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XTC — Oranges & Lemons (1989, Steven Wilson Remix 2015)

   XTC — Oranges & Lemons (1989, Steven Wilson Remix 2015)

 XTC — Oranges & Lemons (1989, Steven Wilson Remix 2015) XTC — Oranges & Lemons (1989, Steven Wilson Remix 2015)•••••   Jedna z nejchytřejších a nejoriginálnějších sub–žánrových kapel své éry, ať už úmyslným vtělením nervní nové vlny, nebo také vitálním zdůvěryhodněním zlatého svěžího popu. Po 25 letech to celé zní jako naprostá senzace díky novému mixu Stevena Wilsona, trvalá genialita tvůrců však zůstává základem. Ano, může být chápána jako referenční vzor pro dnes vznikající kapely. Například úvod do ‘Poor Skeleton Steps Out’ a rozvíjení látky v celé stopáži bych dnes považoval za zjevení. One of the smartest and most original pop bands of their era, whether in their nervy new wave incarnation or when they traded in lush pop.
Location: Swindon, England, UK
Album release:  February 27, 1989/October 23, 2015
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, College Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Neo–Psychedelia
Record Label: Panegyric
Duration:     61:54    
01 Garden of Earthly Delights     5:08
02 The Mayor of Simpleton     4:00
03 King for a Day     3:42
04 Here Comes President Kill Again     3:37
05 The Loving     4:19
06 Poor Skeleton Steps Out     3:29
07 One of the Millions     4:38
08 Scarecrow People     4:14
09 Merely a Man     3:28
10 Cynical Days     3:20
11 Across This Antheap     4:52
12 Hold Me My Daddy     3:53
13 Pink Thing     3:57
14 Miniature Sun     4:09
15 Chalkhills and Children     5:08

•   Andy Partridge: Andrew John “Andy” Partridge (born 11 November 1953 in Mtarfa, Malta) is an English singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He was a founding member, guitarist and chief songwriter of the pop/new wave band, XTC. He lives in Swindon, Wiltshire, where he was brought up. Notable instruments
Ibanez Artist, Squier Telecaster, Martin D–35
•   Colin Moulding: Colin Ivor Moulding (born 17 August 1955, Swindon, Wiltshire, England) is a bassist, songwriter and vocalist. He is a founding member of the band XTC. Though less prolific than bandmate Andy Partridge, Moulding wrote many of the group's most popular songs, including their first three UK hit singles: “Life Begins At The Hop”, “Making Plans For Nigel”, and “Generals and Majors”. “Making Plans For Nigel” was also a Top 20 hit in Canada, and “Generals and Majors” was the band's first U.S. chart entry, peaking at #104 in 1980. Moulding’s songs tended to differ from those of Partridge, in some cases having more political overtones.
•   Terry Chambers: Terry Chambers (born 18 July 1955, Swindon, Wiltshire) is an English drummer and was a founding member of XTC, appearing on 3D — EP, White Music, Go 2, Drums and Wires, Black Sea, and English Settlement, and countless live recordings until his departure from the band during the 1982 sessions for Mummer, on which he played on “Beating of Hearts”, “Wonderland” and a B–side, “Toys”. Chambers reasons for leaving the band included the bands decision to no longer tour or perform live, as well as to move in with an Australian girlfriend, and he subsequently migrated to New South Wales.
•  Chambers originally wanted to learn to play the piano, but his parents could not afford to buy one. So instead he saved money from his Saturday job, stacking shelves at the local grocers, and at the age of 14 bought his first drum kit. He involved in session drumming while living in Australia as well as recording and touring with the band Dragon (late 1983 to mid 1985). He was featured on the Dragon albums Body And The Beat (1984) and the live album and live home video Live One (1985). He is also featured in the promotional video clips for the songs “Wilderworld”, “Cry”, “Magic” and “Rain”.
•   Barry Andrews: Barry Andrews (born 12 September 1956, West Norwood, London) is a vocalist and keyboardist. He is a former member of the bands XTC and League of Gentlemen with Robert Fripp, and was co–founder of Shriekback. He has collaborated with Brian Eno on several projects, most recently guesting on keyboards for the 2005 album Another Day On Earth. Andrews also played on the 1980 Iggy Pop album Soldier with David Bowie, Ivan Kral, Glen Matlock and Klaus Kruger.
He left XTC in 1979, after two albums with the band, and embarked on a solo career. His most notable solo track was “Win a Night Out with a Well–Known Paranoiac”, which received airplay on the Anne Nightingale request show on BBC Radio 1 during the mid–1980s. The A–side of this single was “Rossmore Road”, named after a street in Marylebone, London.
•   Dave Gregory: David Gregory (born 21 September 1952, Swindon, Wiltshire, England) is an English guitarist known best for his work with Swindon–based new wave band XTC.

•   Greg Allen Photography
•   Ken Ansell Cover Design, Design
•   Ian Cooper Digital Remastering, Remastering
•   David Dragon Cover Design
•   Paul Fox Producer
•   Clark Germain Assistant Engineer
•   David Gregory Musician
•   Stephen Marcussen Mastering
•   Pat Mastelotto Drums, Programming
•   Colin Moulding Composer, Musician
•   Adrian Partridge Cover Design
•   Andy Partridge Composer, Guitar, Musician, Vocals
•   Sheila Rock Photography
•   Ed Thacker Engineer
•   Tim Weidner Assistant Engineer
Billboard Albums
•   1989 Oranges And Lemons The Billboard 200      #44
Billboard Singles
•   1989 King For A Day Dance Music/Club Play Singles      #46
•   1989 King For A Day Mainstream Rock      #38
•   1989 King For A Day Modern Rock Tracks      #11
•   1989 Mayor Of Simpleton Mainstream Rock      #15
•   1989 The Mayor Of Simpleton Modern Rock Tracks      #1
•   1989 The Mayor Of Simpleton The Billboard Hot 100      #72
Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine;  Score: ****
•   Skylarking was an ambitious yet concise record, one that recalled such graceful concept albums as Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper, so it wasn’t entirely a surprise that XTC embraced psychedelia on its double–album follow–up, Oranges & Lemons, especially if their celebrated Dukes of Stratosphear side project was taken into consideration as well. Oranges & Lemons lacks the singular focus of Skylarking, but at its best, it’s just as impressive as its predecessor. Instead of revelling in the form of psychedelic pop, as they did with the Dukes, XTC bring the genre’s sensibility to the mature pop of Skylarking, spiking it with a wry, occasionally absurd sense of humor missing from its predecessor. The result is a record exploding with details, not the least of which are backward guitars, sound effects, and head–spinningly eclectic arrangements. It’s sonically rich and filled with immaculately crafted songs, but Oranges & Lemons falls just short of being a tour de force, since each song feels like an island — they work well as individual tracks, but they don’t form a cohesive statement. However, that’s a minor complaint, because Colin Moulding and Andy Partridge in particular are in peak form, contributing some of their very finest songs in “Garden of Earthly Delights,” “The Loving,” “One of the Millions,” “Merely a Man,” “Pink Thing,” and the elegiac “Chalkhills and Children.” Such songs make the relative weaknesses of the album well worth enduring. •   http://www.allmusic.com/ // Website: http://www.ape.uk.net/

XTC — Oranges & Lemons (1989, Steven Wilson Remix 2015)


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