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William Basinski & Richard Chartier

William Basinski & Richard Chartier — Divertissement (August 21, 2015) William Basinski & Richard Chartier — Divertissement William Basinski & Richard Chartier — Divertissement (August 21, 2015)≡»   William Basinski (born 1958) is an avant–garde composer based in New York. He is also a clarinetist, saxophonist, sound artist, and video artist.
≡»   Basinski is best known for his four–volume album The Disintegration Loops (2002–2003), constructed from rapidly decaying twenty–year–old tapes of his earlier music.
Location: New York, NY
Album release: August 21, 2015
Duration:     41:26
01 Divertissment Pt 1      19 :51
02 Divertissment Pt 2      21 :35
≡»   Divertissement is the third collaborative full–length from minimalist composer William Basinski and sound artist Richard Chartier. The duo utilizes electronics, piano, tape loops, and short–wave radio to evoke a dense atmosphere suggesting hundreds of years of history rising up from the depths of a reverberating cathedral. Subtle, buried, and intense murmurs of melody morph through this deeply consuming and slowly evolving composition in two parts. William Basinski is a classically trained musician and composer who employs obsolete technology and analog tape loops to create haunting, melancholy soundscapes that explore the temporal nature of life and resound with the reverberations of memory and the mystery of time. His epic four–disc masterwork The Disintegration Loops was chosen by Pitchfork Media as one of the top 50 albums of 2004; upon its reissue in 2012, Pitchfork awarded it a score of 10 and the title of best reissue of the year. Installations and films made in collaboration with artist and filmmaker James Elaine have been presented in festivals and museums internationally, and his concerts are presented to sold–out crowds around the world. ≡»   Basinski was chosen by Antony Hegarty to create music for Robert Wilson's 2011 opera The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic. Maxim Moston's orchestral transcriptions of The Disintegration Loops have been performed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Queen Elizabeth Hall, and the Swiss festival La Bâtie. Richard Chartier (b. 1971), sound and installation artist, is considered one of the key figures in the current of reductionist electronic sound art that has been termed both "microsound" and neo–modernist. Chartier's minimalist digital work explores the interrelationships between the spatial nature of sound, silence, focus, perception, and the act of listening itself. Chartier's work has been presented internationally, including at the 2002 Whitney Biennial, and he has performed his work live across Europe, Japan, Australia, and North America at digital art and electronic music festivals and exhibits. ≡»   In 2000 he formed the record label LINE and has since curated its continuing documentation of compositional and installation work by international sound artists and composers exploring the aesthetics of contemporary and digital minimalism. In 2010, Chartier was awarded a Smithsonian Institution Artist Research Fellowship to explore the National Museum of American History's collection of 19th–century acoustic apparatus for scientific demonstration.
≡»   http://www.forcedexposure.com/
Website: http://www.mmlxii.com/
Born: 1971
Artist Biography by Jason Birchmeier
≡»   After releasing his music through a variety of international labels, minimal sound artist Richard Chartier founded the LINE label, along with Taylor Deupree, in 2000. An subdivision of Deupree's 12k label, LINE features Chartier's solo work as well as the work of similar–minded artists such as Immedia, Miki Yui, Bernhard Günter, and Steve Roden. Like these other artists, Chartier explores the fine line between silence and digital composition, crafting nearly inaudible music intended for low–volume or headphone listening. In addition to his work for LINE and other labels, Chartier is a graphic designer and has garnered much acclaim for his music. He exhibited his work in such esteemed institutions as the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York (Whitney Biennial 2002), and his debut release for LINE, Series, received an honorable mention award at Prix Ars Electronica 2001 in Austria. Some of the labels that have released his music include Trente Oiseaux (Germany), Meme (Japan), Fallt (Ireland), Microwave (the Netherlands), and Intransitive Recordings (USA). Moreover, a number of compilations have showcased his music, most notably Mille Plateaux's acclaimed Clicks & Cuts, Vol. 2, which extensively compiled some of the world's best glitch producers circa 2001. In addition to his solo work, Chartier has also collaborated with Nosei Sakata (*0) and Taylor Deupree and has performed live at many festivals, most notably MUTEK in Montreal.

William Basinski & Richard Chartier


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