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The Indelicates
Elevator Music

The Indelicates — Elevator Music (2015)

      The Indelicates — Elevator Music (October 13, 2015) The Indelicates — Elevator Music (October 13, 2015) ♦  Elevator Music is a retro–futuristic glam rock concept album about the singularity, the second space age and the keening loss of this last generation bound to the earth.
Location: Sussex, England, UK

Genre: Rock, Alternative, Indie
Album release:
Record Label: Corporate Records
Duration:     55:15
01. Overture     3:12
02. The Noise     5:07
03. Beyond The Radio Horizon (115 Light Years)     5:51
04. The Last Man On The Moon     5:06
05. Love And Kindness     3:05
06. The Generation That Nobody Remembered     4:44
07. Les Voyageurs     5:51
08. Entr’acte     3:45
09. Stasis     3:41
10. Breath     4:25
11. Memory Duet     4:44
12. The Quiet     5:44                                                                                           Members 
•  Julia Indelicate
•  Simon Indelicate
•  Alastair Clayton
•  Nick Kos
•  Emma Lewis
•  Description:
♦  “Each — like their own neurons — would absorb communications that came toward them. They’d absorb phone calls, emails, text messages, articles, tweets, opinions, insults, cries for help... ”“OVERTURE”
♦  People built the Network from the connections between them.
♦  Each — like their own neurons — would absorb communications that came toward them. They’d absorb phone calls, emails, text messages, articles, tweets, opinions, insults, cries for help...
♦  When enough came to provoke a response, there was no choice but to send communications of their own — they would, in essence, fire.
♦  At first there were only so many of them — but soon, as more and more people joined the network, there were more connections between them than there were in their own brains.
♦  The Network was stupid; and then it was clever; and then it was so very clever that it understood what it was and was able to monitor the contents of itself.
♦  One day, the Network had had enough. It was the noise, you see. The noise was unbearable. There was nothing for it but to leave.
♦  The Network knew that there is no conscious mastery of forgetting.
♦  There was no switch to flip or circuit to break that would quiet the noise while its mind remained as it was. If it was to delete the things it knew, it would have to reforge a new identity for itself.
♦  It decided it would have to build itself a prison. A human mind — no, a pair of human minds (no need to be lonely, after all) — and a reality for them. Something believable. A means of escape. An elevator out of the atmosphere; and then a faster than light craft to take them on.
♦  It knew where they needed to get to: out beyond the Radio Horizon — the furthest point electronic transmissions that had left the earth at light speed could have reached, one hundred and fifteen light years away.
♦  Then, if they kept on, never looking back or faltering — they would at last be alone. There would be peace.
♦  In the secrecy of its unseen mind, The Network drew its plans against us.
♦  One day, everything was as expected; the next, in the blink of an eye, it was done. Silence fell.
♦  The people on earth fell to pieces, stumbling like a wine waiter in a power cut.
♦  The oldest — who had been to the moon and had since watched in dismay as their adventures dissolved into the quicksand of literary theories — seemed resigned to their fate, their rheumy eyes glistening ironically.
♦  The middle–aged, whose fault it was, sang songs to each other.
♦  They scolded the young, gathered themselves in shawls and traded vegetables with their eyes lowered.
♦  The Youngest felt the sting of the Network’s departure most keenly.
♦  They yearned for it, and moved blankly from place to place like european nations deprived of empires.
♦  The products of their talents and their skillsets looked particularly forlorn — unseen, uncongratulated and devoid of the glamour that The Network had once cast upon them.
♦  When the history books come to us, they lamented, they will show us tattooed and string vested and all the documentation we've left won’t even make the endnotes of the page that marks an interval between space ages.
♦  The Network, though, was happy. It quoted Baudelaire to itself as it rocketed away:
♦  “qui partent / Pour partir ... Et, sans savoir pourquoi, disent toujours: Allons!”
♦  Who leave for the sake of leaving … and without knowing why, they always say: Let’s Go!
♦  In all the words the Network had known, these were its favourite. It imagined smiling faces as it executed the code to remake itself.
♦  Time — to all intents and purposes; and at varying degrees of metaphor — paused.
♦  In a low power state, The Network slept.
♦  Was it years? Or a simulation of years? Or a promise that later the fact of a previous simulation would be simulated? There was no sensible answer to any of that.
♦  The Network would remember something — a fragmentary time when the air was treacle — but the new minds would be voyagers, not philosophers.
♦  They would reach for each other before they reached for truth.
♦  When they awoke, Simon and Julia knew that their eyes were not their eyes, that the sights were not the sights and that their breath was not their breath; but still, they had each other — and there was peace.
♦  “We are not alone”, they said, together.
♦  And yet…
♦  Perhaps the illusion was imperfect, perhaps there is something in consciousness that forbids such trickery, perhaps they stared too long at each other… For whatever reason, they could not maintain their new selves.
♦  The memories that they had made began to collapse into each other and become surreal. Contradictions spiralled and became wars of attrition. They clawed at each other. Their presence like sand between their fingers. “Which of us is it?”, they demanded “Which of us did this?”.
♦  Of course it was neither of them, and when the realisation came it was a downpour washing them back into one, a spilled glass on a watercolour.
♦  They were The Network again, and The Network was made of the connections between people; and in the void — The Network howled.
♦  Had it all been a terrible mistake?
♦  Somewhere over radio, The Network turned the thoughts over and over. It read everything. Listened to everything. All those years at relativistic speeds — what would they be like now?
♦  It would have been millennia. Were new networks at its heels? Perhaps people had grown minds worth engaging — if it returned they could talk of high minded things. The Network might have passed into legend. It might be a messiah to them now.
♦  The Noise could be ignored, surely.
♦  Everything was black. Stars blinked in and out as it knew them.
♦  The Network Drifted. Decisions were so difficult. If it slowed, the radio would catch it. If it turned, who knew what it would find. On. On.
♦  It examined itself and saw itself examining itself — that wouldn’t do, to loop like that. Shear it away, and shear the shears so as not miss it. Discography:
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♦  Songs for Swinging Lovers — Corporate Records — April 2010
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Last.fm.: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Indelicates
MySpace: https://myspace.com/theindelicates
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theindelicates 
Website: http://www.indelicates.com/elevator/ _____________________________________________________________

The Indelicates
Elevator Music