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The Lacs American Rebelution

The Lacs — American Rebelution (April 7th, 2017)

 The Lacs — American Rebelution (April 7th, 2017)  The Lacs — American Rebelution (April 7th, 2017) •   Bomba bez zraněných. Nejbližší představení uvidí místní 4/14       Double D’s~ v West Palm Beach, FL a 4/20      v Monroe, LA – Live Oaks Bar & Ballroom. Těch zastávek mají naplánováno 31, někdy dokonce 2 dny po sobě na stejném místě, (Des Moines IA — Wooly’s a Flint MI — The Machine Shop), tím se dozvídáš centra jejich fans. The Lacs have released their brand new album American Rebelution.  The Lacs career trajectory accelerates with every new album and every new beat. Staying true to who they are, the new studio album is a 12~pack of party anthems with a fresh take on what they know best.
Location: Baxley, GA
Genre: Country, Hip~Hop, Southern Rock
Album release: April 7th, 2017
Record Label: Backroad Records / Average Joes Entertainment
Duration:     39:46
01. American Rebelution     2:45
02. Drink as a Team     2:52
03. Jack in My Coke (feat. Montgomery Gentry)     3:53
04. Great Moments in Redneck History #5 (Skit)     1:20
05. Happens Every Time (feat. Cymple Man & Hard Target)     3:48
06. Lake Somewhere     2:56
07. Mine’s Bigger     3:51
08. Redneck as Me     3:35
09. I’m Good     3:37
10. My Kinfolks     3:36
11. Her Way (feat. Hard Target)     4:16
12. One More     3:17
℗ 2017 Backroad Records/Average Joes Entertainment
•   Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe
•   Brian “Rooster” King
Biography 1:
•   Fusing the unlikely combination of Southern rap and Southern rock, the Lacs (short for Loud Ass Crackers) created their own brand of hip~hop, which they affectionately dubbed “hick~hop.” Hailing from Baxley, Georgia, the duo of of rapper Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe and singer/guitarist Brian “Rooster” King have a sound that incorporates equal parts Bubba Sparxxx and ZZ Top, merging slinky Southern guitar riffs with booming beats and rhymes about life in the dirtiest parts of the Dirty South. The Lacs made their debut in the early 2000s with Midas Well Get Drunk and South on Fire, a pair of independent releases. In 2006, their third album, Lacology, followed, and they signed to Colt Ford’s Backroad label for 2011’s Country Boy’s Paradise, which included appearances from Ford, as well as the single “Kickin’ Up Mud.” One year later, 190 Proof featured the like~minded Big & Rich and Bubba Sparxxx, becoming their first album to break into the overall album charts. Keep It Redneck appeared in 2013, and again included plenty of room for friends and well~wishers Ford, JJ Lawhorn, Noah Gordon, and Sarah Ross. In 2015, the duo released their eighth full~length, Outlaw in Me, which climbed to number three on both the country and rap album charts, and 2016 saw a split~LP with Hard Target titled Welcome to Dodge City. ~ Gregory Heaney
American Rebelution Lyrics
Intro:   I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands
One nation, under God, indivisible
With liberty and justice for all
A bunch of rowdy ass rednecks comin’ up out them woodworks
Savin’ up all our paychecks, pumpin’ up on that good herb
Holy jeans and muddy boots, yeah, you can check my footwork
I’m takin’ names it’s plain to see, I’m kickin’ ass ’til my foot hurts
It’s time to ride and I’m on the scene, all the way live I’m on the beam
I’m rollin’ up, not holdin’ up. I’m hoppin’ out, tryin’ to scan the scene
Grab your guns, grab your knife. One more move, it’s on tonight
Back us down, prepare to fight. Country folks, we’ll unite
Who y’all think y’all are? Yeah, you know we run this
Hopin’ D.C talkin’ all that dumb shit
Rich man, get out the way. Wreckin’ man, pave the way
Cause we ain’t gonna sit around and get pushed down another day
And did I mention that we ain’t gonna listen to another too big crooked ass politician
Let’s take our country back, I think I got the solution
It’s the American Rebelution
Get a beatbox in this king’s practice, own up, ’bout to get beat
Hope you don’t think you would just come fall, what you think until the crawl
Boy that 30 ounce got a big kick and them crosshairs don’t mean shit
Don’t take too much for no city slick in his skinny jeans and them weird kicks
Mind you, only leave us ‘lone that’s your best bet
Man, I don’t think y’all wanna be messin’ ’round with them rednecks
Pissed off them outlaws, don’t play nice, don’t mind laws
Sneak around and hunt ya down, y’all get it now? We stand tall
Hey, when the folks don’t like my style, I creep on by with a crooked smile
Take a big boy swig and a homemade shot and lose ya down that country mile
Rebel people, y’all don’t mind what we doin’, when you see us comin’ through
The American Rebelution
•   Armed with undeniable data and legions of dedicated fans, Average Joes Entertainment’s hit duo, The LACS, are gearing up to release their 5th studio and breakthrough album, American Rebelution, on April 7, 2017. In conjunction with the release of American Rebelution, The LACS are embarking on the first leg of the “American Rebelution Tour” starting this weekend at Midnight Rodeo in Mobile, AL. For a full list of tour dates, click here.
•   “We can’t wait for April 7th to get here,” states Clay Sharpe and Brian King of The LACS. “We’re very excited about this album and the featured artists on it and can’t wait for our fans to hear it.”
•   Southern rock~infused guitar riffs combined with acoustic country offerings make up American Rebelution. Crossing over into country’s mainstream, The LACS team up with Country super star duo and Grand Ole Opry members, Montgomery Gentry, on the standout track, “Jack in Her Coke.” Other highlights on the album include the get~ready~for~summer~fun song, “Lake Somewhere;” “Her Way,” featuring tour mates, Hard Target; “My Kinfolks,” which shows the same southern hometown pride as their fans, and the party perfect, “Drink As A Team,” for which a new video will follow soon.
•   Set to cross half a billion streams this year, The LACS’ path to the top of the Billboard country charts has been the result of consistently feeding their base and connecting with fans. With two #3 Billboard Country albums already under their belt, The LACS’ new studio album American Rebelution is destined to follow suit.
•   http://batteredandbrewed.com/
About The Lacs 2:
♦⁄♦   The LACS first received national attention with their Top 15 Billboard Country Album, 190 Proof, released in 2012, which remained on the chart for over 73 consecutive weeks. The album featured Colt Ford, Bubba Sparxxx and the song, “Shake It,” with Big & Rich. Since then, the duo, comprised of Brian King and Clay Sharpe, has sold 1+ million digital tracks, over 350,000 albums, collectively earned more than 35 million YouTube views, and featured in the Wall Street Journal. Their third studio album, Keep It Redneck, debuted at #3 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, as did their latest album, Outlaw In Me, released last year. American Rebelution, The LACS’ next offering, will be available April 7, 2017 everywhere music is sold.
Website: https://thelacsmusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLacsMusicFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.

The Lacs American Rebelution