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The League of Assholes — RAW MEAT DIET (Sept. 3rd, 2018)

The League of Assholes — RAW MEAT DIET (Sept. 3rd, 2018)

  The League of Assholes — RAW MEAT DIET (Sept. 3rd, 2018)The League of Assholes — RAW MEAT DIET (Sept. 3rd, 2018)Location: San Diego, California
Album release: September 3rd, 2018
Record Label: Titicacaman
Titicacaman Records: CAT#28
Duration:     30:17
1. RAW MEAT DIET     30:17
°•°   Christopher Adler: khaen
°•°   Akilegna: mehtna naissur
°•°   Abel Ashes: acoustic guitar
°•°   Big, Frasier & Foley: barks
°•°   Dylan Lee Brown: drums, percussion
°•°   James Call: theremin
°•°   Randy Chiurazzi: guitarbage can
°•°   Spud Davenport: drums, dogs
°•°   Thomas Dimuzio: Buchla 200e
°•°   Marcos Fernandes: protest march phonography
°•°   Hans Fjellestad: piano
°•°   Fly: buzz
°•°   Gorilla: snarls
°•°   Chet Harrison: strange partscaster guitar
°•°   Napoleon Hawerchuk: baritone saxophone
°•°   Damon Holzborn: synthesizer
°•°   Jeff Kaiser: flugelhorn
°•°   Charles Maynes: music montage
°•°   Pig: squeals
°•°   Rabid dog: snarls
°•°   Jessica Radulovich: voice, trampoline
°•°   Marcelo Radulovich: iPhone, percussion, bass, phonography, voice
°•°   Bart Stull: guitar, electronics
°•°   FM Watson: fretless guitars
°•°   Woodpecker: pecking
°•°   David Ybarra: bass
°•°   Recorded in various locations of the USA, Asia and Africa.
°•°   Assembled/mixed by Marcelo Radulovich at Titicacaman Studio, summer 2018.
°•°   Cover design by Marcelo Radulovich.
✹    Tu sviňa, tam pes. A čo potom? Pískala mašina? Zvrešťala mačka? Žereš zabité mäso? Mačkáš ho v zuboch? Skučí tvoj sax? Spieva ti vtáčik pod oknom? Viem, garnitúru svetových športovcov nemáš rád, ale trúbku áno. Mám ti z nosa urobiť džeztrúbku a z riti spací vak? No problem. Táto skladba patrí k drobnostiam majstrov. Tieto notové transkripcie sú úpravami veľmi známych skladieb skladateľov ako: Marcelo Radulovich, ... a iných..., sú strhujúce svojími nádhernými melódiami. Do košíku s tým!
Aj na Južnom meste. Do košíku Na Košíku.
✹    „Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well~being of our country.“
✹    On this day The League of Assholes honor labor and serve up the 4th installment of their unique blend of collaborative, third mind art punk music, RAW MEAT DIET, full of boiling blood and snarls.
✹    RAW MEAT DIET is a spirited album performed by a virtual band, it explores the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state of „us and them“ in the summer of 2018. Some 30 jagged minutes of obliquely constructed musical vignettes held together by intention, sound and invention.
✹    „A rabid dog on the left channel an angry gorilla on the right, the listener stuck in the middle of a confrontation.“
✹    RAW MEAT DIET follows the sound collage process and purging tradition of previous League of Assholes albums, featuring creative contributions by a host of brilliant usual suspects, inspired performances by new participants, Napoleon Hawerchuk and Jeff Kaiser as well as a good helping of arresting sounds, good headphones, dim lights and high volume are recommended.
✹    RAW MEAT DIET is available as a free download, courtesy of The League of Assholes and Titicacaman Records. Thanks for listening!
✹    „Dressed in our finest, grand disposition, our best to offer this day and beyond with heads bowed in contemplation, a joint telepathic effort aimed at slaying human pigs and hooded dragons, mass hysteria, lying clowns of cash and foul. The bell rings we commence the exorcism, the bell rings we salivate, dangle the cone right there in front of our snouts, we are stretches of human condition, pieces of meat, dogs fetching belching rattlers of a bloody hue to chew on.“
✹    Long inactive as a band the roots of The League of Assholes stretch back to the late 1990’s when a rotating breed of adventurous guitarists would gather to improvise dissonance. Disclaimer: The League of Assholes does not exist, there is no league and the participants in this work are not assholes.
Label: http://titicacaman.com/

The League of Assholes — RAW MEAT DIET (Sept. 3rd, 2018)


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