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The Flaming Lips — The Time has Come to Shoot You Down…What a Sound (2013)

 The Flaming Lips — The Time has Come to Shoot You Down…What a Sound (November 29th, 2013)

The Flaming Lips — The Time has Come to Shoot You Down…What a Sound

The official logo by B.T. Amundssen´s Harvest Prize/7th Tais Awards 2014 for NOMINATED ARTISTS
♣  “We weren’t really sure if [Fool's Gold] was part of the record or not but we added it in because [Space Face's] version was so great,” Wayne told Rolling Stone. “It doesn’t really have a drum track, they’re really good guitar players with a lot of effects and some cool things that we added in.” 
♣  500 vinyl will be available for Record Store Day Black Friday. For a stream of “I Am The Resurrection” along with the tracklist, pictures of the multi–color vinyl (each copy is a special, one of kind design), a video of the studio sessions, photos and the full story of the making of the LP visit link.
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Album release: November 29th, 2013
Record Label: Record Store Day Black Friday
Duration:     24:58 + 25:41 => 60:39
Side A
01. “I Wanna Be Adored” — HOTT MT — Stardeath and White Dwarfs       5:11
02. “She Bangs the Drums” — The Flaming Lips, Poliça, New Fumes       5:08
03. “Waterfall” – Blobs Descending From Heaven — HOTT MT — Stardeath     5:05
04. “Don’t Stop” — Stardeath and White Dwarfs     3:03
05. “Bye Bye Badman” — New Fumes — Def Rain     4:04
06. “Elizabeth My Dear” — New Fumes — The Flaming Lips     2:27
Side B
07. “Sugar Spun Sister” — HOTT MT     4:48
08. “Made of Stone” — Stardeath and White Dwarfs — The Flaming Lips       3:07
09. “Shoot You Down” — Peaking Lights     4:34
10. “This Is the One” — Jonathan Rado (Foxygen) — The Flaming Lips       5:03
11. “Resurrection” — New Fumes     3:21
12. “Fools Gold” — SpaceFace     4:48
2013 Record Store Day Black Friday
Band members:
Wayne Coyne — lead vocals, guitar, keyboards (1983–present)
Michael Ivins — bass, keyboards, backing vocals (1983–present)
Steven Drozdlead vocals, drums, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (1991–present)
Kliph Scurlock — drums, percussion (2002–present)
Derek Brown — guitar, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals (2009–present)
Live members:
Daniel Huffman (of New Fumes) — keyboards, guitars (2013–present)
Ray Suen — percussion, violin, harp, keyboards (2009–2012)
Jake Ingalls — keyboards, guitars (2013–present)
Former members:
Mark Coyne — lead vocals (1983–1985)
Dave Kostka — drums (1983–1984)
Richard English — drums, keyboards, backing vocals (1984–1988)
Nathan Roberts — drums (1989–1991)
Jonathan Donahue — guitar, backing vocals (1989–1991)
Jon Mooneyham — guitar (1991)
Ronald Jones — guitar, backing vocals (1991–1996)
Flaming Lips' Stone Roses Cover Album on the Way
Band plans chocolate skull, 'frog recorder' and more Record Store Day goodies
By Mike Ayers | November 15, 2013 | 10:55 AM ET
♣  The Flaming Lips turned 30 this year and they’ve been celebrating in various ways — their 13th studio album The Terror came out this past April, they’ve played a host of career–spanning sets, danced on Letterman with Yoko Ono, and recorded a track for Ender’s Game, which led to a new EP called Peace Sword. But don’t think it’s stopping there. Wayne Coyne has been busy over the past several months prepping a host of special releases for this year’s Black Friday edition of Record Store Day, which range from the eccentric to the edible.
♣  Musically, the group will be releasing a cover version of the Stone Roses’ first LP, a collaborative EP with Tame Impala featuring each band covering the other’s songs, and a vinyl edition of the Ender’s Game soundtrack. Then there’s the edible component, which Coyne hopes will be ready in time for Record Store Day. “It’s all made out of chocolate, it’s a life-size human skull, a life-sized human brain, and the brain is actually sliding out of the skull made with this brain fluid flavored hard–candy,” Coyne tells Rolling Stone. “And there’s a little magic coin inside that brain that you’re supposed to dig out. I think it’s supposed to get you into any Flaming Lips show in the world. I think that’s our intention. So, a lot of stuff and always moving towards the deadline, but I think those first three for sure will happen and we’ll see if the chocolate skull will happen.  If not, it’ll be around for Christmas.”
♣  Coyne says that the cover of the Stone Roses landmark debut features a lot of smaller acts that he’s excited about, including Peaking Lights, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, New Fumes and Def Rain. He confirms that Poliça sings “She Bangs the Drums,” Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado takes on “This Is the One” and Spaceface perform “Fools Gold.” “It doesn’t really have a drum track, they’re really good guitar players with a lot of effects and some cool things that we added in,” he says of “Fools Gold.” “We weren’t really sure if that was part of the record or not but we added it in because their version was so great.”
Also available on Record Store Day, if all goes to plan, will be a toy frog that contains an audio recording of the band's first–ever demo. They're dubbing it the "Fuck You Frog." It "got finished just literally yesterday and it's got a little seven–inch that goes with it. That is our very first demo that we ever recorded that's never been released before. So you get that in this packet. This little frog that’s kind of a recorder that you can manipulate the sound on."
One release that won't be seeing the light of day anytime soon is the long–gestating "Lip$ha" project, a collaboration between the Lips and pop–singer Ke$ha. Coyne broke the news on Twitter last week that it had fizzled and didn't want to speak too much about the reasons why. He did hint that he hopes to collaborate with her in the future. "Everything is driven by her schedule," he says. "Her situation is a lot different than mine. If I want to record a record today and put it out, I just do it."
Next up for the band is a handful of dates, including performing at My Morning Jacket's four–day One Big Holiday festival in Riviera Maya, Mexico, this coming January as well as recording Electric Worms, a "musical ensemble" the Lips' multi–instrumentalist Steven Drozd is putting together. "I'm part of the ensemble but it's mostly Steven's thing," Coyne says. "We're using a lot of musicians, but mostly there's a group out of Nashville called Linear Downfall that are amazing — they're such good musicians and such freaks. We only did a couple of days at the beginning of September. I forget what the Miles Davis song is called, we literally recorded one of these really complicated electronic Miles Davis tracks with them. We have a session that is going to happen in the next week or 10 days or so that will probably decide when that's going to come out." Fortaken: http://www.rollingstone.com/ | RollingStone
Website: http://www.flaminglips.com/
Tumblr: http://fuckyeahflaminglips.tumblr.com/
Contemporaries: The Boo Radleys, Mercury Rev, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Meat Puppets, Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, Super Furry Animals, Radiohead, Violent Femmes, Robyn Hitchcock
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Wayne Michael Coyne (born January 13, 1961) is the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the band The Flaming Lips.
Birth name: Wayne Michael Coyne
Born: January 13, 1961, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Origin: Norman, Oklahoma, U.S.
♣   “The whole thing started because HOTT MT told Wayne [Coyne] they wanted to cover ‘This Is The One’,” New Fumes’ Daniel Huffman tells The Future Heart of The Stone Roses debut album full remake The Flaming Lips created earlier this year with “fwends.”  The record is the second in a series of new versions of classic LPs Coyne is overseeing following last year’s Playing Hide and Seek with the Ghosts of Dawn — a re–recording of In the Court of the Crimson King featuring New Fumes, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Linear Downfall, Spaceface and The Flaming Lips covering every song from the 1969 prog milestone. ”Last year, [Wayne] got a few bands together and did King Crimson,” Steven Drozd explained to MTV in April, “Wayne just loves to collaborate with other bands. He’s always working on stuff.“  Huffman — a former guitarist for The Polyphonic Spree, longtime Lips confederate, and recent My Bloody Valentine opening act — adds to The Future Heart about the decision to cover The Stone Roses that “Wayne had been trying to decide on an album to cover after that King Crimson record. It seemed an odd choice, but so right.“
♣   The Stone Roses covers came together quickly after that, apparently without much fuss — like any fun side project should. New Fumes and HOTT MT were joined first by Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Spaceface, Depth and Current, and Def Rain. Then Wayne enlisted Polica,  Peaking Lights, and Jonathan Rado from Foxygen.  Its planned release this past August was delayed by legal issues for months but it’s finally due in stores November 29th, with a new cover art and linear notes. Officially titled The Time Has Come To Shoot You Down…What A Sound and credited to “The Flaming Lips and Friends” 500 multi–color vinyl (some pictured at the bottom of this post) has been available for Record Store Day Black Friday. Expect a price tag of approximately $36. ♣   Details for digital, CD and all non-US versions are still be worked out for TBA future releases. Only the multi–color vinyl has been on sale November 29th. 
♣   The full tracklist is above, followed by an overview of the making of the album.  ♣   New Fumes and The Flaming Lips — particularly Wayne Coyne — were heavily involved in the recording of The Stone Roses remake so some of their lesser contributions go uncredited. For example New Fumes plays a synth line that runs through all of “Don’t Stop,” though its otherwise a cover by Stardeath and White Dwarfs.  Also note for “Waterfall” Death and Current are playfully listed under Wayne’s nickname for them, Blobs Descending From Heaven.  Finally, the original album has been released several times with slightly different tracklists.  “We weren’t really sure if [Fool's Gold] was part of the record or not but we added it in because [Space Face's] version was so great,” Wayne told Rolling Stone. “It doesn’t really have a drum track, they’re really good guitar players with a lot of effects and some cool things that we added in.” (Fortaken: http://thefutureheart.com/2013/11/15/stone-roses-remake/)

The Flaming Lips — The Time has Come to Shoot You Down…What a Sound (2013)