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This Mortal Coil — Blood ( May 13, 1991/Remastered. Oct. 26, 2018)

 ( May 13, 1991 .. Remastered. Oct. 26, 2018)         This Mortal Coil — Blood ( May 13, 1991/Remastered. Oct. 26, 2018)This Mortal Coil — Blood ( May 13, 1991/Remastered. Oct. 26, 2018)Location: London, UK
Recording Location:
•   Blackwing Studios, London, England
•   Pallidium Studios, Edinburgh, Scotland
Album release: October 26, 2018
Record Label: AD
Duration:     76:15
LP 1
01 The Lace Maker   4:06 
02 Mr. Somewhere   2:52
03 Andialu   3:03
04 With Tomorrow   2:40
05 Loose Joints   2:26
06 You and Your Sister   3:14 
07 Nature’s Way   3:19 
08 I Come and Stand at Every Door   3:54  
09 Bitter   6:25  
10 Baby Ray Baby   2:13  
11 Several Times   3:12
LP 2  
12 The Lacemaker II   1:24  
13 Late Night   3:03 
14 Ruddy and Wretched   3:15 
15 Help Me Lift You Up   5:06 
16 Carolyn’s Song   3:47 
17 D.D. and E.   0:47 
18 ’Til I Gain Control Again   4:43 
19 Dreams Are Like Water   8:37 
20 I Am the Cosmos   4:05 
21 (Nothing But) Blood   4:04
↑↓★↑↓    Dominic Appleton   Vocals
↑↓★↑↓    Gini Ball   Violin
↑↓★↑↓    Syd Barrett   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    Chris Bell   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    Heidi Berry   Guest Artist, Vocals, Voices
↑↓★↑↓    Randy California   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    Grant Clarke   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    Caroline Crawley   Vocals, Voices
↑↓★↑↓    Rodney Crowell   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    J. Davis   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    Kim Deal   Guest Artist, Vocals
↑↓★↑↓    Tanya Donelly   Guest Artist, Vocals
↑↓★↑↓    Tim Freeman   Vocals, Voices
↑↓★↑↓    John Fryer   Composer, Engineer, Producer, Programming
↑↓★↑↓    Martin Fryer   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    Anne Garrigues   Vocals
↑↓★↑↓    Nigel Grierson   Photography
↑↓★↑↓    Sally Herbert   Strings
↑↓★↑↓    Nazim Hikmet   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    Ikuko Kozu   Vocals, Voices
↑↓★↑↓    Alison Limerick   Guest Artist, Vocals, Voices
↑↓★↑↓    Martin McCarrick   Cello, Composer, Strings
↑↓★↑↓    Pieter Nooten   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    Vaughan Oliver   Design
↑↓★↑↓    Jocelyn Pook   trings
↑↓★↑↓    Rain Parade   Drums, Guest Artist
↑↓★↑↓    David Roback   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    Deirdre Rutkowski   Vocals, Voices
↑↓★↑↓    Louise Rutkowski   Vocals
↑↓★↑↓    Gus Shaw   Mastering
↑↓★↑↓    Sonia Slaney   Strings
↑↓★↑↓    Sonia Slany   Strings
↑↓★↑↓    Jon Turner   Engineer, Piano, Programming
↑↓★↑↓    James Walters   Composer
↑↓★↑↓    Ivo Watts~Russell   Composer, Producer
↑↓★↑↓    Jimmy Williams   Guitar
About album:
≈    …remastered audio made from the original analogue studio tapes by the late John Dent.
Review by Stewart Mason; Score: ****½
★    The third and final album by This Mortal Coil, 1991’s Blood is neither as unfocused as Filigree & Shadow or as conceptually pure as It’ll End in Tears, but it’s a solidly enjoyable set. Once again, nearly half the tracks are instrumentals (or tracks with minimal and often wordless female vocals) written by Ivo Watts~Russell and John Fryer, but this batch of tunes holds together much better than the much more amorphous originals on Filigree & Shadow; lengthy atmospheric explorations like “Dreams Are Like Water” sound composed and thoughtful rather than merely pretty. And as always, the covers are brilliantly chosen. The twin highlights are two songs written by Big Star’s Chris Bell; ”I Am the Cosmos” is reinterpreted as a ragged, brink~of~chaos rocker that sounds like it could have been on Big Star’s post~Bell magnum opus, Third, while a delicate acoustic version of “You and Your Sister” with wispy, unsure vocals by Kim Deal and Tanya Donelly ranks with the first album’s reinterpretation of Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren” as one of the group’s masterpieces. Other gems include a near~symphonic reading of Spirit’s “Nature’s Way” and a version of Syd Barrett’s “Late Night” that strips the song down to not much more than Caroline Crawley’s voice and a low~frequency hum.
Label: https://4ad.com/

This Mortal Coil — Blood ( May 13, 1991/Remastered. Oct. 26, 2018)