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The Boy & the Sea — Common Ghosts (June 30, 2018)

The Boy & the Sea — Common Ghosts (June 29, 2018)

           The Boy & the Sea — Common Ghosts (June 30, 2018)The Boy & the Sea — Common Ghosts (June 29, 2018)°       A hard~hitting indie rock concept album. South African artist Jeri Silverman delivers her eclectic blend of folk~pop with electronic soundscapes and captivating vocals; drawing from the likes of Jesca Hoop, Ben Howard and Ani Di Franco.
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Indie, Dream Pop
Album release: June 30, 2018
Record Label: The Boy & The Sea
Duration:     48:30
01. They Know Your Name      0:53
02. How Bleak the Sound      3:46
03. The Wolf      4:01
04. A Way Out      5:15
05. Something New      3:37
06. Cold & Grey      1:16
07. Wake Me Up      3:02
08. Heart Wide Open      4:12
09. Make Me a Liar      3:25
10. Pain      1:31
11. Chaos      3:38
12. Dismas      1:54
13. Carry the Light      3:44
14. I Wanted to Believe      3:37
15. Waste Your Blood      4:39
℗ 2018 The Boy & the Sea
•    Mike Burnard: Lead Vocals/Guitar
•    Jason Reddecopp: Lead Guitar/Vocals
•    Luke Jacob: Bass/Plaid
•    Allen Penner: Drums/Vocals

Album Notes:
★Ξ★        The Boy & The Sea is a hard~hitting indie~rock group bringing together the earnest storytelling of an indie songwriter with the irresistible swagger and polish of modern pop.
★Ξ★        In March 2017, the band released the Frail EP, a collection of songs from frontman Mike Burnard, which brought them to local radio and launched a successful year of performing across their home province of Manitoba.
★Ξ★        With a new sound and a bold musical vision, The Boy & The Sea has completed their debut full~length album, “Common Ghosts” — a gripping and emotional concept album that will shake and provoke listeners with meticulously crafted lyrics and richly cinematic composition.
★Ξ★        https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/theboythesea6
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theboyandtheseaband/
Website: http://www.theboyandthesea.com/


The Boy & the Sea — Common Ghosts (June 29, 2018)