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We Trust These New Countries (2012)

We Trust — These New Countries (2012)

We Trust — These New Countries
Location: Portugal
Album release: 2012
Record Label: Meifumado Fonogramas
Duration:     43:01
01. Feeling      (1:24)
02. Again      (3:51)
03. Time (Better Not Stop)      (4:25)
04. Waiting      (4:22)
05. Once at a Time      (2:50)
06. Tell Me Something     (3:13)
07. Reasons      (4:29)
08. Gone      (3:28)
09. Within Your Stride      (3:05)
10. This Time the Truth      (4:22)
11. Freedom Bound      (3:29)
12. Surrender      (3:57)
Website: http://www.wetrust.co/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Trust/159128980788870
Reservé agent: Mail: booking@wetrust.co 
Ξ WE TRUST is André Tentugal. The young Portuguese director, who has worked with some of the biggest bands in Portugal, such as X-Wife, Old Jerusalem, The Weatherman, Mind da Gap, Os Tornados, Foge Foge Bandido, Teratron, and who has also worked with some international names like Kap Bambino, Divine Comedy, Scout Nibblet, Tiny Vipers or Ariel Pink, provides some space for another side of himself, hi...dden until now: musician. He now debuts the first single of a record that will come out in September and in which he wrote every song and arrangement. "Time", a musical journey, and a visual one as well, is the name of the album’s first track, the video to which was directed by Rickard Bengtsson, also a young director.
Ξ WE TRUST’s album’s recording sessions started in December 2010 and include a group of songs which were written throughout the last few years by André in the free periods of his directing work. Some of them were written in the country, some in the city. More than a self-centered or even “autistic” experience, André Tentugal wanted the record to convey a sense of friendship and union between musicians. He invited friends from other bands and even a young writer, John Almeida, to join the project and participate in it.

Ξ "My goal was never for the record to be an egocentric experience,
even if the songs and arrangements are written by me. My idea was always to make this a collective project. The name itself, WE TRUST, shows that. I wanted the recording process to be almost like spending holidays with friends. I had been working for two years non-stop and I really needed a break. The opportunity to make the record was just that, almost like a deserved break. And now listening to the songs, I think they reflect just that. There were always friends coming by the studio, almost every day. There is a freedom which is very present in every song, which I felt at the time and that ended up in the record.
Ξ The record speaks of time, space and change. I warn you right now that it doesn’t speak of political or economic crisis. It does speak of changing mentalities and new journeys. Of lands without borders, spaces of union.
And love, of course.” André Tentugal

We Trust These New Countries (2012)


We Trust These New Countries (2012)


6. 4. 2020


4. 4. 2020




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Tais Awards & Harvest Prize
Strachovská 520, Pelhřimov, CZE