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Winter — Ethereality (April 6, 2018)                 Winter — Ethereality (April 6, 2018)  Winter — Ethereality (April 6, 2018)Λ•Λ    Dreamy, Intimate, Indigo, Stars, Beautiful
Birth name: Samira Winter
Born: 9 May 1991, Curitiba, Brazil
Location: Los Angeles, California
Album release: April 6, 2018
Record Label: Everything Blue Records
01. All In My Head   3:13 
02. Alligator   4:02 
03. Zoey   4:03 
04. You Don’t Know Me   3:23 
05. Black Sea   4:21 
06. Best Of It   3:24 
07. High School   2:57 
08. Sunshine Devine   3:53 
09. Blue Eyes   5:26 
10. Stars Collide   5:20
•    Vocals and guitar by Samira Winter.
•    Guitars and backing vocals by Matt Hogan.
•    Guitar, bass, synth, and backing vocals by David Yorr.
•    Drums and percussion by Garren Orr.
•    Backing vocals by Justine Brown and Chelsea Brown.
•    All songs written by Samira Winter except “Alligator,” co~written by Samira Winter, Tyler Taormina and David Yorr.
•    Recorded by Drew Fisher at Company in Glendale, CA. All songs mixed by Nolan Eley except for “Black Sea,” mixed by Matt Hogan. Mastered by Josh Bonati.
•    Design and artwork by Beatriz Perini. Photographs by Benjamin Askinas.
•    March 10, 2015   Supreme Blue Dream (Lolipop)
•    April 6, 2018   Ethereality (Everything Blue Records) 
•    At its best, Samira Winter’s Ethereality recalls the songwriting of Weezer’s blue album and the feeling of Last Splash~era Breeders and Malkmus’s pop distortions. On the song “Blue Eyes,” she even explores some of the terrain mapped by Beach House. Utilizing soaring, anthemic dynamics and universally relatable topics of young adult insecurities and struggle, she’s pushing the limits of her guitar playing and stretching the conventional confines of what a pop song is supposed to be. •    It’s easy to describe this as “dreamy” or “sun~drenched” pop … but there’s something more elusive happening. While this album might seem easy to interpret at first, repeated visits reveal a melancholy undercurrent masked by bright arrangements.
•    Really, Ethereality is based on an artful examination of post~millennial emotional confusion. This generation is becoming very able at presenting a calm demeanor that masks the chaos just beneath the surface, and Winter expresses the beauty and turmoil of lives lived today, adeptly displayed by the subtle aggression of “Best Of It” or the draggy nonchalance of “Sunshine Devine.” This is music speaking to the experience of youth in the world today, particularly interpersonal relationships — a reservoir of turmoil that never runs dry. Ethereality seeks to address these concepts in a uniquely individual way, not as an observer but as a participant. This is an album about searching — for self, for love and for others who understand. There is nothing ironic about this endeavor. Ethereality is an earnest attempt to find kindred spirits.
•    Samira is regarded for having a glittery, holographic aesthetic, which has accompanied her since her very first release as Winter. Her lyrics are known for mixing both English and Portuguese languages, which helped her to develop a following in Brazil and in the United States simultaneously. She also has a cult following in Japan. 
Bandcamp: https://samirawinter.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/samirawinter
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samira.winter
Website: https://www.samirawinter.com/



27. 5. 2020

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26. 5. 2020

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Strachovská 520, Pelhřimov, CZE