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The Buttertones Midnight In A Moonless Dream

The Buttertones — Midnight In A Moonless Dream (May 4, 2018)

The Buttertones — Midnight In A Moonless Dream (May 4, 2018)The Buttertones — Midnight In A Moonless Dream (May 4, 2018)˜˜˜      A Southern California~based surf rock/garage outfit with a Merseybeat heart and a take~no~prisoners punk attitude.
Formed: 2011 in Los Angeles, CA
Location: Long Beach, California
Recording Location: Jazzcats Studios, Long Beach
Styles: Garage Punk, Alternative/Indie Rock, Surf Revival
Album release: May 4th, 2018
Record Label: Innovative Leisure
Duration:     35:36
01. At the Dojo     3:49
02. Baby C4     2:18
03. Midnight in a Moonless Dream     3:12
04. Old Nick’s Still Got It     3:03
05. Winks and Smiles     2:14
06. Don’t Cry Alone     3:36
07. Jungle     3:22
08. Darling, I Need Time But Don’t Really Know Why     3:09
09. You and Your Knife     3:16
10. Brickhead     3:40
11. Eros     3:56
℗ 2018 Innovative Leisure
˜˜˜      Richard Araiza Group Member, Front Vocals, Guitars
˜˜˜      Jonny Bell Engineer, Mixing, Producer
˜˜˜      Dakota Boettcher Group Member
˜˜˜      Modesto Cobian Flute, Group Member
˜˜˜      Dave Cooley Mastering
˜˜˜      Richard Dodd Cello
˜˜˜      Hanni El Khatib Package Design
˜˜˜      London Guzman Group Member
˜˜˜      Yudo Kurita Photography
˜˜˜      Sarah Long Violin
˜˜˜      Isaac Padilla Trumpet
˜˜˜      Sean Redman Group Member
˜˜˜      Chris Werner Management
Review by by Tanis Smither; May 3rd, 2018: Score:
≡˜≡      “Midnight In A Moonless Dream” is rapid and erratic. The first minute of the track feels like the energizer bunny is moshing around in your brain, lead singer and guitarist Richard Araiza has the cowboy mouth that can feel gentle at times and harsh and abrasive at others. Listening to “Midnight In A Moonless Dream” is a dark and energetic cerebral experience. Even as The Buttertones start with abruptness, they have the control and wherewithal to slow themselves down, oscillating between Morrissey-type devastation and Nick Cave like urgency.
≡˜≡      The lyrics are imbued with stark and heavy imagery. “It’s the darkness that brings us together,” laughs London Guzman, Buttertones sax player. And although the song contains lyrics like “you turn your back and your eyes are black,” the band insists that they prefer comedy to tragedy in their own lives, always wishing to learn from and experiment with their old sound, morphing them into a new~wave rock band that lovingly recalls the 70’s punk/rock scene in America. ≡˜≡      https://earmilk.com/
About The Buttertones
≡˜≡      A Southern California~based surf rock/garage outfit with a Merseybeat heart and a take~no~prisoners punk attitude, the Buttertones draw inspiration from bands like the Sonics, the Beatles, the Monks, and the Cramps. The group was formed in 2011 as a bedroom project for guitarist Richard Araiza, drummer Modesto Cobian, and ex~Cherry Glazerr bassist Sean Redman. After issuing its cassette~only debut via Los Angeles~based garage pop label Lollipop, the band expanded into a five~piece, adding a second guitarist in Dakota Boettcher and bringing in saxophone player London Guzmån. Their sophomore long~player, American Brunch, dropped in 2015, and the following year saw the Buttertones ink a deal with Innovative Leisure, with whom they would release Gravedigging in 2017. ~ James Christopher Monger
Bandcamp: https://buttertones.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-in-a-moonless-dream
Website: http://www.thebuttertones.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thebuttertones

The Buttertones Midnight In A Moonless Dream


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