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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

The Carbonfools

The Carbonfools — Carbonbliss (December 5, 2014)

Hungary             The Carbonfools — Carbonbliss 
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Album release: December 5, 2014
Record Label: 1G Record/White Room Records
Duration:     63:48
01 Roses And Bricks     4:32
02 Closer     4:17
03 Easter Song (Dreamin)     4:13
04 Lonesome Town     4:17
05 Give It To Me     3:54
06 Chocolete Factory     4:09
07 Cats     3:39
08 Czechoslovakian Disco     3:40
09 Krapulax     3:20
10 Killing Time     4:10
11 Peter     3:55
12 Call You     4:23
13 Freckles     5:47
14 Teardrops (feat. Alba Hyseni)     3:56
15 Fusion     4:22
♠   Titusz — dj, producer
♠   Benedek — drums
♠   Balázs — vocal
♠   István — guitar, vocal
♠   Milán — bassguitar, vocal
The Birth of Carbonfools.
♠   This story begins in 2000, when well–known Hungarian DJ and icon, DJ Titusz, joined up with musician and Sitar virtuoso, Szabolcs Toth. Together they formed Carbonfools, bringing on board fellow musicians, Zsüli (percussion), Zsazsa (bass), Kelo (drums) and Dado (guitar).
♠   Having built up a solid fan base through various festivals and parties, their first album, Poisoned Gulash, was released in 2004, to much acclaim. This album is a fusion of Electro Rock/Pop. Before creating their new album, the band parted ways with Szabolcs who went to India to perfect his sitar skills. In addition to their own projects, the band made several remixes for other acclaimed Hungarian underground bands. English record label Mint Soure released three singles, which became very popular with many English DJs.
♠   Balázs Fehér joined the band in the Summer of 2006. Their new second album, Carbon Heart, was recorded in October 2008. The album extended their popularity to an even wider audience. The Carbonfools presented their new guitarist, István Fekete "Steve", in February 2009, and their new bass player, Milan Miklos, in February 2011.
The current band members are Dj Titusz, Kelo (Drums), Steve (Guitar), Balazs (Vocalist) , Milan (Bass).
♠   Their songs are played regularly on the radio, and one or two of their songs are currently in the charts. The band has become more and more famous for its live performances over the past few years. They are frequently invited back to several clubs and festivals in Hungary. They also played in the UK with Dreadzone in 2011. In 2011 they were the only Hungarian band to play at Exit Festival and Trenchtown festival in Serbia. In that same year as a guest, they gave a live performance during a new production of the Hungarian X–Factor series.
♠   In 2012, Carbonfools released a new song and video, Clublights, the first song in their long awaited for upcoming new album.
♠   Their many live performances have culminated in the current tour underway, which includes a mega concert in Budapest's legendary concert venue, the PECSA Music Hall.
This story is still beginning........
Website: http://carbonfools.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Carbonfools
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecarbonfoolsofficial
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv7uuC-DgSc

The Carbonfools