The Evening Watch — Theatre of War (2012)

The Evening Watch - Theatre of War (2012)

Physical copies are on the shelf in Tower Records, Wicklow St, Dublin.


Tracklist & Info:

Now I'm Gone

 Originally not the first choice for the opening track, but after several twisty turny decisions, now it is. What was once the opening track hasn't even made it on to the album.. in fact it escaped from my hard drive and emigrated to Panama. It sends me postcards every so often; I think it'll be appearing soon on an Enigma album (they pay better)... I wish it all the best.

Old Magic


As a friend pointed out, the opening sample in this track sounds faaaiiiirly similar to the Microsoft start-up sound. Or something to do with windows anyway. I'm a mac person so I didn't know this. But I win, as this track was written about five years ago, and Microsoft was only invented last October.

Hunters Moon

This is me doing my best Dermot O'Leary impression... I followed him for years and studied his every move. For instance, I now know that he has a tremendous fear of cushions, and that his favourite ice-cream flavour is green. I shouldn't divulge any more info, as I would actually like to collaborate with him again sometime! Sexually.

Midsummer's Night

Myself and Simon put layers upon layers of in-sane guitar shredding on this track, it's like some sort of shredding wedding cake. I enjoy listening to it on my headphones when I'm heading out sledding. In Reading. With plenty of bedding. Hmm, not one of these info-tastic song blurbs has been in any way serious yet... well THAT's about to change...


.... the idea for this song came to my head on the way to a funeral. POW there's a mood changer for you. It's a pretty emotional song in truth. Hard for me to listen to it sometimes, which isn't too ideal during a mastering process. Dedicated to a person I miss very much.

Make A Wish

Now this song is the product of insomnia whilst lying on a tatami floor near Kyoto. The fan was very loud that night, plus I had a terrible fear of some sort of large poisonous black caterpillar crawling on to my face (my host had apparently experienced such a thing in recent times). And I drank too much green tea. Make a wish... to get to f*****g sleep!

Last Hours

Unfortunately this is another song dwelling upon themes of mortality, consciousness, fear of eternal loneliness, solipsism syndrome etc etc... all very mournful and depressing. I'm sorry folks. I'll write some happier songs soon. After I've watched this film I rented out, Tyrannosaur. Can't wait!



 Man, that film was tough. I'm gonna have serious words with the guy who recommended that to me.. this song, weird title, eh? Yeah, weird. Actually the most recent song on the album, written in early 2010 after all that snow we had. I obsess over old maps that show countries/areas no longer in cartological existence, hence weird title. I don't think cartological is a word.

 Sever The Weak


 By a long shot, the oldest song in the album. I remember I was in college when I wrote the original version of this.. I played it to a girl in the library and she laughed. WELL WHO'S LAUGHING NOW???!!! I don't know. She might be at a comedy gig, so maybe she is laughing now. I think she lives in France. Do they have comedy gigs in France?

 Cold Snap


 This is another oldie.. as soon as  wrote this I knew it would be the last song on an album somewhere, sometime. Maybe not even by me. I have this (nerdy) thing where I have to finish a closing album track with two notes that have an interval of a major second. I've done it a few times now. It'll be how people remember me. They'll shout it out at gigs. They'll say in the future 'Remember that major second guy?' (Response 'No, shut up and leave me alone.')


Album Credits:

Andrew Cooke / Dermot O'Leary - vocals & guitar on track 3
and Simon O'Moore Donohoe - guitar on tracks 1,3,4,5,6

Mastered by Eoin Kirwan at The Taj
Artwork by Cian Walker

Thanks: Dermot, Simon & Eoin

Christophe, Fidelma & Abigail

Also; Cian Walker, Cian Galvin, Kevin Handy, Gavin Carroll, Gary Jacob, Andrew O'Leary, Glenn Keating, Danielle Graham & all at Tower

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Theatre of War - The Evening Watch

The Evening Watch  –  Theatre of War
Location: Baile Átha Cliath / Dublin, Ireland
Album release: February 3, 2012
Record Label: The Evening Watch
Runtime:   46:10
01. Now I'm Gone 3:59
02. Old Magic 5:06
03. Hunter's Moon (feat. Dermot O'Leary) 4:38 
04. Midsummer's Night 4:45
05. Carriage 5:29
06. Make a Wish 3:15  
07. Last Hours 5:23 
08. Pomerania 5:08 
09. Sever the Weak 5:19 
10. Cold Snap 3:08
Copyright: 2012 Andrew Cooke

The Evening WatchTheatre of War (2012)