Ute Lemper & Vogler Quartet Paris Days, Berlin Nights (2012)

Ute Lemper & Vogler Quartet — Paris Days, Berlin Nights (2012)

Ute Lemper & Vogler Quartet  Paris Days, Berlin Nights
Location:  Münster, West Germany ≈ Upper West Side/Manhattan, New York
Album release: March 20, 2012
Record Label: Steinway & Sons
Duration:     73:22
01. Elle fréquentait la Rue Pigalle     5:00
02. L'Accordéoniste     6:12
03. Surabaya Johnny & Die Moritat vom Mackie Messer (after Kurt Weill)      9:55
04. Der Graten     5:04
05. Über den Selbstmord     3:02
06. Ballade vom Wasserrad     4:30
07. La última grela     7:13
08. Oblivion     4:42
09. Yo Soy María     3:24
10. Tëmnaya Nocz     5:59
11. Ikh stey unter a Bokserboym     6:41
12. Stiller Abend     6:05
13. Ne me quitte pas     5:29
Ute Lemper (vocals)
Vogler Quartet:
Tim Vogler (violin)
Frank Reinecke (violin)
Stefan Fehlandt (viola)
Stephan Forck (cello)
Stefan Malzew (piano, accordion and clarinet)
All arrangements by Stefan Malzew
Chansons of Édith Piaf, Kurt Weill, Hanns Eisler, Astor Piazzolla, Chava Alberstein and Jacques Brel.
Chanteuse Ute Lemper and the Vogler Quartet journey through the European songbook of the Weimar years - from Paris to Berlin, to Argentina's nuevo tango and to Eastern Europe. Stefan Malzew's delicate yet powerful arrangements bring an urgency and haunting sensuality to the universe of these stories.
01 Elle fréquentait la Rue Pigalle - Louis Maitrier 
02 L'Accordéoniste - Michael Emer  
03 Surabaya Johnny / Die Moritat von Mackie Messer (after Kurt Weill) - Stefan Malzew    
04 Der Graben - Hanns Eisler  
05 Über den Selbstmord - Hanns Eisler 
06 Die Ballade vom Wasserrad - Hanns Eisler  
07 La última grela - Astor Piazzolla 
08 Oblivion - Astor Piazzolla 
09 Yo soy María - Astor Piazzolla 
10 Tëmnaya nocz - Russian Traditional 
11 Ikh stey unter a Bokserboym - Chava Alberstein 
12 Stiller Abend - Chava Alberstein 
13 Ne me quitte pas - Jacques Brel 
Album moods:
Review by Patsy Morita
The title Paris Days, Berlin Nights is a little misleading. One might expect French songs about morning-after regrets and German ones about living cynically hedonistically, but this collection goes way beyond that. It includes songs about war, abandonment, the indifference of time to human suffering, and gritty street life, with music by Piazzolla and Polish-Jewish composer Chava Alberstein in addition to the expected Kurt Weill, Hanns Eisler, and Jacques Brel. Uniting them all is Lemper's incredible voice and sense of drama, no matter what language. The energy she puts into songs such as Der Graben or Ballade vom Wasserrad is so great, it's hard to believe that no physical harm is done, but she comes right back every time, putting just as much into the next one. She is well supported by the Vogler Quartet and accordionist/clarinetist/pianist Stefan Malzew, all of whom come close to matching Lemper's intensity when needed. Malzew made all the arrangements, and they are very well done. They not only provide interesting, textural accompaniment to the voice, the gestures also support the character and theme of the texts. Malzew even sneaks in little details, such as quoting La Marseillaise in L'Accordéoniste or a sustained, high-pitched note (like what is heard when a grenade falls) in Der Graben. Although the album's title might not fit the contents, Lemper and colleagues do make these culturally diverse songs go together. The concentration of their passion keeps the set as a whole from becoming desperately bleak and gives the music a fascinating presence.Ute Lemper & Vogler Quartet — Paris Days, Berlin Nights (2012)
Vladimir Agatov  Lyricist
Özgür Albayrak  Photography
Chava Alberstein  Composer
Lucas Allen  Photography
Raymond Asso  Lyricist
Nikita Bogoslovsky  Additional Music
Bertolt Brecht  Lyricist
Jacques Brel  Composer
Hanns Eisler  Composer
Michael Emer  Composer
Stefan Fehlandt  Member of Attributed Artist
Horacio Ferrer  Lyricist
Ben Finane  Liner Notes
Stephan Forck  Member of Attributed Artist
Marcus Herzog  Engineer, Producer
Ute Lemper  Lyricist, Primary Artist, Vocals
Torsten Leukert  Photography
Louis Maitrier  Composer
Stefan Malzew  Accordion, Arranger, Clarinet, Composer, Piano
Itzik Manger  Lyricist
Astor Piazzolla  Composer
Frank Reineke  Member of Attributed Artist
Zhame Telesin  Lyricist
Russian Traditional  Composer
Kurt Tucholsky  Lyricist
Vogler Quartet  Primary Artist, String Quartet
Tim Vogler  Member of Attributed Artist
Kurt Weill  Original Material
2012 Paris Days, Berlin Nights Top World Albums on Billboard #9

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Birth name: Ute Gertrude Lemper
Born: 4 July 1963, Münster, West Germany
Genres: Cabaret
Occupations: Singer, actress
A painter in the neoclassical style, Lemper's paintings have been showcased in numerous galleries.
Lemper, a mother of four, resides on the Upper West Side section of Manhattan in New York City. She performs worldwide, recently even in the war-torn Middle East. Her autobiography was published in Berlin in 1995. She has also authored several journal articles.
Interview with pictures / im Gespräch mit
Armin H. Eilenberg: http://www.kultur-fibel.de/Ute_Lemper-1.htm
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Ute Lemper, mit sexy Beine,  als Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Paris © as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, ParisKultur Fibel Magazin

Ute Lemper & Vogler Quartet Paris Days, Berlin Nights (2012)