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Wovenhand — Refractory Obdurate (2014)

 Wovenhand — Refractory Obdurate (April 25th, 2014)

USA Flag Wovenhand — Refractory Obdurate

°   David Eugene Edwards’ project for his brand of Southern gothic, based on rustic old–timey music and featuring his dark, theatrical performance style.
Born: 1968 in Englewood, Colorado
Formed 2001 in Denver, CO
Location: Denver, Colorado
Album release: April 25/28th, 2014
Record Label: Deathwish Inc. (USA)/Glitterhouse (EU)
Duration:     42:59
01 Corsicana Clip     4:47
02 Masonic Youth     3:40
03 The Refractory     4:53
04 Good Shepherd     4:01
05 Salome     5:20
06 King David     4:47
07 Field of Hedon     3:34
08 Obdurate Obscura     5:21
09 Hiss     3:54
10 El–bow     2:42
°  David Eugene Edwards
°  Ordy Garrison
°  Chuck French
°  Gregory Garcia Jr.
Apr 22nd ‘14 by Tom Breihan @ 1:26pm
°  Refractory Obdurate, the new album from former 16 Horsepower frontman David Eugene Edwards’s Wovenhand project, somehow walks the line between blackened, apocalyptic roots music and scorched–earth postpunk. Converge frontman Jacob Bannon’s Deathwish Inc. label — a label that generally focuses on way–out hardcore and metal — is releasing the album, and it’s somehow heavier than most of the stuff that comes out on that label.
°  Joining David on this album are longtime percussionist Ordy Garrison, along with musicians Chuck French and Neil Keener (Planes Mistaken For Stars, Git Some).
°  Refractory Obdurate is a moving masterwork that shows Wovenhand exploring louder roots hinted at on prior albums. As they maintain their melodious course, “Good Shepherd”, “Field of Hedon”, and “Hiss”, stomp forth with a newly amplified punk rock heart. While “The Refractory”, “Salome”, and “Obdurate Obscura” each ascend epically into a multi–layered haze. Ten songs in all, “Refractory Obdurate” plays as a beautifully crafted patchwork that transcends genres and expectation; a true artistic achievement, that only Wovenhand could offer.
Artist Biography by Erik Hage
°  David Eugene Edwards, the enigmatic frontman and visionary for 16 Horsepower, began recording under the Woven Hand moniker while Horsepower was on hiatus in 2001. (The name "Woven Hand" references two hands clasped in prayer, an image that points to the consistent theme of Christianity in Edwards' music.) Building on the same stylistic threads that informed 16 Horsepower — e.g., incendiary gospel, hallowed folk, and mordant tones infused with a high, dark theatricality worthy of Nick Cave — Edwards began working on the material at home in Denver, where he recorded, produced, and played on most of the album by himself. Later, he pulled in guitarist Steve Taylor (also of 16 Horsepower) to help flesh out the compositions. The self-titled project was initially released on the German label Glitterhouse; it was then issued in the U.S. on Sounds Familyre in early 2003. Along with a parcel of Edwards' original compositions, the album also included a knee–buckling take on Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone." That same year, Edwards set to work on Blush Music, a set of compositions created for a modern dance company in Belgium.
°  2003 Blush Music     Sounds Familyre  
°  2003 Woven Hand     Sounds Familyre  
°  2004 Consider the Birds     Sounds Familyre  
°  2006 Mosaic     MSI Music Distribution / Glitterhouse Records  
°  2008 Ten Stones     Sounds Familyre  
°  2010 The Threshingfloor     Sounds Familyre  
°  2012 Black of the Ink     Glitter Ro  
°  2012 Live at Roepan     Glitterhouse Records  
°  2012 The Laughing Stalk     Glitterhouse Records  
°  2014 Refractory Obdurate     Deathwish Records
Website: http://www.wovenhand.com/
°  He is the lead singer of Wovenhand, and also the main songwriter and the principal musician on the recordings of the band. He is the former lead singer of 16 Horsepower. °  Although many labels have been applied to his music, it defies simple genre categorization, including elements of old–time, folk, punk, medieval, gypsy and Native American music. Lyrically, it deals with pain, conflict, faith, and redemption, with Edwards' personal Christian beliefs influencing much of the lyrical imagery.
°  Edwards, along with Jean-Yves Tola and Pascal Humbert (together as 16 Horsepower) performs on the soundtrack to the Jim White inspired film Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, playing the traditional "Wayfarin' Stranger." He also appears in the film, playing a fragment of "Phyllis Ruth," a 16 Horsepower song from 1997's Low Estate.
°  Edwards is married and has two children, a boy and a girl (Asher, who appears in the video for 16 Horsepower's song "Haw").

Wovenhand — Refractory Obdurate (2014)



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