The Magic Castles The Magic Castles (2012)

The Magic Castles - The Magic Castles (2012)

 The Magic Castles — The Magic Castles
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Album release: March 19, 2012
Record Label: A Records
Genre: Minimalist / Psychedelic / Shoegaze
Duration:    61:33
01. Death Dreams      (5:02)
02. Now I m A Little Cloud      (6:19)
03. Imaginary Friends      (3:47)
04. Ballad Of The Golden Bird      (7:59)
05. All My Prayers      (8:25)
06. Songs Of The Forest      (5:55)
07. 10 100      (3:08)
08. Letterbox      (4:26)
09. Big Sur      (5:13)
10. Mystical Sage Warrior      (5:39)
11. Emery Memories      (5:40)
Jason Edmonds
Paul Fugelstad
Jeremiah Doering
Scott Weller
Alex Pennaz
Magic Castles are a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band started as an underground home-recording project by Minneapolis songwriter Jason Edmonds. Taking a contemporary psychedelic approach to experimental indie music, the band's sound is influenced by older bands like Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3, Galaxie 500.
Mainly as an outlet to perform Edmond's demos privately, members of Magic Castles began to assemble.
Early members included Paul Fuegelstad and Brendan McElnerney with the addition of Jeremiah Doering and Kait Sergenian completing the early line-up.
They decided to begin performing publicly in 2006. Their first show was played in the basement of a VFW for a friends birthday party.
The band self-recorded their first official album, The Lore of Mysticore in Lowertown, St. Paul July-September 2007. The album was primarily mixed by members of the band. The album was engineered and mastered by Tom Herbers at Creation Audio.
Lore of Mysticore was self-released 28th of June, 2008.
At this time the band picked up Noah Skogerboe to fill in keys and Matt Van Gehndren to replace Brenden Mclnereny from a band Edmonds had previously played with, Nymore.
Another album, Dreams of Dreams of Dreams was recorded at Creation Audio with Tom Herbers in March of 2009. Again, the album was basically mixed by members of the band with generous contributions from Tom who also mastered the album.
Dreams of Dreams was self-released 27th of April, 2009.
The band were invited to contribute an album to local label, Moon Glyph, which at the time was mainly a tape-release only outfit.
Edmonds and Co. went back to recording tracks in earlier fashion, creating a darker--more luscious soundscape. Low-fi and experimental in it's intent, it was an interesting exercise in home/studio recording on a low budget during a period of time constraints and would foreshadow the method of composition into the future. With members contributing parts here and there as desired. Songs of the Forest was independently mixed and mastered, primarily by Edmonds. With the partial exception being the track, "Wayne-O" which was primarily tracked, recorded, and mixed as a demo in the previous year by Doering and subsequently remixed by Edmonds for release.
Songs of the Forest was released by Moon Glyph on 23rd October, 2009.
Magic Castles later contributed a song "Patron Saint" to Moon Glyph: Regolyth Vol. 1 which was released the 15th July, 2010
By fall of 2010 the song "Ballad of the Golden Bird" found its way to the ears of Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre--due in no small part to Newcombe's underground internet phenomenon DeadTv. The band was invited to release an album on Newcombe's label, A Records.
The Album "Magic Castles" was culled from previously issued studio works--with the exception of an early Lore of Mysticore version of Emory's Memories and is fashioned as an abbreviated retrospective but primarily as a deluxe introduction to the band featuring many fan favorites from previous albums which are out of print.
The Album "Magic Castles" has been released on the 20th of March, 2012 on 180 gram vinyl. The record will be available at Cargo Records UK: (
In addition the band is set to tour summer 2012 supporting Brian Jonestown Massacre on selected dates tba.
The Lore of Mysticore self-released limited edition of 200. Officially released in June of 2008
Dreams of Dreams of Dreams self-released limited edition of 200. Officially released in April of 2009
Songs of the Forest tape cassette released by Moon Glyph label, limited edition of 100. Officially released October 2009
Regolith Vol 1 vinyl compilation by Moon Glyph, featured the J. Doering song "Patron Saint" 2010

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 The Magic Castles The Magic Castles (2012)