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The Duke Spirit — Kin (Deluxe, May 6th, 2016)

The Duke Spirit — Kin (Deluxe, May 6th, 2016)

          The Duke Spirit — Kin (Deluxe, May 6th, 2016)
•   A spirited melding of Northern Soul, garage punk, and noisy shoegaze.Formed: 2002 in London, England
Genre: Alternative rock, Soul, Punk rock
Location: London, UK
Album release: May 13, 2016
Record Label: Ex Voto Records
Duration:     42:29 + 19:58 => 62:27   
01 Blue & Yellow Light     3:43
02 Sonar   4:05
03 Wounded Wing     4:33
04 Hands     3:00
05 Here Comes the Vapour     6:00
06 Pacifik     4:30
07 Anola     3:58
08 Side By Side     3:42
09 100 Horses Run     4:40
10 Follow     4:10
11 Blue and Yellow Light (feat. Mark Lanegan) [UNKLE Remix]     9:23
12 Blue and Yellow Light (feat. Gary Numan) [Roman Remains Remix]     4:50
13 Here Comes the Vapour (Youth Remix)     5:45
℗ 2016 Ex Voto Records
Current members
•   Liela Moss — vocals, harmonica, piano, percussion (2003—present)
•   Luke Ford — guitar, backing vocals, Farfisa, piano, Autoharp (2003—present)
•   Toby Butler — guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals, organs, piano (2003—present)
•   Olly ‘The Kid’ Betts — drums, glockenspiel, percussion, piano, backing vocals (2003—present)
•   Rich Fownes — bass guitar (2014—present)
Former members
•   Dan Higgins — guitar, autoharp (2003—2008)
•   Marc Sallis — bass guitar (2008—2012)Notes:
•   The album is available in all formats including a Deluxe Limited Edition 180g Gatefold Coloured Vinyl LP, and Limited Edition Deluxe Digipak.
•   Recorded in early 2015 in East London with long time collaborator and Producer Simon Raymonde, KIN signals a subtle shift in dynamic for the band. “Brimming with new sounds amid a vibrant energy, flecked with sublimely delicate, intimate spaces, and as such feels like a landmark recording for a band that are now in their 12th year” according to Raymonde.
•   The album features guest appearances from Mark Lanegan, Sam Windett (Archie Bronson Outfit), Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey/Gallon Drunk), Hackneys Deep Throat Choir, Mara Caryle, as well as some tender piano courtesy of Mr Raymonde.
•   This is a special record that will bring you good fortune.Review
Chris DeVille  May 5, 2016 — 11:44 am
•   The world hasn’t heard from soulful, shoegazey London rockers the Duke Spirit in half a decade, but they’re back tomorrow with KIN, their first album since 2011’s Bruiser. Recorded late last year with Cocteau Twins/Snowbird member and Bella Union Records co–founder Simon Raymonde, KIN features an array of guest performers including Mark Lanegan, Archie Bronson Outfit’s Sam Windett, PJ Harvey collaborator Terry Edwards (also of Gallon Drunk), Hackneys Deep Throat Choir, and Mara Caryle.
•   But none of those stars outshine the Duke Spirit themselves, who return confidently, in full control of their sound. Inspired by family upheaval, including the arrival of guitarist–keyboardist Luke Ford’s firstborn child the same week singer Liela Moss lost her stepmother, these songs somehow manage to be lush and spongey while also swaggering along with a muscular grace. And when they quiet down, as on the majestic ballad “Wounded Wing” and the whispery yet expansive “Pacific,” they reveal that this band has discovered new dimensions during their time away.
•   http://www.stereogum.com/
Website: http://thedukespirit.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedukespirit/
•   Cuts Across the Land (2005)
•   Neptune (2008)
•   Bruiser (2011)
•   Kin (2016)  © With kind permission from photographer Jim Dyson. The Duke Spirit Perform At The Scala

The Duke Spirit — Kin (Deluxe, May 6th, 2016)


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