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The Stargazer Lilies Lost
Graveface Records & Curiosities August 25th, 2017

The Stargazer Lilies — Lost (August 25th, 2017)

               The Stargazer Lilies — Lost (August 25th, 2017)  The Stargazer Lilies — Lost (August 25th, 2017)ι♣♦οι    Kim Field, John Cep, and Sam Art or Tammy Hirata  are The Stargazer Lilies. Through their musical history as a duo dream pop/shoegaze/psychedlic song writing team (John & Kim), they have released 3 albums as the band Soundpool and are about to release their second album as The Stargazer Lilies.
ι♣♦οι    Their debut release as The Stargazer Lilies ‘We Are The Dreamers’ was released on Graveface Records in late 2013. Their second release ‘Door To The Sun’ was released on Graveface Records Spring 2016.
ι♣♦οι    They are set to release an outtakes album ‘lost’ on cassette by Anima Recordings, and LP by Graveface 8/25/2017.
Origin: NorthEast PA, Los Angeles
Genres: psych, gaze, heavy ambient
Album release: August 25th, 2017
Record Label: Graveface Records
Duration:     34:37
1. Fukitol     4:01
2. U R Y     3:11
3. Let It Go     3:34
4. Enter the Black Lodge     3:30
5. Sunday is Monday at Midnight     2:55
6. Ahhh     4:02
7. Bonnie and Clyde     4:49
8. World Away     4:10
9. Illumination     4:15
¬•••  John Cep  electric guitars
¬•••  Kim Field  drums
¬•••  Sam Art or Tammy Hirata  bass guitar
Bio — The Stargazer Lilies
ι♣♦οι    N/E PA based the Stargazer Lilies are the brainchild of husband and wife team, John Cep and Kim Field, pioneers of shoegaze’s new wave with former band Soundpool. The Stargazer Lilies is the evolution of their gaze, this time with added psych rock elements (think MBV meets Pink Floyd). Cep’s heavy effects~driven guitars are accented by drummer, Tammy Hirata’s minimalist approach, along with Field’s dreamy vocals and drony bass lines. Following their debut album We Are The Dreamers in 2013, their sound was described in Spin Magazine as a “reverb~washed slo~mo assault of Slowdive with the sparkling ambiance of air channeled into a lush, guitar~swollen whole. Psych~fuzz epic.”
ι♣♦οι    Pop Matters says, “The Stargazer Lilies possess a truly widescreen, cinematic sound with crescendos that build cascading waves of sound enveloping your whole body. The music is a bit darker than standard dream pop fare, but that only makes it that much more mesmerizing.” Brad Laner of Medicine describes them like this: “This is what your socalled
shoegaze is supposed to sound like. Incredible melodies and singing plus great
guitar work.”
ι♣♦οι    Door To The Sun, their second full~length, is set to be released in Spring/Summer 2016 on Graveface Records.
What People Are Saying About The Stargazer Lilies:
ι♣♦οι    “The Stargazer Lilies ‘We Are The Dreamers’ is hands down the best dream pop album of the year. Or even: of the past decade.” — The Fine Vinyl (finest vinyl of 2013)
ι♣♦οι    “Field and Cep channel the reverb~washed slo~mo assault of Slowdive and the sparkling ambiance of Air into a lush, guitar~swollen whole.” “Psych — Fuzz Epic” — Spin Magazine
ι♣♦οι    “Field’s warming, blissful voice is surrounded by the ebb and flow of guitars washing in and out over this slow~moving yet all~enthralling wall of sound, riddled with effects, that creates an aura so full yet so light and free~flowing. You can’t help but get wrapped up in ‘We Are The Dreamers’.” — Sly Vinyl
ι♣♦οι    “ The Stargazer Lilies possess a truly widescreen, cinematic sound with crescendoes that build cascading waves of sound enveloping your whole body. The music is a bit darker than standard dream pop fare, but that only makes it that much more mesmerizing.” “If you’re in need of some serious new dream pop — and who isn’t — you can scarcely do better than The Stargazer Lilies.” — Pop Matters
ι♣♦οι    “Modern shoegaze often falls flat because it seems more occupied with getting the sound right and forgoing everything else; the Stargazer Lilies get the sound and the feeling right, and that makes their album much, much more than just revisiting the past.” — Tim Sendra — All Music
ι♣♦οι    “I’m just astonished about this album. This is a pretty dragged soundpool of guitar effects, melodies, ethereal vocals and just raw shoegaze. All songs here are downtempo, forget about the shitty indie rock happy drums, in this album drums are slow and pulled to the background letting the utterly distorted noisy guitars to lead this beautiful experience. The melancholy in the soft females whispers is awesome, used as another instrument ornamenting the wall of sound… Folks, trust in me, in these days shoegaze has become into a cliché for lots of hipsters and it can be a pain in the butt trying to find worth listening bands.
ι♣♦οι    Do yourself a favor and have a listen to this one.” — Heavy Rocks
ι♣♦οι    “If you were, say, a shoegaze stormtrooper, We Are The Dreamers is the shoegaze you’re looking for. Don’t let any strange old dream~pop Jedi hermits tell you otherwise. Do these ex~Soundpool members lay it on thick as honey? Sure, they do. ι♣♦οι    They may as well have named the band The Shoegazer Lilies. But thank god. Melodies! Washes of filtered reverb!
ι♣♦οι    Sweet as nectar vocals! It’s everything great about nu~gaze front~runners Soundpool (and Slowdive and Cocteau Twins, naturally), but refined and distilled into a tonic to rival the best releases on 4AD and Creation in their heyday. If not for Black Hearted Brother, this would be the shoegaze record of the year.” — Bone Rolling Reviews
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thestrgzrlilies
Bandcamp: https://graveface.bandcamp.com/album/lost
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestargazerlilies/
Website: https://www.thestargazerlilies.com/
Record Label:
Graveface Records: Ryan Graveface
⦿   mail@graveface.com
The Stargazer Lilies
⦿   thestargazerlilies@gmail.com
Chromatic Publicity: Hector A. Silva
⦿   hector@chromaticpublicity.com

The Stargazer Lilies Lost
Graveface Records & Curiosities August 25th, 2017


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