Vivienne Wilder — Postromantic (June 12, 2020)

CANADA emoji                                                                           Vivienne Wilder — Postromantic (June 12, 2020) Vivienne Wilder — Postromantic (June 12, 2020)Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Album release: June 12, 2020
Record Label: Fallen Tree Records
Duration:     21:36
01. Jimmy   3:16
02. Never Lovers   2:54
03. Gem   4:28
04. postromantic   4:19
05. Ricky   3:10
06. Forever for Tonight   3:29
Andrew Mullin played drums; 
Kyle Texeira played bass; 
Gordon Hyland played tenor saxophone; 
Neil Whitford played most of the guitar & some synth; 
Vivienne Wilder sang, played some of the guitar & some synth
Produced by Neil Whitford
Engineered, co~produced & mixed by Andew Mullin at Triceratone Audio in Toronto
Mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering
Drum tech assistance by Mike Ardagh
Portrait by Gordon Hyland
Artwork by Vivienne Wilder
All music and lyrics by Samantha McLellan, Fallen Tree Songs (SOCAN) Vivienne Wilder — Postromantic (June 12, 2020)About:
On „postromantic“ Toronto~based Vivienne Wilder revels in her Banshee~inspired punk, with the atmosphere of Bloc Party, and the lyrical skill of The Cure’s Robert Smith. This despite a classical upbringing and a multi~genred past. The songs are all post romance; of doomed love; of break~ups, disillusionment, and the loss of innocence.
„I think one of the toughest battles we face as we grow older is the battle of cynicism,“ she says. „In their own small way, each of these 6 songs is a miniature war against that cynicism, and a validation of the flawed, fragile ways that we seek and experience love regardless of its temporality.“

As an artist, Wilder approaches song writing as she often approaches visual arts, collages to be pieced together. „Nothing is truly random; everything is connected,“ Wilder says. „And I think that when we open ourselves to this, that’s where the alchemy happens.“ And within that alchemy — within her past of classical, rock and country music — she has become the new alternative; fierce, essential and masterful.