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The New Pornographers Whiteout Conditions

The New Pornographers — Whiteout Conditions (April 7, 2017)                The New Pornographers — Whiteout Conditions (April 7, 2017)The New Pornographers — Whiteout Conditions (April 7, 2017) ↔★••→    Canadian indie rockers return in April with their seventh album.
↔★••→    “Hold on tight: it’s another relentlessly exuberant, propulsive jam from The New Pornographers. The latest in the band’s deep catalog of clever and addictive power pop is ‘High Ticket Attractions.’” — NPR Music
↔★••→    “Like all the best New Pornos songs, ‘High Ticket Attractions’ is a winningly melodic pop gem, a slice of driving electric guitars and burbling synths.” — Stereogum
↔★••→    “These days we all could use a little cheer, and fortunately, The New Pornographers will supply some with the April 7th release of Whiteout Conditions.” — Consequnce of Sound         Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Genre: Indie rock, power pop
Album release: April 7, 2017
Record Label: Collected Works Records/Concord Records (worldwide) / Dine Alone in Canada
Duration:     41:33    
01 Play Money     4:37
02 Whiteout Conditions     4:08  
03 High Ticket Attractions     3:51  
04 This Is The World Of The Theater     4:27  
05 Darling Shade     2:57
06 Second Sleep     3:14
07 Colosseums     3:15
08 We’ve Been Here Before     3:52
09 Juke     3:29    
10 Clockwise     3:14
11 Avalanche Alley     4:11
↔   All tracks written by A. C. Newman.
© Copyright 2017 ↔ The New Pornographers
↔   Carl Newman ↔  vocals, guitar
↔   Neko Case ↔  vocals
↔   John Collins ↔ bass
↔   Blaine Thurier ↔ keyboards, synthesizer
↔   Todd Fancey ↔ lead guitar
↔   Kathryn Calder ↔ vocals, keyboards, guitar
↔   Joe Seiders ↔ drums, vocals
Editorial Reviews
↔★••→     ‘Cohesive.’ It’s a word New Pornographers founder A.C. Newman still sounds a little bit surprised to say as he describing the band’s seventh album, Whiteout Conditions. It’s a quality that you wouldn’t necessarily intuitively associate with a so~called supergroup that, by its very collective nature, seems bound to have a good deal of stylistic variance built into the formula (or lack of it). Can an outfit built on the appeal of multiple frontmen and frontwomen develop a signature sound after all? Maybe, and maybe better late than never.
↔★••→     ‘On other records,’ says Newman, ‘it felt like sometimes it was very clear: oh, this is a fast one with me singing, and then the next would be a slow song with Neko (Case) singing. And I’ve always liked that in a White Album kind of way — being a band that just does whatever the hell they want from track to track. But when we did Brill Bruisers (the band’s previous album, released in 2014), it was the first time where I thought: Let’s try to make a cohesive record. Let s try to give it a sound and see how focused we can make it. And on this record, I think we went a lot farther down that road.’
↔★••→     The focus on Whiteout Conditions (The New Pornographers’ first album on their own imprint, Collected Works Records, in partnership with Concord Records) comes down to a couple of notable shifts: increased tempos, for one, and increasingly blended vocals, for another. There are fewer extended solo lead vocal turns by any of the band members and more choral effects or interplay between the men and women in the group. If you’re of a certain age, you might start thinking of them as an indie~rock Mamas and the Papas, or... ‘I’ll take that,’ Newman says, ‘but the Fifth Dimension is always the one we’re going for, way more than the Mamas and the Papas! I hesitate to throw out catchphrases that might be repeated back to me a thousand times, but at the beginning of this record, there was some thinking that we wanted it to be like a Krautrock Fifth Dimension. Of course, our mutated idea of what Krautrock is probably doesn’t sound like Krautrock at all. But we were thinking: Let s try and rock in a different way.’
↔   Critically acclaimed supergroup The New Pornographers are premiering the video for the track “High Ticket Attractions” off their forthcoming full~length record Whiteout Conditions. Director Dan Huiting (Bon Iver, Sylvan Esso) notes, “I have always wanted to wreck things in music videos, I just never thought I would get a chance to destroy an entire high school!” Watch/share the video at https://youtu.be/ZAlHISTNbwY. The album is due April 7 and is the first release on the band’s own Collected Works Records imprint in partnership with Concord Records. See below for a complete track list.
↔   Recently, the group also premiered the track “This is the World of the Theater,” via Noisey as well as on all streaming services; stream/share the song at http://bit.ly/2lhUDMf.
↔   Whiteout Conditions is available for pre~order with a glow~in~the~dark poster now at www.thenewpornographers.com. The New Pornographers will also tour the U.S. and Europe this spring, starting with a headlining performance at the NPR SXSW opening night showcase at Stubb’s on March 15. Tickets for all U.S. shows include a free download of the new album; see below for a complete list of dates.
↔   Of writing the new record, founder and frontman A.C. Newman notes that, “At the beginning of this record, there was some thinking that we wanted it to be like a Krautrock Fifth Dimension. Of course, our mutated idea of what Krautrock is probably doesn’t sound like Krautrock at all. But we were thinking: Let’s try and rock in a different way.”
↔   Since their debut in 2000, The New Pornographers have released six studio albums including their most recent, Brill Bruisers, hailed as an “exuberant, synthpop~infused set” by Rolling Stone, “infectious” by Harper’s Bazaar and “the grand and purposeful hookfest that you would hope these guys would come back with” by Stereogum. Pitchfork went on to note that “with the futurist sound of Brill Bruisers, the whole band embraces a more electric version of itself — bulked~up in chrome~plated armor, firing on all cylinders, and ready to steamroll anything in its path.” The band celebrated the release with a special NPR Music “First Listen Live” concert at the legendary Brill Building, and performed songs from the album on both “Conan” and the “Late Show with David Letterman.”  ↔   http://www.sacksco.com/
A.C. Newman
Birth name: Allan Carl Newman
Also known as: A.C. Newman
Born: April 14, 1968
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Instruments: Guitar, vocals
A.C. Newman albums:
↔★••→  The Slow Wonder (2004)
↔★••→  Get Guilty (2009)      #99 US
↔★••→  Shut Down the Streets (2012)
↔★••→  Music from the OC: Mix 4 ↔ (Track “On The Table”) (2005 · Warner Bros./WEA)
Label: http://dinealonerecords.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thenewpornos
Twitter: https://twitter.com/acnewman
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acnewmanmusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenewpornographers/?fref=ts
Website: http://www.thenewpornographers.com/
Website: http://www.acnewman.net/ 

The New Pornographers Whiteout Conditions


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