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Vivian Girls
Share the Joy

Vivian Girls — Share the Joy (April 12, 2011)

           Vivian Girls — Share the Joy (April 12, 2011)
¬•••   Třetí LP kapel obvykle vycházejí na křižovatce dalšího vývoje. Nejsem si jist, že v sázce je moc: Vivian Girls se podařilo infiltrovat šum podobně smýšlejících a podpůrných uměleckých vrstevnic, což jim dává určitou dynamiku, a také to, co vypadá na outsidera jako srozumitelný a pochopitelný nový vítr pro patinu scény. Je snadné vidět a sdílet radost s diskografií Vivian Girls, ale jejich místo v indie rocku jako celku je stále méně jasné.
¬•••   Jiný názor však má John Gentile (Punknews.org): Po velkém nahromadění emocí z jejich eponymního vydání Vivian Girls se zdálo, že kapela trpí nezaslouženou protireakci od kritiků a dokonce i od některých fanoušků, když jejich následující věci zlomily formu svých debutů. Share the Joy si nečiní nárok na prolomení jejich původních představ, jak se to obecně rozšířilo a navleklo na současné tělo kapely. Jednoduše řečeno, je to nejlepší a nejodvážnější realizace od skupiny. Pokud to nezavře tlamy bývalých odpůrců, pak je to jen proto, že jsou příliš bojácní na to, aby udrželi krok s kapelou.
¬•••   Cassie Ramone má i svoje sólové album The Time Has Come (August 26, 2014) na labelu Loglady. Ovšem s Arielem Pinkem na basu v pěti skladbách. Album má lehce nadprůměrné hodnocení.  © Cassie Ramone playing with Vivian Girls @ KGB
Birth name: Cassie Grzymkowski
Born: March 17, 1986, New Jersey, United States
Location: New Jersey ~ ~ Ridgewood ~ ~ Brooklyn, New York
Album release: April 12, 2011
Recorded: 2010
Record Label: Polyvinyl Records
Duration:   35:34
01 The Other Girls     6:28
02 I Heard You Say     2:52
03 Dance (If You Wanna)     2:59
04 Lake House     2:08
05 Trying to Pretend     2:30
06 Sixteen Ways     2:45
07 Take It as It Comes     3:01
08 Vanishing of Time     3:58
09 Death     2:46
10 Light in Your Eyes      6:07
℗ 2011 Polyvinyl Record Co.
Members: Cassie Ramone, Kickball Katy Goodman, Ali Koehler
Past members: Fiona Campbell, Frankie RoseNotes:
¬•••   Ramone cites Neil Young, The Wipers, Burt Bacharach, The Shangri-las, The Bananas, The Ramones, The Carpenters, Dead Moon and Elliott Smith among her favorite artists.
Notes 2: Rozpuštění Vivian Girls. Με μία λίτή επιστολή οι Vivian Girls ανακοίνωσαν τη διάλυσή τους. Το γυναικείο συγκρότημα από το Brooklyn σχηματίστηκε το 2007 και κυκλοφόρησε τρεις δίσκους που περιείχαν έναν συνδυασμό από pop, garage, rock 'n' roll και πολλές αναφορές στα girl groups των 60ς. Ήδη τα μέλη τους ασχολούνται με εναλλακτικά projects. Στην επιστολή τους αναφέρουν για το πόσο χαρούμενες είναι που κατάφεραν να περιοδεύσουν σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο, με το να ηχογραφούν δίσκους και θέλησαν να εκφράσουν τις ευχαριστίες τους προς όλους αυτούς που τους βοήθησαν σε αυτά τα χρόνια. © Vivian Girls + Aias. 27-07-2010 Razzmatazz 3, Barcelona.Christian Bertrand. chbm89@gmail.com
Editorial Reviews
¬•••   On their third album (and Polyvinyl debut) Share the Joy, Brooklyn's Vivian Girls continue to sharpen and refine their transcendent mix of garage thrash, girl–group warmth and infectious pop hooksmanship. The trio's vibrant blend of guitar noise and melodic sweetness has already made Vivian Girls one of America's most celebrated and influential young bands, and has helped to spark a wave of similarly–inclined female–fronted acts who've followed in their wake.REVIEW
ANDY HESS, MARCH 28, 2011, 10:32 AM ET
¬•••   The first 18 seconds of Share The Joy, the third album from the Brooklyn trio Vivian Girls, sound similar to the group's first two records: the music is fast and loose and sounds like it was recorded through two tin cans and some string. Then the group throws a curveball. Slowing the song to a glacial pace, the band works around a steady bass line and guitar shuffle while adding layers of pianos and vocals with each passing verse.
¬•••   The song's patient development is a testament to how far this band has come in three short years, with their sound slowly evolving from breakneck garage rock to a modern twist on sunny, '60s girl–group jangle–pop. If you asked anyone in 2008 whether the Vivian Girls would write a six–minute plus song, let alone two on one album, the answer would probably sit somewhere between "highly unlikely" and "absolutely not." Their 2008 self–titled debut and the 2009 follow–up Everything Goes Wrong weren't the longest of long players: the former clocked in at barely 21 minutes, while the latter's longest track was 4:21.¬•••   In its brief career, the band has been dogged by two main criticisms: "the singing's off key" and "they can't play their instruments." Share The Joy should put those complaints to rest. The playing is noticeably tighter here between guitarist Cassie Ramone, bassist Katy Goodman and new drummer Fiona Campbell, who joined when Ali Koehler left for Best Coast, gives the rhythm section new life. Ramone has also become a more confident singer — "I Heard You Say" and "Take It As It Comes" are two of her strongest vocal performances yet.
¬•••   I'm hesitant to label this album a return to form; I'm of the very small group of people who thought Everything Goes Wrong was better than the band's debut. But Share The Joy is much more defined and developed than previous Vivian Girls albums, and finds the group expanding upon what made them memorable in the first place.
¬•••   http://www.npr.org/
By Ian Cohen; April 11, 2011;  Score: 5.9
¬•••   http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/15233-share-the-joy/
Contributed by: John Gentile;  Score: ****½
¬•••   http://www.punknews.org/review/10146/vivian-girls-share-the-joy
Bandcamp: http://viviangirlsnyc.bandcamp.com/album/share-the-joy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/viviangirls
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viviangirlsnyc
Website: http://www.viviangirls.net/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/viviangirlsnyc
Frankie Rose: http://www.frankierose.info/¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••¬•••♥

Vivian Girls
Share the Joy



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