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The Margots — Pescado (2013)

 The Margots — Pescado (2013)

The Margots — Pescado
Ξ   A set of songs by Adrienne Pierluissi in a chamber jazz setting with an excellent group of players including Ken Vandermark, Tim Daisy, Rick Reger, Nick Macri and John Dereszynski, joined by Tomeka Reid, Jen Paulson, and the voice of Joe McPhee.
Location: Milwaukee, WI ~ Chicago, IL, U.S.
Album release: May 2013
Record Label: Okka Disk
Duration:     44:14
01 Intro     3:05
02 No Lo Sabía     3:18
03 Grey     1:41
04 Pescado     5:16
05 Mr. Altruistic     3:27
06 April     4:37
07 Black To White     1:50
08 Sword     3:37
09 Love Song     4:14
10 Husbands     5:05
11 Drown     3:15
12 Echoes Of Memory     2:13
13 Anda     2:36
Ξ   Recording on August 6th-8th, 2012 and at Minbal on January 4th-6th, 2013 in Chicago.
Ξ   Adrienne Pierlussi   vocals
Ξ   Tim Daisy   drums, percussion
Ξ   John Deresynski   guitars
Ξ   Nick Macri   bass
Ξ   Rick Reger   keyboards
Ξ   Ken Vandermark   reeds
Ξ   Jen Paulson   viola
Ξ   Tomeka Reid   cello
Ξ   Joe McPhee   voice, recitation
Ξ   "New ensemble comprised to develop & record the songs of Adrienne Pierluissi, a contempary painter living in Milwaukee, WI, featuring Ken Vandermark, Nick Macri, Tim Daisy, John Dereszynski, Rick Reger, Joe Mcphee, Tomeka Reid & Jen Paulson. Vandermark called upon his years of experience working with the Dutch group, The Ex ( perform in groups as varied as Made To Break, the Resonance Ensemble, Stirrup, Vox Arcana, and Wereworm), to create his first arrangements for a vocalist, while Dereszynski provided the harmonic foundation for the pieces, which can be considered a song cycle. The material, which can be considered a song cycle, was inspired in part by Robert Wyatt's, "Comicopera," and the revolutionary Tropicalia music from Brazil. Currently, the Margots have concerts scheduled in Milwaukee and Chicago, and are engaged in the preliminary work on new material for their next studio project, which is scheduled to begin in autumn of 2013.  "
YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ugw4Qp0Vq4A © Photo credit: Jim Newberry

The Margots — Pescado (2013)



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