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Whimsical — Setting Suns Are Semi~Circles (Oct. 1, 2016)

Whimsical — Setting Suns Are Semi~Circles (Oct. 1, 2016)

  Whimsical — Setting Suns Are Semi~Circles (Oct. 1, 2016)Whimsical — Setting Suns Are Semi~Circles (October 1, 2016)••→   After recording 2 demo’s, Whimsical was signed to the Chicago based label, Seraph Records. We recorded our full length album over the summer of 2000 and released it in the fall of 2000.
About the Artist
••→   Formed in summer of ‘97 w/ex~members of Mystified Thinking/Emir/Freezerburn/Morthona. A 6 song promo tape was recorded shortly after the band was formed, but the band was put on hiatus while the main songwriter went away to school. The band was reformed in the summer of ‘99 with a new rhythm section consisting of ex~members of I’Shark~O and Lickwid. A 5 song promo CD was recorded in the fall of ‘99. Our first full length came out Oct 2000 on Seraph Records!!! Shortly after the release of our album, we lost our bass player, but all is well with the addition of Mike Bailey to the band. Mike was actually our original drummer during Whimsical ‘97, and is the husband of our singer Krissy Bailey.
Location: Highland, Indiana
Genre: Shoegaze, Dreampop, Female Vocal
Style: Shoegaze, Ethereal
Album release: November 1, 2000/October 1, 2016
Record Label: Seraph Records/Saint Marie
Duration:     35:41
01. Utopia     3:56
02. My Daydream     2:02
03. Dry Your Eyes     4:43
04. Memories     3:06
05. Head Above Water     3:19
06. Beautiful Virtue     3:28
07. Angel You Are     3:34
08. Space Is the Place     3:13
09. Masterpiece     2:19
10. Figment     3:53
11. Failure     2:09
••→   Whimsical, now a two piece, have decided to record an album of cover songs and some old Whimsical songs that never made it onto our albums. This is a way for us to get a feel of how new songs will come together for album number three. Songs will be added over the next few months as we finish them. Our 2nd album, Sleep to Dream, will be out soon on Saint Marie Records.
••→   Music by Neil Burkdoll and Whimsical, Lyrics by Krissy Vanderwoude
••→   Krissy Vanderwoude — Vocals
••→   Neil Burkdoll — Guitars and Sounds
••→   Mark Milliron — Guitars
••→   Tim Fogle — Drums
••→   Joe Santelik — Bass
Matthew, Starvox
••→   “Remember the blissful days of swirling college rock? When bands like Lush, My Bloody Valentine, R.E.M., The Smiths, etc were still considered alternative and the Dave Matthews Band and Blue Traveler had yet to rear their ugly heads? Well, Chicago~land’s Whimsical do and with their debut CD Setting Suns Are Semi~Circles, the band reinvigorates the vintage sound of shoegazer as well as upbeat pop alternative. Led by the feathery vocals of Krissy Bailey, Whimsical deliver nostalgic music accented by jangling and treated guitars, lulling bass strums, and fluid cascades of rhythmic drumming. I was relieved to hear a strong band sound, as most contemporary alternative/gothic projects rely to heavily on the presence of keyboards and electronics. Instead, the collective and tightly~woven performance of five exceptional musicians (the drumming is superb!) carries an entire CD of sweet radio~length gems.
••→   From the dense opening track “Utopia” to the fast paced drive of “My Daydream” , Whimsical proudly wear their Slowdive and indie rock influences on their sleeves and still manage to make the music sound fresh and relevant. Bands like this are necessary because not everyone enjoys the less organic direction underground music seems to be taking. Whimsical offers an alternative to todayxs alternative, and for that I commend them. The music is sentimental and beautiful, as best heard on the lilting “Angel You Are”  but a groove oriented edge balances the scale, as is apparent on my personal favourite song “Space Is The Place”. There is even a brief acoustic ballad entitled “Failure” that brings the CD to its finale, that proves despite having a predominantly steady style and pace to characterize their music, they do possess a delightful variety to their sound.
••→   To hear the music of Whimsical is to catch the breath of an angel and soar to the clouds. This charming music is an essential addition to the collections of indie rock fans and female vocal enthusiasts.”
Bandcamp: https://whimsical1.bandcamp.com/
Label: http://www.saintmarierecords.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Whimsical_band
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhimsicalBand?ref=bookmarks

Whimsical — Setting Suns Are Semi~Circles (Oct. 1, 2016)


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