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The Walking Who — Lewiside (2015)

The Walking Who — Lewiside (December 7th, 2015)

        The Walking Who — Lewiside (December 7th, 2015)  The Walking Who — Lewiside (December 7th, 2015)≡≈≡  What is Lewiside?
It’s the time away from the family to get the promotion.
It’s the blood on your diamond ring.
It’s the devastated forest for your corn chip.
It’s the dark side of making a good thing.
≡≈≡   For us it’s an album that came at the cost of friendships, relationships and the trust of the kind people who believed in us. Not because of some dated notion of how you should behave when you’re in a band. But because making a record in Sydney in 2015 on the favours of those around you, can be tough.
≡≈≡   At the beginning of December, the beginning of summer, the happiest time of the year we present you with an apology.
≡≈≡   We present you with Lewiside.” — The Walking Who
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Album release: December 7th, 2015
Record Label: The Walking Who
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Alternative
Duration:     62:08
01. Apolloduction      2:35
02. 167.3 Jesus Radio       3:57
03. With Roses      3:31
04. Royal Debris      4:32
05. Electrocute the Mannequin      5:07
06. Chinese Whispers      4:38
07. Speakin' Ma Language      3:30
08. I Am the Virus      5:16
09. Lewiside      4:44
10. Mail Man      5:47
11. Black Stamp / The Wronging      18:25
℗ 2015 The Walking Who
Ξ   As music fans, we’re all searching for that one act who’s a sound we’ve never really heard before. With that comes a unique experience that can not be duplicated, and with Lewiside, the second album from Sydney band The Walking Who, we think we’ve a bit of that. If you can handle what they’ve packed into all eleven tracks—an experience that, collectively, feels like a trip down a drug–induced rabbit hole—then you’re going to be able to find appeal in each track. Whether through our highlights below, or by streaming the entire album at once (you can stream it on SoundCloud), there’s no denying that this album is one you should sit down and take some time with.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thewalkingwho
Website: http://www.thewalkingwho.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewalkingwho?_rdr=p

The Walking Who — Lewiside (2015)


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