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Vanishing Twin — Magic & Machines (May 27, 2018)

Vanishing Twin — Magic & Machines (May 27, 2018)

    Vanishing Twin — Magic & Machines (May 27, 2018)Vanishing Twin — Magic & Machines (May 27, 2018)Location: London, UK
Album release: May 27, 2018
Record Label: Blank Editions
Duration:     31:44
1. Strange Feedback     15:38 
2. Between Magic & Machines     16:06 
★¡★      Vanishing Twin is: Phil MFU, Valentina Magaletti, Elliott Arndt, Susumu Mukai and Cathy Lucas.
★¡★      So pleased to add Vanishing Twin into our ongoing documentation of music coming from our neighbourhoods.
★¡★      Our friend and Vanishing Twin member Valentina Magaletti ( TOMAGA, Raime ) reached out to us a few months back with the proposal of doing something together, She sent us new recordings from Vanishing Twin, an outfit she has had active duty in from it’s inception and we agreed straight away to catalogue this recording through our Blank Tapes series.
★¡★      Magic & Machines was recorded in one long, quiet take, late at night in a mill in Sudbury. 32 minutes of ghostly library~like music, it’s a movieless soundtrack to their own aimless and intuitive finger wanderings, an indulgent lullaby about the kind of mysterious play that happens between you and your instrument, summed up in the single vocal reprise ‘strange feedback between magic and machines’.
★¡★      Since forming in 2015, Vanishing Twin have always blended pop songs and improvised otherness. This cassette is a window into the latter — into a practice of deep listening and telepathic reciprocation that they’re continually trying to develop.
★¡★      No pop songs here. This cassette is a window into our improv practice / deep listening / group therapy.
★¡★      Artwork, as always, by the band.
Anna Wood , April 27th, 2018 07:18 (Albums Of The Month: Music We’ve Loved This April)
John Doran
★¡★      Årabrot, Vanishing Twin, Leather Party and Lena Willikens, Cardi B, Grouper and Mouse On Mars — just a few of our favourite albums (and tracks) from the past month
★¡★      Vanishing Twin started life as a musical project of former Fanfarlo member Cathy Lucas before bulking up to become a ‘proper band’ a few years back. The name is a reference to foetal resorption, which occurs when a foetus in a multiple gestation pregnancy dies and then is either fully or partially absorbed by the other twin — something which happened to Lucas’ own sibling in utero.
★¡★      The band’s 2016 release Choose Your Own Adventure was a concept album of sorts, setting out the mythologised story of Cathy’s lost twin but the band name, for me, is also a way of signposting the duality of musicians who operate in two markedly different but interlinked areas. The first half of that equation, let’s say Vanishing Twin’s daylight iteration, is one of French disco (Stereolab), primitive/futurist jazz (Don Cherry) and smart lounge (Ennio Morricone) referencing pop music such as Choose Your Own Adventure. But they have another, more crepuscular and experimental side.
★¡★      Magic and Machines was recorded for Blank Editions’ Blank Tape series, in which bands tape themselves while in free improv/R&D territory. This 30~minute, spectral jam was recorded live in one take at a night~time session at a mill in Sudbury, Suffolk and is evidence of a band who are finely tuned into their environment, one another and the multiple avenues open to the modern pop group. — Quietus ★¡★      http://thequietus.com/
Bandcamp: https://blankeditions.bandcamp.com/album/magic-machines-2
Label: http://blankeditions.bigcartel.com/

Vanishing Twin — Magic & Machines (May 27, 2018)


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