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Thinking Plague
In This Life

Thinking Plague — In This Life (1989/2015)

           Thinking Plague — In This Life (1989/2015)
Ξ★Ξ   This most challenging of U.S.–based avant–prog outfits is influenced by the European Rock in Opposition scene. © Thinking Plague 1998, From the left: Dave Kerman, Dave Willey, Deborah Perry, Mark Harris, Shane Hotle, Mike Johnson.
Formed: 1982
Styles: Avant–Prog, Prog–Rock, Experimental Rock
Location: Denver, Colorado
Album release: 1989 / 2015
Recording date: 1982 — February, 1989
Record Label: Cuneiform Records #Rune 407
Duration:     70:47    
01. Lycanthrope      7:18
02. Run Amok      3:12
03. Malaise      4:41
04. Organism      11:47
05. Love      7:14
06. The Guardian      5:31
07. Fountain Of All Tears      7:40
08. Moonsongs     15:10  
09. Possessed     8:14
♦   Susanne Lewis     1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9
♦   Mike Johnson     8
★  Bob Drake Artwork, Balalaika, Bass, Drums, Engineer, Guitar (Bass), Lettering, Member of Attributed Artist, Mixing, Noise, Synthesizer, Violin, Voices
★  Fred Frith Additional Personnel, Clarinet, Guitar
★  Mark Fuller Drums, Percussion, Tabla, Unknown Contributor Role
★  Mark Harris Woodwind, Member of Attributed Artist
★  Lawrence Haugseth Clarinet, Member of Attributed Artist
★  Shane Hotle Keyboards, Member of Attributed Artist, Piano, Synthesizer
★  Eric Jacobson Percussion, Sampling, Synthesizer
★  Mike Johnson Composer, Guitar, Member of Attributed Artist
★  Susanne Lewis Composer, Guitar, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals
★  Maria Moran Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Member of Attributed Artist
Ξ★Ξ   Thinking Plague has been releasing impossible to categorize albums to a devoted fan–base for over 30 years. In This Life, originally released in 1989, was the group’s 3rd album. It is probably their most popular release. It comes back into print for the first time in years in a newly remastered version overseen by the band and making its first–ever appearance on Cuneiform.
Ξ★Ξ   Thinking Plague is a United States avant–garde progressive rock group founded in 1982 by guitarist/composer, Mike Johnson, and bass guitarist/drummer, Bob Drake. Based in Denver, Colorado, the band has been active off and on since 1982, taking on a number of musicians over the years. They have made six studio albums between 1984 and 2012, and released one live album recorded at NEARfest in 2000.
Ξ★Ξ   Their music is a mix of rock, folk, jazz and 20th–century classical music. Music.com remarked that “...Thinking Plague stand out as a shining example of avant–garde music blended with just enough rock for it to be called progressive rock...” While never directly related to Rock in Opposition (RIO), Thinking Plague was strongly influenced by this late–1970s movement, particularly Henry Cow and Art Bears. In spite of Johnson’s dislike of the term, the band has often been categorized as a “RIO” band.
★  ...A Thinking Plague (1984, LP, Endemic Music, US)
★  Moonsongs (1986, LP, Dead Man's Curve Records, UK)
★  In This Life (1989, CD, Recommended Records, UK)
★  In Extremis (1998, CD, Cuneiform Records, US)
★  A History of Madness (2003, CD, Cuneiform Records, US)
★  Upon Both Your Houses (live at NEARfest 2000) (2004, CD, NEARfest Records, US)
★  Decline and Fall (2012, CD, Cuneiform Records, US)
★  Driving Me Backwards (1987, LP, Dead Man's Curve Records, UK)
★  RēR Records Quarterly Vol. 2 No. 4 (1989, LP, Recommended Records, UK)
★  RēR Quarterly Vol. 4 No. 1 (1994, CD, Recommended Records, UK)
★  Early Plague Years (2000, CD, Cuneiform Records, US) — remastered releases by Bob Drake of the LPs ...A Thinking Plague and Moonsongs on one CD.

Thinking Plague
In This Life