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The Heavy
The House That Dirt Built [2cd Edition]

The Heavy — The House That Dirt Built [2CD Edition] (13 October 2009) The Heavy — The House That Dirt Built [2CD Edition]     ♠   Duch..., nebo spíše groovy Jamese Browna jasně «sestoupily» na Kelvina Swaby. Zároveň Heavy má trochu z cítění Gnarls Barkley — ani ne kvůli line–up, protože to není žádný hipster super band, ale pro soulový charakter projektu. English co–ed revivalists channel garage rock and soul in equal measure. The Heavy are a true original — a four piece band from Western England who make the sort of riff–ridden, funk–laden, soulful rock n'roll that truly blows the mind — Heavy by name, heavy by nature. Since releasing their debut album in 2008, they've gone on to reach gold status in the USA with their hit single 'How You Like Me Now?'. Formed: Noid, England
Location: Bath, UK
Album release: 13 October 2009
Record Label: Counter Records
Duration:     116:51
CD1 — The House That Dirt Built
01 Intro      0:19
02 Oh No! Not You Again!!      1:54
03 How You Like Me Now? Feat.  The Dap–Kings Horns      3:38
04 Sixteen (Written by Jay Hawkins)      3:02
05 Short Change Hero      5:22
06 No Time      4:31
07 Long Way From Home      3:19
08 Cause For Alarm      4:44
09 Love Like That      2:39
10 What You Want Me To Do?      3:23
11 Stuck      5:27
CD2 — Instrumentals & Bonus Tracks
01 How You Like Me Now (Beats Mix)      4:12
02 No Time (Beats Mix)      3:26
03 Big Bad Wolf      2:38
04 In Time      4:02
05 The Sleeping Ignoramus      4:26
06 I've Cried      2:09
07 Strong Enough      2:52
08 Gotta Have It      2:53
09 Tell It Like It Is      3:24
10 How You Like Me Now (Joker Remix)     3:59
11 Oh No! Not You Again!!       1:50
12 How You Like Me Now?       3:36
13 Sixteen       3:04
14 Short Change Hero       5:21
15 No Time       4:27
16 Long Way From Home      3:19
17 Cause For Alarm       4:41
18 Love Like That       2:36
19 What You Want Me To Do?       3:26
20 Stuck       5:24
21 Big Bad Wolf       2:38
22 In Time (Instrumental)      4:00
℗ 2009 Counter Records / +1 Records
♠   Kelvin Swaby: Vocals Guitar
♠   Dan "T" Taylor: Guitar
♠   Spencer "Big Daddy Spence" Page: Bass
♠   Chris Ellul: Drums
♠   Jim Abbiss Mixing, Producer
♠   Chris Ellul    Drums
♠   The Heavy Composer, Mixing, Producer
♠   Spencer Page Bass
♠   Shingai Shoniwa Vocals
♠   Leah Symons Vocals
♠   Recorded at Toybox Studios, Bristol
♠   Mixed at Toybox Studios, Bristol
Billboard Albums
♠   2010 The House That Dirt Built Top Heatseekers    #6
♠   2010 The House That Dirt Built Top Independent Albums    #50
Billboard Singles
♠   2010 How You Like Me Now? Heatseekers Songs    #17Editorial Reviews
♠   2009 release. With a background in the joys of sampling and a foreground in scuzzy guitar, bass and beaten up drums, with schizo music tastes and a West Country pace, theyve been building brick by dirty brick. Now, theyd like to welcome you into their beautiful home for a little nose around, a kind of party if you like. And if a little blood gets spilled then thats just how it is. Nobody said it was going to be a spread from "Hello" magazine. It will, though, be the best party youve ever been to. The House That Dirt Built represents a huge step forward from an already fantastic debut in Great Vengeance & Furious Fire. Since then The Heavy have toured the world and, where the first record was sample–based, the new one is much more a product of working as a band. The House That Dirt Built is larger than life, funny, terrifying and occasionally beautiful. It is, in fact, a house youll want to visit again.
AllMusic Review by Greg Prato;  Score: ♠♠♠½
♠   Bands that look to the '60s and '70s for inspiration are nothing new in the realm of rock music — it seems every year, a new group appears that sounds like they thoroughly studied and regurgitated their parents' album collection. But when you find a band that manages to recall vintage sounds of the past and also put its own unique spin on the proceedings, then you've found something special. And that's exactly what the Heavy accomplish on their sophomore full–length, 2009's House That Dirt Built. ♠   Borrowing equally from garage rock and soul sounds from yesteryear (as well as merging in hip–hop beats, to boot), House That Dirt Built is one mightily impressive musical magic carpet ride. Singer Kelvin Swaby has the whole Rob Tyner/soul thang down pat (as evidenced by such ditties as "Love Like That"), and his bandmates keep pace throughout, with explosive rockers ("Oh No! Not You Again!"), Jack White–meets–James Brown grooves ("How You Like Me Now"), and a lush sonic sign–off ("Stuck"). ♠   Vintage rock revival done right. REVIEW
By Robyn Burrows on 29 October 2009;  Score: 3.5/5
♠   The House That Dirt Built is The Heavy's genre busting second album. It is a huge great mixing pot of dirty garage–rock, scuzzy punk riffs, the odd rock–a–billy love song and a whole lot of soul.
♠   Amazingly, The Heavy manage to take all this and blend it into an album with an identity rather than just a collection of songs. Opening with an eerie monologue from a horror film, they then crash into Oh No! Not You Again! Easily the best track on the album: heavy garage–rock riffs, Kevin Swaby's soul voice taking on a rougher rock edge, and with backing vocals from the Noisettes, it kick–starts the album perfectly.
♠   The album flips from garage–rock to punk to a hint of country but has a soulful, bluesy sound throughout. There are nods to retro greats like James Brown (How You Like Me Now?) and the guitar riffs of No Time are classic Hendrix inspired. Yet The Heavy don't imitate, they create a unique sound that is diverse and stays fresh throughout the album.
♠   Just when you're settling into the rock riffs and garage–punk, they throw in Short Change Hero. With its rock–a–billy western style intro, it sets a fantastic scene and yet again, the band make the genre their own.
♠   The only song that really doesn't work is Cause For Alarm, a reggae effort that stretches the them a step too far and ends up sounding a bit try hard. However, the quality of the rest of the songs on the album more than make up for it.
♠   The House That Dirt Built closes with the beautifully mellow I'm Stuck, where Swaby sings; 'I'm stuck, until you make your mind up' in that soulful falsetto over delicate strings. It just highlights the diversity of his vocals and the band as a whole. ♠   The album seems to have missed out on mainstream success, but it is surely one of the best kept secrets you'll hear this year. ♠   http://www.contactmusic.com/
BY JOHN BERGSTROM, 22 February 2010;  Score: 7
♠   http://www.popmatters.com/review/120271-the-heavy-the-house-that-dirt-built/
Review by Jonathan Langer, November 29th, 2009;  Score: 3.5
♠   http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/33704/The-Heavy-The-House-That-Dirt-Built/
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The Heavy
The House That Dirt Built [2cd Edition]