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The Megaphonic Thrift
Sun Stare Sound

The Megaphonic Thrift — Sun Stare Sound (2015)

Norway                The Megaphonic Thrift — Sun Stare Sound
Location: Bergen, Norway
Genre: Experimental / Psychedelic / Rock
Album release: 2015
Record Label: YAP Records
Duration:     33:40
1 No Sleep, Only Dreams     3:42  
2 Interlopers     3:02  
3 The Experiment     5:48  
4 Blistering Heat     2:50  
5 Bergen Revels     2:47  
6 If You Shiver (Overload)     3:54  
7 Occam's Razor     4:00  
8 Slower     4:27  
9 Perfect Twin     3:10
λ•   Greg Calbi Mastering
λ•   The Megaphonic Thrift Composer
λ•   Gavin Poole Engineer
λ•   Aki–Pekka Sinikoski Photography
λ•   Jurgen Traen Engineer, Producer 
Photo: Njål Leinan Clementsen, Richard Myklebust, Foto: Oddbjørn Steffensen Photography
Artist Biography by Jason Lymangrover
λ•   Richard Myklebust (of Stereo 21) teamed up with Linn Frøkedal and Njål Clementsen (of Low Frequency in Stereo), and Fredrik Vogsborg (of Casiokids) to form Megaphonic Thrift in 2008. As contributors to the noise–pop scene of Bergen, Norway, making keen melodies punctuated by wailing feedback was a natural progression for the members, and in November of that year, they released their first 7", “Acid Blues/Mad Mary." It wasn’t long before Megaphonic Thrift inked an international deal with Deadly People Records and released their first EP, A Thousand Years of Deconstruction, which was released at the end of 2009. After switching over to Hype City, and playing big shows at EuroSonic, International Live Music Contest, and SxSW, the group delivered their debut full–length, Decay Decoy, in early 2011.
Description, Words: Peter Krogholm:
λ•   Hailing from one of the rainiest cities in Europe, The Megaphonic Thrift is one out of many bands trying out shoegazing for size lately. Bergen has slowly become the Norwegian capital of music, cradling mega successes like Röyksopp and Kings of Convenience, so much so that the Norwegian press has dubbed it the “Bergen Wave”.
λ•   The quartet, comprising members of Casiokids, The Low Frequency in Stereo and Electric Eye, released their debut album Decay Decoy in March 2011 on the UK label Club AC30. In March 2012 the band released their second and self titled album. The Megaphonic Thrift received hugely positive reviews on multiple music blogs and influential publications, nationally and internationally.
λ•   Three albums in and almost three years on from their latest effort Norway’s The Megaphonic Thrift just keeps getting better and better, and on Sun Stare Sound they’re again on the move musically. In: More pop. Still in: Noise. The mix is perfectly exemplified and so very expertly executed in album opener ‘No Sleep, Only Dreams’ and single ‘Blistering Heat’, while krautian tracks like ‘The Experiment’ and ‘If You Shiver (Overload)’ are heavier on the psychedelic latter. http://allscandinavian.com/        © Snart Bergenfest 2015. Foto Oddbjørn Steffensen Photography, Rikard Myklebust
λ•   “Face–meltingly intense” — NME
λ•   “…masterclass in sonic terrorism..” — Dom Gourlay, Drowned in Sound
λ•   “Coming out of Bergen, TMT throw up a Sonic Youth–esque wall of guitars. Bring your earplugs.” — Andy Inglis
λ•   “… they set up a perfectly tuneful song, then carefully unravel it strand by melodic strand– all in about four minutes. The result is a surge of scribbly, dissonant guitars, propelled by a percussive bass line and drumbeat that punishes the hi–hat and cymbals.” — Stephen M. Deusner, Pitchfork
Website: http://www.themegaphonicthrift.com/TMT/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MegaphonicThrft
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/megaphonicthrift                                   © The Megaphonic Thrift, Photo credit: Kristoffer Øen

The Megaphonic Thrift
Sun Stare Sound



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