The Avalanches — We Will Always Love You (11 Dec., 2020)

Victoria (Australia)                                                                                  The Avalanches — We Will Always Love You (11 Dec., 2020)  The Avalanches — We Will Always Love You (11 Dec., 2020)•⇔• Karen O, Rivers Cuomo a Blood Orange jsou mezi mnoha hosty vynikající třetí LP desky dua, která vykopává poklady. Australští vzorkovači se vracejí s albem velkých témat, bohatých na malé detaily. Technologie Polaroid pokračuje v mílovém pokroku. Mezi další zajímavosti patří příběhová píseň „Gold Sky“ Kurta Vilea, která se chlubí svou malátnou gramotností, a „Reflecting Light“, kde vystupují Sananda Maitreya a samplovaná Vashti Bunyan. Pro ty, kteří nevědí, je Maitreya umělcem, dříve známým jako Terence Trent D’Arby a zatímco texty jako „Life’s a bitch and it’s habit creating“ odhalují tendenci k bláznovství, jsou podávány krásně a s takovým přesvědčením, že to vypadá kuriózně. Povolme jim nejenom kornout, dejme tomu průchod.Tony Di Blasi and Robbie Chater of the Avalanches. The band is returning with its third album in December. ©Atong Atem for The New York Times
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Studio: Sing Sing (Melbourne, Victoria)
Album release: 11 December 2020 
Record Label: Modular/EMI
Duration:     71:49
01. Ghost Story   1:24
02. Song for Barbara Payton   1:41
03. We Will Always Love You   2:52
04. The Divine Chord   3:08
05. Solitary Ceremonies   1:14
06. Interstellar Love   3:39
07. Ghost Story, Pt. 2   1:15
08. Reflecting Light   4:21
09. Carrier Waves   0:58
10. Oh the Sunn!   2:18
11. We Go On   4:02
12. Star Song.IMG   0:10   
13. Until Daylight Comes   2:28
14. Wherever You Go   5:58
15. Music Makes Me High   3:21
16. Pink Champagne   0:12
17. Take Care in Your Dreaming   5:00
18. Overcome   3:31
19. Gold Sky   4:28
20. Always Black   3:37
21. Dial D for Devotion   0:32
22. Running Red Lights   4:40
23. Born to Lose   4:54
24. Music Is the Light   3:08
25. Weightless   2:57
The Avalanches — instruments (1~11, 13~25)
Robert Chater — production, mixing
Tony Di Blasi — additional production (1~11, 13~15, 17~20, 22, 23, 25), mix supervision
Andrew Szekeres — additional production (1~11, 13~15, 17~20, 22, 23, 25), instruments (1~11, 13~25)
iZNiiK — additional production (17)
Devonté Hynes — vocals (3)
The Australian Boys Choir — additional vocals (3)
John Carroll Kirby — piano (3, 8, 17, 20), Moog (4, 8, 17), DX7 (4, 8), treated piano (24)
Kelly Moran — prepared piano (3, 24), piano (24)
MGMT — vocals (4), additional vocals (5)
Johnny Marr — guitar (4)
The Yarra Voices Choir — additional vocals (4, 11)
Leon Bridges — vocals (6, 7)
Orono — vocals (7, 25)
Sananda Maitreya — vocals (8)
Perry Farrell — vocals (10)
Etty Farrell — additional vocals (10)
Tom Rowlands — EMS and Roland System 700 synthesisers (10)
Tricky — vocals (13, 17)
Marta — vocals (13)
Neneh Cherry — vocals (14)
Clypso — vocals (14)
Cameron McVey — additional vocals (14)
Mick Jones — piano (14)
East Coast Inspirational Singers — vocals (15)
Pink Siifu — vocals (16, 20)
Denzel Curry — vocals (17)
Sampa the Great — vocals (17)
Kurt Vile — guitars (19), vocals (19)
Wayne Coyne — additional vocals (19)
Farmer Dave Scher — keboards (19), lap steel (19), melodica (19)
Karen O — vocals (21)
Mike Callander — additional modular tweaks, glandular synths, tape delays and noise (22)
Cornelius — vocals (24)
Tony Espie — mix supervision
Clint Welander — mix engineering (1~11, 13~24)
Zachary Zajdel — assistant engineering (1~11, 13~24)
Nate Haessly — assistant engineering (3, 4, 6, 20, 24)
Joe LaPorta — mastering
Christian Scallan — recording (choir on 3, 4, 10, 23; EME transmissions on 7~9), Arecibo message 2020 sonification (25)
Jarvis Taveniere — recording (Kurt Vile and Farmer Dave Scher on 19)
Jonathan Zawada — Barbara Payton sonification (12)
Franck Marchis — Arecibo message 2020 sonification (25)
• Producer: Robert Chater

by Barney Harsent ⌊Saturday, 05 December 2020⌋ Score: ★★★★
Ξ★ After a 16~year wait for the second album from Australian sample~stitchers The Avalanches, their third, a mere four years later, feels like a rush release by comparison. We Will Always Love You has been preceded by no fewer than four singles which, while welcome, are in danger of distorting the overall picture slightly.
•⇔• While it could still be broadly catagorised as hip~hop and psychedelic pop, We Will… is a more thoughtful collection, peppered throughout with considered call~backs to connecting themes of distance, loss and transcendence. And while the quality isn’t always consistent, the careful curation ensures everything hangs together with a satisfying sense of completion.
Ξ★ There’s a lot going on here — 25 songs including the transitional sketches that simultaneously link, and place distance between, the longer pieces. And while the big, eye~catching canvases muscle their way into the eyeline, bass blossoming, allowing hooks to land in the higher registers, there are smaller pieces that require closer attention to get the full return.
Ξ★ So while the upbeat dream~disco of “Overcome” and “Oh the Sunn!” (featuring former Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell), and the gospel funk of “Music Makes Me High” boogie with clear~eyed and full~hearted abandon, looking resolutely forward to a future full of transcendent joy, there is plenty of space for reflection.
Ξ★ A lot of it is hidden away, under darker shadows. “The light of my life is going out tonight. Without a flicker of regret.” The inclusion of these lyrics from the late Silver Jews frontman David Berman (spoken here by both Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s) and Pink Siifu on “Dial D for Devotion” and “Running Red Lights” respectively) is an indicator of how an eye for detail can deliver monumental emotional impact, and testament to the intricacy of the thoughtlines threaded throughout.
Ξ★ Other highlights include “Gold Sky” Kurt Vile’s story song that revels in its languid literacy, and “Reflecting Light” featuring Sananda Maitreya and a sampled Vashti Bunyan. For those unaware, Maitreya is the artist formerly known as Terence Trent D’Arby and, while lyrics such as “Life’s a bitch and it’s habit forming” reveal a tendency towards the trite, they are delivered beautifully and with such conviction that it seems churlish not to give them a pass.

AllMusic Review by Andy Kellman;  Score: ★★★★
By DAVID BROWNE ⌊Nov. 21, 2020⌋ Score: ★★★★ 
By Philip Sherburne ⌊Dec. 14, 2020⌋ Score: 8.1
Phil Mongredien ⌊Sun 13 Dec 2020 13.00 GMT⌋ Score: ★★★★