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The Long Ryders — Psychedelic Country Soul (Feb. 15, 2019)

The Long Ryders — Psychedelic Country Soul (Feb. 15, 2019)   The Long Ryders — Psychedelic Country Soul (Feb. 15, 2019) The Long Ryders — Psychedelic Country Soul (Feb. 15, 2019)✹      “Pravou zkouškou hudby je čas, a tato hudba zní stejně dobře a je stejně relevantní jako před třemi desetiletími.”
✹      Takže je máte zpátky ve studiu po velmi dlouhé přestávce a stále dokáže znít svěže a vitálně, ... je to, jako by scénu nikdy neopustili. Doufáme, že tentokrát jim více lidí bude věnovat pozornost.
Location: west Los Angeles, California.
Genre: Country, Indie/Alternative, Rock
Album release: February 15, 2019
Record Label: Omnivore Records
Duration:     49:55
01. Greenville   4:26
02. Let It Fly   3:50
03. Molly Somebody   3:39
04. All Aboard   3:44
05. Gonna Make It Real   3:26  
06. If You Want To See Me Cry   3:08
07. What The Eagle Sees   3:19
08. California State Line   4:31
09. The Sound   3:59
10. Walls   4:40
11. Bells Of August   5:04
12. Psychedelic Country Soul   6:09
✹      Sid Griffin   guitar, harmonica, autoharp, therapy & vocals.
✹      Greg Sowders   drums, percussion & song publishing.
✹      Tom Stevens   bass, acoustic bass, computer genius & vocals.
✹      Stephen McCarthy   main guitar, banjo, mandolin, lap steel & vocals.
✹      “The Long Ryders didn’t so much as blaze a trail as napalm it... Everything is fresh enough to have been recorded yesterday and puts most of todays bands to shame.” — Americana UK
by Ljubinko Zivkovic; Score: 9
✹      Somebody really believes that Sid Griffin and his cohorts, AKA The Long Ryders deserve another shot at fame. Along with an album of  completely new music titled Psychedelic Country Soul, there are two deluxe (re)issues (demos and live tracks) of their mid~Eighties best, State of The Union and Two~Fisted Tales. For the uninitiated, and there are quite a few of those, or for those that are of the opinion that The Long Ryders were just re~hashed version of The Byrds, this might seem to be overkill, even wondering whether bringing the band back serves any musical purpose.
✹      Yet is not even a question for Larry Chatman, their long~time friend and a collaborator who made all this possible, and the band’s hardcore fans, including myself. While the band’s initial existence and later on, they were labeled many things, Paisley Underground, as in Eighties neo~West Coast psychedelic movement, Country, Soul Americana, rock revivalist, what not. Each of those by itself was not true, but all of them together were.
✹      That could be the reason that Griffin and all the original band members (Stephen McCarthy, Tom Stevens, and Greg Sowders, along with producer Ed Stasium) opted for Psychedelic Country Soul as the album’s title because that is exactly what you get. And a bit more. Like the song of the same name and a tribute cover of Tom Petty’s Wall. And several genres and sub~genres you could name, all of which Sid and the guys could run through with ease even half asleep and still sound like The Long Ryders, a band was always about any music that sounds good.
✹      A lot of that has to do with the playing and songwriting experience the band members have and with the fact that Griffin possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of modern music (four books written behind his belt), so that an easy flying rocker like the opener “Greenville” or the sleek country of “California State Line”, for example not only sound great but as if they could have been composed and recorded anywhere between 1969 and 2019. To put it more precisely, they sound timeless. At least to these ears. Hopefully, to many others too. ✹      https://soundblab.com/
By Donald Teplyske, Published Feb 12, 2019; Score: 8
✹      https://exclaim.ca/music/article/the_long_ryders-psychedelic_country_soul
✹      The first new studio album from the founders of Alt~Country since 1987.
✹      The Long Ryders, founders of alt~country in the 1980s, saddle up for the first time in thirty years with their biggest and best slice of Americana yet, the aptly named Psychedelic Country Soul. The album was produced by Ed Stasium (Ramones, Belinda Carlisle, The Smithereens) and features a eleven Ryder originals and a cover of their friend Tom Petty’s great song, “Walls.”
✹      Recorded in Los Angeles at Dr. Dre’s studio, Psychedelic Country Soul is, in Long Ryder Sid Griffin’s own words, “the album we were always trying to make… each flavor which made the band unique is there be it C&W, rock ’n’ roll, troubadour folk music, raw R&B, or out~there psychedelia.” The Long Ryders (Griffin, ex~Jayhawk Stephen McCarthy, song publisher Greg Sowders and NASA veteran Tom Stevens) are supplemented on the album by old friends The Bangles on harmony vocals and stellar sideman Dave Perlman (Everly Bros. Hoyt Axton) on pedal steel guitar.
✹      Yet, ultimately the album is The Long Ryders. With Griffin’s familiar electric 12~string guitar, McCarthy’s virtuoso Clarence White licks, Tom Stevens earthy bass and Greg Sowders swingin’ drums, Psychedelic Country Soul is an album for 2019 made with the flavors of yesterday which has the sound and the spirit of tomorrow. Get ready for the ryde of your life.
✹      “The Long Ryders were formed in 1982 by young American musicians influenced by Gram Parsons, C&W, The Byrds, and the punk scene found in their hometown of Los Angeles. The Long Ryders were an anecdote to formula stadium rock and wimpy synth~pop.”
✹      The founders of altcountry, The Long Ryders, release their first new album in over thirty years on February 15 2019 when “Psychedelic Country Soul “hits the airwaves and enters the shops. Featuring the classic line~up of Sid Griffin, Stephen McCarthy, Tom Stevens and Greg Sowders, it makes the day after Valentine’s Day as much a romantic celebration. The stunning new album follows hot on the heels of the deluxe reissue treatment given to two classic Long Ryders long players, “State of Our Union” and “Two-Fisted Tales”.
✹      The band featured Sid Griffin on guitar, autoharp, and harmonica, Stephen McCarthy on guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, and banjo, Tom Stevens, bass, and Greg Sowders, playing drums and percussion.
✹      With a sound reminiscent of the Buffalo Springfield and The Flying Burrito Brothers, but with a harder edge, they anticipated the alternative country music of the 1990s by a decade.
✹      Featuring eleven new Long Ryders compositions and a tribute cover of the late great Tom Petty’s song ‘Walls’, this is a Long Ryders for the 21st century; kicking off with the anthemic ‘Greenville’, a track which proves the band haven’t lost any of that magic guitar interplay. ‘Molly Somebody’ is an eclectic pop tune that doesn’t neglect any of their country and rock sensibilities, while the likes of ‘What the Eagle Sees’ reflects the energy of early punk and power pop that so informed them in the early days. You can still hear their personal connection with the music of the 1960s’, but as ever The Long Ryders aren’t a band who live in the past. Album closer ‘Psychedelic Country Soul’ is the greatest testament to that, performed like the previous 11 songs, with precision and fire; the guitars weave and harmonicas build and ebb, the song spreading like wildfire. The Long Ryders have always been celebrated for what they have to say as much as the music they make. With “Psychedelic Country Soul” their message delivered with 12 strings and never~ending harmonies has never been clearer.
✹      This is a Long Ryders album which stands up with their classic albums such as “Native Sons” and their unforgettable single ‘Looking For Lewis And Clark’. “Psychedelic Country Soul” will certainly sit on many Best Of lists at the end of the year. But you can note its worthiness when you hear it February 15, 2019. It is that good.
Label: https://omnivorerecordings.com/
Website: http://www.thelongryders.com/

The Long Ryders — Psychedelic Country Soul (Feb. 15, 2019)


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