists like Dawes, Of Monsters and Men, and Tom Waits, the band make full use of his versatility, stepping away from the rhapsodic, Arcade Fire-inflected rock of their previous albums to try something a little smaller and more personal. On the country-inflected "Bride & Groom," it feels as if the band is going for something a little more earnest, evoking emotion from the listener through the song's narrative rather than strapping it to a rocket of strings and synths and shooting for the stars. The problem is, shooting for the stars is really where the Airborne Toxic Event are at their best, so while songs like "Timeless" and "The Fifth Day" might feel like the band treading on old ground, it's when they have the time and space to really stretch out that they're able to get up to full speed. It's a tough thing for an artist to balance branching out with sticking to the tried and true formula, and while the band's excursions into uncharted waters provide listeners with some interesting findings, it breaks up the moodiness that bound their earlier work together. This makes Such Hot Blood an album that, while certainly containing some interesting moments, lacks the sense of atmosphere and cohesion possessed by their previous records.

Biography by Chris True
¤   Formed by novelist Mikel Jollett during a tumultuous period in his life, the Airborne Toxic Event (named after a section in American author Don DeLillo's novel White Noise) combine literate indie rock with real literary cred. Formed in 2006, the group initially took shape as a Los Angeles–based duo, with Jollett and drummer Daren Taylor serving as the only members. A roster expansion was eventually needed; as a result, classically trained violinist Anna Bulbrook was brought in to play viola and keyboards, jazz bassist Noah Harmon joined up, and the empty guitar slot was filled by Steven Chen. The band's first show as the Airborne Toxic Event took place in fall of 2006, and was followed by a regional rise to stardom, attracting offers from indie labels and accolades from magazines like Rolling Stone.
¤   Riding the wave of industry buzz, the Event released their first EP and accompanying single (both titled Does This Mean You're Moving On?) in 2007, which only helped to heighten the band's standing in the indie scene. They signed with Majordomo Records in 2008 and released their self–titled first album, The Airborne Toxic Event, later that year. "Sometime Around Midnight" became a Top Ten modern rock hit, prompting Island Records to sign the band in early 2009. Two years later, the Airborne Toxic Event — now signed to the same label as one of their major influences, U2 — issued their sophomore release, All at Once. A third album, Such Hot Blood, arrived on the label in 2013.

The Airborne Toxic Event Such Hot Blood (2013)