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Tori Amos
Under The Pink

Tori Amos — Under The Pink (Jan 31, 1994/Deluxe April 10th, 2015)

 Tori Amos — Under The Pink (Jan 31, 1994/Deluxe April 10th, 2015)
Birth name: Myra Ellen Amos
Born: August 22, 1963, Newton, North Carolina, U.S.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Album release: January 31, 1994
Recorded: The Fishhouse, New Mexico and Westlake Studios, LA (February — October 1993)
Record Label: Warner Music UK Ltd. / Rhino
Duration:     56:52
01 Pretty Good Year     3:27
02 God     4:00
03 Bells For Her     5:22
04 Past The Mission     4:07
05 Baker Baker     3:19
06 The Wrong Band     3:03
07 The Waitress     3:11
08 Cornflake Girl     5:08
09 Icicle     5:47
10 Cloud On My Tongue     4:44
11 Space Dog     5:13
12 Yes, Anastasia     9:33
℗ 2015 Atlantic Recording Corporation. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company
♠   All songs written and composed by Tori Amos.
♠   Under The Pink (180 Gram Vinyl) REMASTEREDSingles:
♠   Under the Pink produced four singles. "God" was the first U.S. single in January 1994, and reached #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart; an October release in the UK saw a peak of #44. "Cornflake Girl" became Amos' biggest international hit of the time, reaching UK #4, while "Pretty Good Year" followed it to UK #7. "Past the Mission", which featured the vocal contribution of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, just missed the UK Top 30 that summer. In February 2007, the album was certified UK Platinum by the BPI.
♠   Michael Allen Harrison — violin
♠   Tori Amos — piano, vocals, producer
♠   John Acevedo — viola
♠   Steve Caton — guitar
♠   Paulinho Da Costa — percussion
♠   Ross Cullum — mixing
♠   Shaun DeFeo — assistant engineer
♠   Melissa "Missy" Hasin — cello
♠   John Beverly Jones — engineer
♠   Kevin Killen — mixing
♠   Ezra Killinger — violin
♠   Dane Little — cello
♠   Bob Ludwig — mastering
♠   Paul McKenna — producer, engineer
♠   Cynthia Morrow — viola
♠   Carlo Nuccio — drums
♠   George Porter, Jr. — bass
♠   Chris Reutinger — violin
♠   Trent Reznor — backing vocals
♠   Jimbo Ross — viola
♠   Nancy Stein–Ross — cello
♠   Eric Rosse — producer, engineer
♠   John Philip Shenale — strings, organ (Hammond)
♠   Francine Walsh — violin
♠   John Wittenberg — violin
♠   Nancy Roth — violin
♠   Cindy Palmano — art direction, photography
♠   Julie Larson — production coordination
♠   John Fundi — assistant engineer
♠   Alan Reinl — design
♠   Avril McIntosh — mixing assistantAllMusic Review by Ned Raggett; Score: ****½
♠   Tori Amos'second full–length solo effort has often been considered a transitional album, a building on the success of Little Earthquakes that enabled her to pursue increasingly more adventurous releases in later years. As such, it has been unfairly neglected when in fact it has as good a claim as any to be one of the strongest, and maybe even the strongest, record she has put out. Able to appeal to a mass audience without being shoehorned into the incipient "adult album alternative" format that sprang to life in the mid–1990s, Amos combines some of her strongest melodies and lyrics with especially haunting and powerful arrangements to create an artistic success that stands on its own two feet. The best–known tracks are the two contemporaneous singles "God," a wicked critique of the deity armed with a stiff, heavy funk–rock arrangement, and "Cornflake Girl," a waltz–paced number with an unnerving whistle and stuttering vocal hook. While both memorable, they're actually among the weaker tracks when compared to some of the great numbers elsewhere on Under the Pink (other numbers that more openly misfire are "The Waitress," a strident and slightly bizarre rant at such a figure, and "Yes, Anastasia," which starts off nicely but runs a little too long). Opening number "Pretty Good Year" captures nostalgia and drama perfectly, a simple piano with light strings suddenly exploding into full orchestration before calming again. "Bells for Her" and "Icicle" both showcase what Amos can do with prepared piano, and "Past the Mission," with Trent Reznor guesting on gentle, affecting backing vocals, shifts between loping country and a beautifully arranged chorus. The secret winner, though, would have to be "Baker Baker," just Amos and piano, detailing the story of a departed love and working its cooking metaphor in just the right way. ♠   http://www.allmusic.com/
BY JESSICA MACHADO April 14, 2015;  Score: ****
♠   Tori Amos arrived in 1991 like the cool older sister of a million alt–rock fans’ dreams, hair aflame in a shade unattainable by Manic Panic. The pop charts had never heard a female voice quite like the one on Little Earthquakes, from the sharp mix of desire and frustration in "Precious Things" ("So you can make me come/That doesn't make you Jesus") to the raw pain in the instrument–free, rape–survivor inner dialogue of "Me and a Gun." Nearly 25 years later, the album's emotional highs and lows seem even more impressive for a debut. These deluxe reissues flesh out Little Earthquakes and 1994's more piano–heavy Under the Pink with worthy B sides like her "Smells Like Teen Spirit" cover. Another highlight: the handful of live recordings, with fan favorites like "The Waitress" and "Winter." Not everything is essential (the remix of "God" is the epitome of Nineties DJ rock gone wrong), but, overall, Amos' messages ring out as powerfully as ever.  ♠   http://www.rollingstone.com/                                                             © Adelaide 2007
♠   1994 Billboard 200 (U.S.)     #12
♠   1994 Official UK Albums Chart (UK)     #1
♠   1994 Australian ARIA Albums Chart (Australia)     #5
♠   1994 Austrian Albums Chart (Austria)     #6
♠   1994 Dutch Albums Chart (The Netherlands)     #10
♠   1994 NZ Albums Chart (New Zealand)     #15
♠   1994 Swedish Albums Chart (Sweden)     #15
♠   1994 Swiss Albums Chart (Switzerland)     #11
♠   "God" (1994) US Modern Rock Tracks     #1
♠   "God" (1994) UK Airplay (UK)     #28
♠   "God" (1994) UK Singles Chart     #44
♠   "God" (1994) Billboard Hot 100 Airplay (U.S.)     #64
♠   "God" (1994) Australian Singles Chart     #65
♠   "God" (1994) U.S. Billboard Hot 100     #72
♠   "God" (1994) Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales (U.S.)     #73
♠   "God" (1994) Canadian Hot 100     #87
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) UK Singles Chart     #4
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) UK Airplay (UK)     #6
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) Irish Singles Chart     #9
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) US Modern Rock Tracks     #12
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) Australian Singles Chart     #19
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) Dutch Top 40     # 26
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) Canadian Hot 100     #30
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) Canadian Airplay     #32
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) New Zealand Singles Chart     #41
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) German Singles Chart     #73
♠   "Cornflake Girl" (1994) U.S. Billboard Hot 100     #107
♠   "Pretty Good Year" (1994) UK Singles Chart     #7
♠   "Pretty Good Year" (1994) Irish Singles Chart     #26
♠   "Pretty Good Year" (1994) UK Airplay (UK)     #53
♠   "Pretty Good Year" (1994) Australian Singles Chart     #85
♠   "Past the Mission" (1994) Irish Singles Chart     #25
♠   "Past the Mission" (1994) UK Singles Chart     #31
♠   "Past the Mission" (1994) UK Airplay (UK)     #73
♠   Canada (Music Canada):  Gold 50,000^
♠   United Kingdom (BPI):  Platinum 300,000^
♠   United States (RIAA):  2× Platinum 2,000,000^
Website: http://www.toriamos.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toriamos

Tori Amos
Under The Pink