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The Dandy Warhols — Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia [13th Anniv. Deluxe Ed.]

 The Dandy Warhols — Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia [13th Anniv. Deluxe Ed.]

The Dandy Warhols — Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia [13th Anniv. Deluxe Ed.]
Δ   Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia is the third studio album by American alternative rock band The Dandy Warhols. It was released on 1 August 2000, through record label Capitol. It is considered their breakthrough album, largely owing to the song "Bohemian Like You" being featured in a notable Vodafone advertisement. Featuring a bonus disc of previously unreleased material.
Location: Portland, Oregon
Released: August 1, 2000
Recorded: December, 1998 — March, 1999, Portland, Oregon
Album re-released: June 11, 2013
Record Label: Capitol Records
Duration:     94:49
01. Godless      (5:19)
02. Mohammed      (5:21)
03. Nietzsche      (5:41)
04. Country Leaver      (3:23)
05. Solid      (3:09)
06. Horse Pills      (3:25)
07. Get Off      (3:11)
08. Sleep      (5:57)
09. Cool Scene      (4:08)
10. Bohemian Like You      (3:32)
11. Shakin'      (3:56)
12. Big Indian      (3:35)
13. The Gospel      (5:36)
01. Later The Show (a.k.a. Kinky)      (2:58)
02. Ras Tafar And I (a.k.a. Dub Song) (Edit)      (3:49)
03. Godless (Alt Vox Melody)      (5:43)
04. Cool Scene (Early Mix)      (4:37)
05. Country Leaver (Early Mix)      (3:19)
06. Bohemian Like You (Courtney Home Demo)      (2:28)
07. Mohammed (Courtney Home Demo)      (1:46)
08. Big Indian (Courtney Cassette 4-Track)      (1:46)
09. Big Indian (Courtney Home Demo)      (1:15)
10. Unknown      (2:27)
11. Godless (Courtney Home Demo)      (2:13)
12. Cool Scene (Courtney Home Demo)      (2:08)
13. Dub Song (Courtney Home Demo)      (4:07)
The Dandy Warhols
♦  Courtney Taylor-Taylorvocals, guitar, production (tracks 1–6, 8, 9, 11–13), mixing ("Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth (Heroin Is So Passe) (Live)")
♦  Peter Holmström — guitar
♦  Zia McCabe — keyboards
♦  Brent DeBoer — drums, backing vocals, album cover photography
Additional personnel
♦  Phil Baker — double bass ("Country Leaver", "Sleep")
♦  Meg Bobbitt — additional vocals ("Shakin'", "The Gospel")
♦  Vince DiFiore — trumpet ("Mohammed")
♦  Erik Gavriluk — organ ("Bohemian Like You")
♦  Joe Kaczmarek — organ ("Cool Scene")
♦  Eric Matthews — trumpet ("Godless", "Cool Scene")
♦  Anton Newcombe — guitar ("Get Off")
♦  Troy Stewart — slide guitar
♦  D.J. Swamp — scratching ("Shakin'")
♦  Steven Birch — album sleeve design and layout
♦  Tchad Blake — mixing ("Boys Better")
♦  Erik Gavriluk — mixing ("Hells Bells")
♦  Tony Lash — recording ("Boys Better")
♦  George Marino — mastering (Sterling Sound)
♦  Alan Narmore — sleeve artwork (production art)
♦  Rakin — sleeve photography
♦  Dave Sardy — mixing (tracks 1–8, 10, 12–13), production (tracks 7, 10)
♦  Clark Stilesengineering (post-production), mixing (tracks 9, 11, "Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth (Heroin Is So Passe) (Live)"), sequencing and additional recording ("Boys Better")
♦  Gregg Williams — production (tracks 1–6, 8–9, 11–13)
Δ   Recording of the album commenced in December 1998 and concluded in March 1999. On the making of the album, frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor said that "we felt like we needed to make the last classic rock album. A record that would be, sonically, shaped somewhere in-between All Things Must Pass and Workingman's Dead."
Website: http://www.dandywarhols.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/artist/the-dandy-warhols
In french:
Δ   Une version Deluxe bienvenue, tant cet album est excellent, et peut-etre le meilleur des Dandy Warhols.  Par contre l'inévitable CD de bonus n'est pas vraiment a la hauteur et fait le plus souvent office de remplissage.
Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Born: July 20, 1967
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, drums
Early life:
Δ   Taylor-Taylor attended Sunset High School in Beaverton, a suburb of Portland and studied sociology, psychology and music at Cascade College, also in Portland. He recalls sticking out as a teenager: "You don't fit in if you're a make-up-wearing weirdo, surrounded by large, clumsy guys and cheerleaders." He found refuge in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and Kurt Vonnegut. It was here he met future bandmate Peter Holmström. After graduating, he worked as a mechanic while playing drums for the local band Nero's Rome. He was also the drummer in the Portland-based glam rock-pop band The Beauty Stab.
Δ   Taylor-Taylor informally added the second "Taylor" to his last name around 1999.
Like his cousin and bandmate Brent DeBoer, Taylor-Taylor is of Dutch ancestry.
Δ   Taylor-Taylor appears in and narrates the film Dig!, a documentary about the relationship between his band The Dandy Warhols and sometime friends/rivals The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
Non-music career:
Δ   Taylor-Taylor appeared in an episode of the second season of the TV show Veronica Mars, "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang", performing the song "Love Hurts". He appeared in the 2009 music documentary film The Heart Is a Drum Machine as well as a 2011 episode of the Australian music quiz television show Spicks and Specks.
Δ   Taylor-Taylor was one of the contributors to the book Sex Tips from Rock Stars by Paul Miles, published by Omnibus Press in July 2010.
Website: http://www.onemodelnation.com/

The Dandy Warhols — Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia [13th Anniv. Deluxe Ed.]



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