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Turin Brakes — Invisible Storm (26 Jan 2018)

Turin Brakes — Invisible Storm (26 Jan 2018)

               Turin Brakes — Invisible Storm (26 Jan 2018) Turin Brakes — Invisible Storm (26 Jan 2018)?♣?          British indie duo that makes melodic, folk~inflected rock.
Formed: 1999 in Balham, London, England
Location: Balham, London, England
Album release: September 30th, 2013
Record Label: Cooking Vinyl
Duration:     54:55
01. Would You Be Mine     4:32
02. Wait     3:11
03. Always     2:39
04. Lost in the Woods     3:33
05. Deep Sea Diver     3:39
06. Life Forms     2:57
07. Invisible Storm     3:32
08. Everything All at Once     3:02
09. Tomorrow     3:11
10. Smoke and Mirrors     5:05
11. Don’t Know Much     3:46
?         Turin Brakes don’t hang about. The estimable London 4~piece release their eighth studio album on January 26th 2018, followed by a UK & European tour.
?         Step away from the shrinking world of the mainstream business, though, and it seems like there’s another story going on, right under your nose, so close that it’s hiding in plain sight. While many of the rest of the class of 2000 seem forever frozen into the faces in their yearbook pictures, Turin Brakes are still making their way through the century’s changing landscape. Their association with now~fallen giants EMI yielded four internationally~acclaimed albums, with all the trappings of hit singles, billboard ads, and the TV transmissions that are now beaming their way endlessly into space, but the glare of the spotlight left the secret at the heart of their vision still intact and waiting to be discovered.
?         Turin Brakes was created by Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian, in a millennial South London bedroom, more out of a shared need to express a hidden message they’d both caught at the century’s end, than in a grab for stardom. Enlisting the membership of long~term collaborators Rob Allum and Eddie Myer, the band carries on because the message is still there, still hidden, still with something to say. 2010’s OUTBURSTS was followed by 2013’s WE WERE HERE, written on the back of a continuous live touring schedule driven by their fans’ need to keep tapping in. Sending out continuous streams of under~the~radar transmissions to whoever tuned in to hear, the band found their audiences staying, then growing, as more and more listeners tumbled to the secret.
?         After seven studio albums and a million records sold worldwide, Turin Brakes might’ve been excused a bit of downtime, however… 2016 saw them return to national radio playlists with all 3 singles from the critically acclaimed album ‘Lost Property’, coupled with 18 months touring across the UK, Europe and Australia, with a plethora of festival appearances in between. But along the way new songs just kept on bubbling through. The band (Olly Knights, Gale Paridjanian, Rob Allum and Eddie Myer) along with co/producer Ali Staton made a hasty return to the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales (where Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody) to strike while the inspiration was buzzing… no downtime!
?         Sixteen years of touring across continents have sealed their reputation as a fearsome live act, able to hold any size crowd with the sheer chutzpah of their no~hidden~tricks raw and direct onstage presence. Turin Brakes carry on their secret life, and with a new generation of artists like Max Jury, Aquilo and Benjamin Francis Leftwich starting to beat a path to their door to collaborate, it looks like the secret is getting out.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/turinbrakes
Website: http://turinbrakes.com/splash/

Turin Brakes — Invisible Storm (26 Jan 2018)


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