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Wendy Rule — World Between Worlds (2000)

Wendy Rule - World Between Worlds (2000)

Wendy Rule — World Between Worlds
Location: Sydney, New South Wales ~ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Album release: September 6, 2000
Record Label: Wendy Rule
Runtime:  67:30
Genre: Ambient / Folk / Gothic
¶  Wendy Rule is an Australian musical artist. She was born in Sydney, but now lives in Melbourne.
¶ She performs regularly, and has also toured the USA and Europe. Australian Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule creates beautifully deep and transformative music that draws on her love of the cycles of Nature and the depth of the emotions.
01.)  Dissolve     5:18 
02.)  The Call     5:14  
03.)  Animus     4:24
04.)  Singing to the Bones     6:07  
05.)  Three Colours     5:39  
06.)  Hail to the Moon     3:11  
07.)  World Between Worlds     6:34  
08.)  Under the Willow     5:21  
09.)  Slow Down     6:47 
10.)  Evolve     1:51   
11.)  Entropy     5:58  
12.)  Inanna     6:41 
13.)  Creatures of a Day     4:18
Website: http://wendyrule.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/wendyrule
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wendy-Rule/16262027565
Reservé agent: wendy@wendyrule.com
Editorial Reviews:
¶ Third album for the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, recorded with her live band The Parallel Dream. Featuring several songs from the theatrical production 'An Underworld' in which Rule performed as well as conceived and produced. A unique, rewarding record, even more adventurous than 'Zero' and 'Deity'. 13 tracks including, 'Dissolve', 'Entropy' and 'Slow Down'. Standard jewel case.
By M.Kinch "caoticpi" (Columbus, Ohio): *****
The Woman is a Siren!,
¶ While I've never really heard Wendy's CD I have heard her music live. I dissagree with the person above who said that the CD was more for gothic kids.
¶ If you listen to the lyrics she weaves stories into her music that are enchanting, stories of heros, and Gods and Goddesses, and loves and losses, and reflections that Wendy has had on points in her life.
¶ If you love mythology, are Pagan, or just enjoy some good soothing music I reccomend Wendy Rule's CD's. All of them. Her lyrics are insightful, her music simplly enchanting, her voice soothing.
¶ The moment that I first listened to her I was simply in love. I was spellbound.
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/World-Between-Worlds-Wendy-Rule/
¶ On World Between Worlds, Wendy Rule’s beautifully dark soundscapes guide us into an Otherworldy realm of Celtic myth and mystery. Exploring the deep, healing qualities of the underworld with songs such as Singing to the Bones and Slow Down, the album is a meditative journey into the full spectrum of human emotion. Highlighting the intricate layers of Wendy’s voice, and the gorgeous cello of Rachel Samuel, World Between Worlds is an important album, offering an insight into the complex wisdom of Pagan philosophy.

Image of Wendy Rule

Image of Wendy RuleImage of Wendy Rule

Fingal Oakenleaf and Wendy.  Photo by Sarah Jane Holt

Wendy Rule & Rachel Samuel 

Guided by Venus

¶ Released March 2010
¶ The latest release from Australia's renowned Visionary Chanteuse is a gorgeous union of beautifully orchestrated melodies, tender and insightful lyrics, and of course, Wendy's incredible voice. Guided by Venus takes us on a deeply personal journey through the world of Love. From the epic title track, which sets us reeling on a stormy sea, to the joyful ' Radiate' (written for Wendy's son) the album celebrates the full spectrum of emotion that only the Goddess of Love can invoke. At times dreamy and lush, at others pure and stripped back, this beautiful collection of songs is proof that Wendy Rule continues to evolve and deliver her truly unique talent.

¶ Produced by Wendy Rule and Siiri Metsar at Armstrongs, Melbourne
¶ Featuring Rachel Samuel (cello)
¶ Craig Patterson (piano)
¶ Aaron Barnston ( violin)
¶ Elissa Goodrich ( vibraphone and marimba)
¶ J.P. Shilo (electric guitar, bass)
¶ and Reuben George Bloxham (electric and acoustic guitars)
¶ Illustrations by Timothy Van Diest

Image of Wendy RuleImage of Wendy Rule

Image of Wendy Rule

Wendy Rule — World Between Worlds (2000)




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