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Woodkid — Desierto (Original Motion Picture Score) (2016)

Woodkid — Desierto (Original Motion Picture Score) (April 8, 2016)

 Woodkid — Desierto (Original Motion Picture Score) (April 8, 2016)Woodkid — Desierto (Original Motion Picture Score) (April 8, 2016)••   Limited Edition to 150 ex. 2LP 180gr gatefold vinyl, including download card. Birth name: Yoann Lemoine
Born: 16 March 1983, Reims, France
Nationality: French
Occupation: Director, singer, songwriter 
Location: Paris, France
Album release: April 8, 2016
Record Label: CG Cinema under exclusive license to Green United Music
Duration:     50:51
01. Land Of All     5:17
02. The Frontier     4:09
03. Shoot Them Down     2:10
04. Tracker     5:58
05. Jump     2:37
06. The Ridge     1:57
07. Dusk Talks     4:37
08. False Hopes     3:38
09. Flare Gun     6:08
10. Web Of Thorns     3:32
11. Sam And Moises     7:25
12. Que Te Mate El Desierto     3:23
℗ 2016 CG Cinema under exclusive license to Green United Music
Editors’ Notes
±•±   What does the desert sound like? This question was posed to Yoann Lemoine, the French musician known as Woodkid, when he was tapped to soundtrack Jonás Cuaron’s 2015 thriller, Desierto. The film follows a group of Mexican men on a journey–turned–manhunt across the U.S. border, so the album is packed with cinematic intensity, largely in the form of orchestral arrangements that set spine–tingling strings over drums that pound like a heartbeat in a horror flick. But “Land of All,” a more traditional song written for the end credits, is a sad and gorgeous treat, featuring Lemoine’s own vocals over piano and violin.
1. Land Of All
2. The Frontier
3. Shoot Them Down
1. Tracker
2. Jump
3. The Ridge
1. Dusk Talks
2. False Hopes
3. Flare Gun
1. Web Of Thorns
2. Sam And Moises
3. Que Te Mate El Desierto
Website: http://www.woodkid.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/woodkid
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Woodkid
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WoodkidMusic
Tumblr: http://woodkid.tumblr.com/
Tais Awards: http://www.taisawards.com/inpage/woodkid-249/
Labelgum: http://www.label-gum.com/collections/all/woodkid
Agent: clotaire@junzi-arts.com (Caramba Spectacles & Junzi Arts) •••••••••___________________________________________•••••••••

Woodkid — Desierto (Original Motion Picture Score) (2016)