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White Hills No Game To Play

White Hills — No Game To Play (Sept. 16th, 2016)

      White Hills — No Game To Play (Sept. 16th, 2016)  White Hills — No Game To Play (Sept. 16th, 2016)≡   White Hills are proponents of psychedelia as transformation. The music made by Dave W. and Ego Sensation is risky and cutting edge, rooted in dystopian futurism and hyper~conscious of society’s constant desire for a new and better drug. Molded in the space rock spirit of Hawkwind, this Brooklyn–based trio eventually embraced even weirder psychedelic influences.
≡   WHITE HILLS is an ever changing entity always pushing the envelope. Their music weaves in and out of anthemic chants, deep space bleeps and other worldly madness for a mix that proves to be intoxicating. Since the release of their debut album, the press and listeners have been praising their originality and unique brand of aural art.
Origin: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Genre: Organic Grooves
Style: Funk / Soul
Album release: Sept. 16th, 2016
Record Label: Thrill Jockey, Thrill
Duration:     43:07
01 No Game To Play     9:25
02 Above All     1:48
03 They’ve Got Blood Like We’ve Got Blood     8:10
04 Coming For You     2:59
05 Ulan     5:11
06 Exacting Touch
07 Flooded with Inconsistencies
•♣•   Dave W. (guitar, vocals)
•♣•   Ego Sensation (bass guitar, vocals)
°   First time vinyl edition of White Hills’ debut originally only released as a limited edition CDr. No Game To Play was re~mastered for vinyl from the original mixes and includes two unreleased tracks from the same era.
°   Limited pressing of 1,000 copies worldwide (200 on milky clear with opaque blood red vinyl (this), 800 on black vinyl). Packaged in a custom tri~fold cover with the original artwork.
Robin. Staff review, 10 February 2016;  Score: 8/10
•♣•   I’m sure this will be flying off the shelves with the same slow~mo enthusiasm that exists in the carousel scene of Logan’s Run, because you know: psych rock. This hard classic of honest~to~god guitar licks and far~out, faraway singsong comes from White Hills, who’ve been going since the eve of the millennium (it doesn’t sound that long ago, but the 2000s are in the rear view now). This outfit have long been exceptional at creating gliding distorted atmospheres and then laying down the steadiest of grooves, and ‘No Game To Play’ sees them properly cruising through their minimal, hands~off psychedelia.
•♣•   It wails. This record’s screeching, crumpled guitars are as good as they’re gonna get, echoing the compressed fuzz of Les Razilles Denudes in their ability to make everything sound busy and chaotic underneath unmoveable basslines. White Hills are never tempted away from their hard rock schematics, and so the music becomes properly hypnotising: the rhythm section guide you almost mindlessly through whatever comes their way, be it these collapsed guitar jams or enduring and shining synthwork. On the record’s B~side, they invoke an ever~cascading riff that sounds like a perfect dctionary definition of psych: it’s one riff that sounds like a hundred, stitched together in an endless loop.
•♣•   Moments of thoughtful, kosmische~tweaked ambience occasionally break up proceedings, and the band are versatile with their material: acoustic guitars fumble into view alongside spacey electronics, building up to the record’s grand finale of rocket~launched button~mashing. ‘No Game To Play’ remains a treat for those who want to zone out and then tell their friends all about it.
•♣•   https://www.normanrecords.com/
°   White Hills are proponents of psychedelia as transformation. The music made by Dave W. and Ego Sensation is risky and cutting edge, rooted in dystopian futurism and hyper~conscious of society’s constant desire for a new and better drug. That progressive aesthetic is at the heart of White Hills’newest album Walks For Motorists, a radically stripped~down record that emphasizes rhythm and groove. The album bursts forth with a new kind of intensity, one born out of laser~focused precision and detail~oriented songwriting. Possibly surprising to fans familiar with the Hawkwindian guitar squall of earlier albums, the songs on Walks For Motorists began as a keyboard melody or bass line, and several songs on the album don’t even feature guitar at all. This is propulsive, open music, surreal to its core but made to inspire people to get out of their seats and move.
°   Walks For Motorists was recorded with David Wrench (Caribou, Bear in Heaven, FKA Twigs, Owen Pallet) at Bryn Derwen Recording Studio in Bethesda, Wales which borders the Snowdonia National Forest.  The band had 24~hour access to the studio, which allowed them to work whenever inspiration struck. Wrench’s expertise producing and mixing electronic music was an essential asset when perfecting the crisp tones heard throughout the record. This is the first album the band has recorded outside of New York City, and the vast, rolling Welsh landscape that surrounded the studio influenced the album’s uncluttered sound. Walks For Motorists is also White Hills’ most diverse album to date. Fuzzed~out rockers sit comfortably next to kraut~infused grooves, and there are more vocal contributions from Ego than ever before.
≡   They’ve Got Blood Like We’ve Got Blood (Fuck Off And Di / Head Heritage, 2005)
≡   Koko (White Hills, 2006)
≡   Glitter Glamour Atrocity (White Hills, 2007)
≡   Abstractions and Mutations (White Hills, 2007 / Thrill Jockey, 2009 / Immune, 2012)
≡   Heads on Fire (Rocket, 2007)
≡   A Little Bliss Forever (Drug Space, 2008)
≡   Oddity... A Look at How the Collective Mind Works (Drug Space, 2010)
≡   White Hills (Thrill Jockey, 2010)
≡   H–p1   (Thrill Jockey, 2011)
≡   Live at Roadburn 2011 (Roadburn, 2011)
≡   Oddity III: Basic Information (Drug Space, 2012)
≡   Frying on This Rock (Thrill Jockey, 2012)
≡   So You Are... So You’ll Be (Thrill Jockey, 2013)
≡   No Game To Play (2016)
≡   No Game to Play (White Hills, 2006)
≡   No Kind Ending, Vol. 2 (White Hills, 2008)
≡   Dead (Thrill Jockey, 2009)
≡   Stolen Stars Left for No One (Thrill Jockey, 2010)
≡   Black Valleys (Aquarius, 2011)
≡   “Measured Energy” (7”) (Trensmat, 2011)
≡   Oddity II: Night Scene on Mill Mountain (Drug Space, 2010)
Tumblr: http://whitehillsmusic.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/whitehillsmusic
Bandcamp: https://whitehills.bandcamp.com/album/no-game-to-play
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WHITE-HILLS-90476409450/
Label: http://www.thrilljockey.com/

White Hills No Game To Play


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