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Transmaniacon — The Strange World Of Suzie Pellet (23rd Nov., 2018)

Transmaniacon — The Strange World Of Suzie Pellet (23rd Nov., 2018) Transmaniacon — The Strange World Of Suzie Pellet (23rd Nov., 2018)
✹    Pokud se vám líbí skvělá rocková hudba a skvělé příběhy, budete milovat tento epický hudební příběh. Divný je dobrý a Transmaniacon „Strange World Of Suzie Pellet“ je skvělý!
Location: London, UK
Album release: 23rd November, 2018
Record Label: New Heavy Sounds
Duration:     22:43 + 24:51 => 47:34
Vinyl LP:
Side A:
1. Inca Sunshine   6:04
2. Painted On Skin   6:39
3. The River, The Birds   4:21
4. Sexton Breen   5:39
Side B:
1. Dogs Of War   6:19
2. Outrun The Pack   6:08
3. Tooled Up   6:45
4. Aerosol Death Rattle   5:39
1. Inca Sunshine
2. Painted On Skin
3. The River, The Birds
4. Sexton Breen
5. Dogs Of War
6. Outrun The Pack
7. Tooled Up
8. Aerosol Death Rattlef
℗ 2018 New Heavy Sounds
Review / Bill Adamson, October 20, 2018. Score: *****
♠≡      Like many people I love weird things, but it has to be good weird otherwise it just fails to work. ‘The Strange World Of Suzie Pellet’ the new album from Transmaniacon is definitely weird, but it is not good weird, it is marvellous weird, totally off the scale on that old weirdometer!
♠≡      Aided and abetted by Lydia Lunch, Maya Berlin and author/ illustrator Ian Miller Transmaniacon deliver a tour de force of a concept album which takes the listener deep into the world of future street dweller Suzie Pellet. The character of Suzie comes from a so far unpublished graphic novel by Ian Miller. It is described as a “post~apocalyptic tale of street survivor Suzie Pellet in a rotten and derelict London~esque urban~scape called Duht” Suzie in her young form is voiced by Punk matriarch Lydia Lunch. Meanwhile Maya Berlin is the voice of a future ‘present day’ Suzie. There are tones of the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Hawkwind and Blue Oyster Cult in this album. The latter had a song called “Transmaniacon”. Heavy bone~shaking guitar riffs and a monumental tsunami of Hammond Organ licks drive this story into the deepest, darkest recesses of Suzie’s psyche and to those dark, dank locked places in your own mind.
♠≡      Concept albums can be somewhat hit or miss and some so called concept albums don’t really have a concept or at best a very loose one. Notably the Beatles ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ and David Bowie’s ‘The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust’. However ‘The Strange World Of Suzie Pellet’ is a true concept album in every sense. It has a powerful narrative that flows from album opener “Inca Sunshine” to finale “Aerosol Death Rattle”.
♠≡      The band are supremely tight throughout and the contributions from Lydia Lunch and Maya Berlin are what escalates this record from good to great. Ian Miller’s contribution is not just important but clearly essential. Transmaniacon have taken Miller’s story and given it a beating heart. The whole thing has a cinematic scope and feel, even the cover looks a little like a retro horror film poster. The spoken word parts that give voice to Suzie’s character are, for me, similar to the treated vocals David Bowie used to voice the characters Baby Grace Blue and Nathan Adler on 1995’s ‘1: Outside’. While the songs in their collected form and flow form the album’s concept and story there are a few that really stand out both within and without the tale of Suzie Pellet. Especially “Painted On Skin” and the first single from the album, “Dogs Of War”.
♠≡      If you like great Rock music and great stories you will love this epic musical tale. Weird is good and Transmaniacon’s ‘The Strange World Of Suzie Pellet’ is great! ♠≡               https://www.threesongsandout.com/
✹    Limited to 300 copies. In 2 colour Transparent Green/Mustard half and half vinyl. Included is a free CD of the album and free download.
✹    Main CD package is a 4 panel digipack with booklet.
✹    ‘The Strange World of Suzie Pellet’ featuring Lydia Lunch, Maya Berlin, Transmaniacon, Ian Miller is set for release on 23rd November (New Heavy Sounds).
✹    A hard rocking concept album featuring a dark, unsettling and mysterious tale of future street dweller Suzie Pellet.
✹    A feisty survivor in a ruined world, Suzie is the brainchild of Ian Miller, fantasy/horror artist and novelist. His surreal. nightmarish creations have graced book covers, graphic novels and films, and have given form to the works of HP Lovecraft, Tolkien and many more.
✹    Now, one of his own dark gothic characters comes to life with ‘The Strange World of Suzie Pellet’.
✹    Not unlike Michael Moorcock guiding Hawkwind or Sandy Pearlman, The Blue Oyster Cult, or even a cranked up Moody Blues or Who, Transmaniacon bring Miller’s vision to sonic life, aided and abetted by the outstanding vocal deliveries of punk poetess and avant rocker Lydia Lunch (a hind~sighted Suzie) and Maya Berlin (a future ‘present~day’ Suzie).
✹    Sci~fi and space rock has always been present in Transmaniacon, a previous incarnation was XM3a who released the first New Heavy Sounds single, ‘Bad Robot Man’, an epic 9 min acid rock riff~fest.
✹    This was followed up (as Transmaniacon) by ‘The Darkening Plain’ their first concept piece containing the 25 min classic ‘Quintessence of Dust’ — bleak, dense, forboding, and heavy. — a sort of Killing Joke/Hawkwind/Pentagram hybrid which featured the first collaboration with Lydia Lunch. But with ‘Suzie Pellet’ Transmaniacon becomes more a musical collective.
✹    The core of the band remains, hard and heavy riffing guitars, overdriven Hammond Organ (and this time synth) but with the addition of Tom (Uncle Acid/Limb) Mowforth on drums they are a groovier, more athletic 70’s rock beast.
✹    As before, the twin heavyweights of Blue Oyster Cult and Mountain loom large, but this time with the added groove of an an organ~driven Frumpy or Black Mountain.
✹    Suzie Pellet is Transmaniacon’s first true collaboration with Ian Miller. Miller resurrected his post apocalyptic tale of street survivor Suzie Pellet in a rotten and derelict London~esque urban~scape called Duht.
✹    Transmaniacon have taken and expanded Miller’s vision into a story in which Pellet herself, describes the dark, underworld, its characters and situations, friends and foes, all in grisly~spoken and sung diary~like, excerpts.
✹    Lydia Lunch was an obvious choice for the mature Pellet. A survivor of numerous underground scenes herself from punk and no~wave through noise, avant~rock and, appropriately enough here, spoken word.
✹    The part could have been written for her, her world weary rasping syllables bringing a frightening authenticity and drama to the older Suzie’s memories and give an almost cinematic intensity to the imagery.
✹    In 1975 Patti Smith perhaps could have been a young Susie Pellet, in 93 Polly Harvey, but now the role falls to Maya Berlin.
✹    With her band, Cold in Berlin delivering equal parts Punk, Doom and Goth over their three highly acclaimed albums (including ‘The Comfort of Loss and Dust on Candlelight Records), she was perfect. And Suzie gives her the opportunity to expand her vocal (and theatrical) talents in Grace Slick or Julie Driscoll or even Chelsea Wolfe directions.
✹    Ian Miller has once again provided his macabre vision for the sleeve art. But here his style has mutated into a vivid and creepy marriage of photo montage and the inky etched characters for for which he is known.
✹    A new vision of Suzie, perhaps a Hogarth or Durer painting for the 21st century.
✹    With Ant Chapman once again at the audio~helm (Future of The Left, Thumper Monkey, Charles Howl, Black Moth & Limb for New Heavy Sounds) the intensity of Transmaniacon’s hard and dark path was assured — the mission continues.
✹    Step into the nightmare world of Suzie Pellet.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/transmaniacon/

Transmaniacon — The Strange World Of Suzie Pellet (23rd Nov., 2018)