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Tina Dico — Welcome Back Colour (2010)

 Tina Dico — Welcome Back Colour (2010)

DEN FlagPortal icon    Tina Dico — Welcome Back Colour
ο»   With heavenly vocals and a poignant writing style, singer/songwriter Tina Dico has topped the charts repeatedly in her native Denmark, caught the ear of Zero 7, and earned a Danish Grammy for Best Songwriter.
Born: Aabyhøj in Aarhus as Tina Dickow Danielsen on 14 October 1977
Location: Aarhus, Denmark ~ Reykjavik, Iceland
Released: 27 September 2010 
Recorded at: Aabyroad, Feedback, Paradise Park, Medley, Sauna, Baby Factory, Safe And Sound, Metropolis, Greenhouse and Seltjarnarnes, 2000-2010 
Produced together with Dennis Ahlgren, Chris Potter, Helgi Jonsson
Record Label: Finest Gramophone
Duration:     99:20
CD 1 — Welcome Up
01. Welcome Back Colour (Tina Dico / Helgi Hrafn Jónsson)       3:30
02. Paper Thin       4:12
03. Nobody's Man       3:45
04. Warm Sand (Tina Dico / Mads Hauge / Julie Thompson)       3:53
05. One       3:48
06. On The Run       3:52
07. Sacré Cœur       5:03
08. Open Wide       4:44
09. Count To Ten       4:28
10. Stains       3:30
11. A New Situation       4:06
12. Goldhawk Road       3:12
13. Love All Around       3:36
14. Instead (Tina Dico / Peter Ries)       3:29
CD 2 — Welcome Down
01. Copenhagen       3:34
02. Watching Him Go (Tina Dico / Jim McCormick / Alfred Tuohey)   3:44
03. Glow       3:30
04. Rebel Song       3:01
05. Room With A View       3:42
06. Let's Go Dancing (With Reitur)       3:36
07. Home (Henry Binns / Tina Dico / Sam Hardaker / Dedi Madden)  3:16
08. The City, London       4:40
09. Strong Man       3:37
10. Back Where We Started       3:37
11. Break Of Day       4:06
12. Waltz (feat. Helgi Jónsson)     4:04
13. Halleluja (Helgi Hrafn Jónsson / feat. Steffen Brandt)
2010 Finest Gramophone                                                   © Østre Gasværk May 2009
ο»  Dennis Ahlgren  Engineer, Main Personnel, Mixing, Producer
ο»  Henry Binns  Composer
ο»  Andreas Birk  Strings
ο»  Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason  Strings
ο»  Daníel Böðvarsson  Main Personnel
ο»  Bureau Eight  Artwork
ο»  Jeff Cohen  Composer
ο»  Tina Dico  Arranger, Artwork, Composer, Primary Artist, Producer
ο»  Hrafnkell Orri Egilsson  Strings
ο»  Sam Hardaker  Composer
ο»  Guðrún Hrund Harðardóttir  Strings
ο»  Mads Hauge  Composer
ο»  Tomas Hoffding  Main Personnel
ο»  Unnur Jónsdóttir  Main Personnel
ο»  Helgi Jónsson  Primary Artist
ο»  Helgi Hrafn Jónsson  Artwork, Composer, Producer, String Arrangements, String Engineer
ο»  Karoline Kier  Main Personnel
ο»  Tav Klitgaard  Main Personnel
ο»  Kristian Kold  Main Personnel
ο»  Dedi Madden  Composer
ο»  Thórunn Ósk Marinósdóttir  Main Personnel
ο»  Jim McCormick  Composer
ο»  Jonathan Morley  Management
ο»  Julie Munkholm  Main Personnel
ο»  Kent Olsen  Engineer, Mixing
ο»  Chris Potter  Mixing, Producer
ο»  Daniel Rejmer  Mixing
ο»  Peter Ries  Composer
ο»  Janus Nevel Ringsted  Main Personnel
ο»  Martin Sommer  Main Personnel
ο»  George Tanderø  Mixing
ο»  Teitur  Composer, Primary Artist
ο»  Paul Therkildsen  Main Personnel
ο»  Julie Thompson  Composer
ο»  Þorvaldur Þorvaldsson  Main Personnel
ο»  Alfred Tuohey  Composer
ο»  Ari Þór Vilhjálmsson  Main Personnel
ο»  Signe Vilstrup  Artwork, Photography
ο»  Stine Hannibal Vinther  Main Personnel
ο»  Jeremy Wheatley  Mixing
ο»   “Welcome Back Colour”, my 7th studio album, is a compilation, but a somewhat expanded one at that — both musically and thematically.
ο»   It was important for me to do a compilation that not only is a revelry in the past, but also points forward.
ο»   In many ways these years mark a new chapter in my life and my career and I wanted to have the album reflect that, though this is only the beginning of the “new” — whatever that might be!
ο»   Colourful, I’m sure!
ο»   “Welcome Back Colour” consists of 27 tracks divided onto two discs:
“Welcome UP” is uptempo. 11 of my most popular songs in their original recordings + 3 new radio-friendly songs, including the title track, which has hit big on the radio.
ο»   “Welcome DOWN” is all-acoustic. 13 brand-new recordings of some of my most well-known songs, a few lesser-known and 3 completely new tracks, among them my tribute to “Copenhagen”.
ο»   In the beginning of 2010 Tina received two Robert Awards from the Danish Film Academy for her music for the feature film “Oldboys”.
ο»   A couple of days later she performed live with Danish pop comet Medina at the Zulu Awards.
ο»   In March she went to Bristol to record a track for the soundtrack for Hollywood blockbuster “Clash Of The Titans” together with Massive Attack sound-smith Neil Davidge. The song is called “The Storm That Brought You To Me”.
ο»   The same month she went to Iceland to record the song “Welcome Back Colour” with Helgi Jónsson. It came out in Denmark in June as the first single from the album by the same name and has been a big hit on national radio.
ο»   At the beginning of June she played four sold out shows at Danish Radio’s Concert Hall with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra.
ο»   One of the concerts was aired live.
ο»   In June she performed at the Queen’s 70th Birthday at Århus Stadium.
ο»   During the summer she played The Green Tour with full band. The shows were far more energetic and outgoing than before and it was clearly a hint at the upcoming colourful release.
ο»   In August she played her biggest solo show to date at the opening of Århus Festival week.
ο»   “Welcome Back Colour”, Tina’s 7th album, came out in Germany on September 24th and in Denmark on September 27th.
ο»   UK and US releases will follow in the beginning of 2011.
ο»   The album is mainly a compilation — a mixture of her biggest radio songs, 5 new songs and an extra CD with brand new acoustic recordings of old, new, well known and not so known tracks, as well as duets. 27 tracks in total.
ο»   Tina tells that after her return to Denmark for the first time in many years she’s had the time and space to think about where she’s been geographically and musically over the past ten hectic years.
ο»   And that’s why it feels like the right time to sum up, enjoy the colours of the first chapter of a successful career and at the same time start a new.
ο»   In the fall Tina will play her so far biggest tours in Germany and Denmark which is expected to sell out all the way.
ο»   In February the US and UK will follow.
Personal life:
ο»   Dico currently resides in Reykjavík with partner and collaborator Helgi Jónsson and their son, born 2012. In August 2013 Dico announced that she is expecting her second child.
Website: http://tinadico.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/tinadico
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tinadico
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinadico
Press: DK: Mads Rosted — mads@alarmmusic.dk
Agent: DK: Peter Sørensen — peter@beatboxbooking.dk
Gen director: Jonathan Morleyjonathan@northernlightsmgt.co.uk

Tina Dico — Welcome Back Colour (2010)



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